What to do when movers are late

Moving is rarely simple. Regardless of whether you are moving locally or long-distance, unexpected events can occur. Say, your movers are late for pick up or delivery. In such a case, give a call to Best Movers NYC company. One of our moving agents will contact the moving crew. So, they will be able to come back to you with accurate information. Thus, you will learn the reason for the delay. And you will get the new estimated time of their arrival. So, instead of losing nerves, you can concentrate on some last-minute tasks. Since you are dealing with a reliable moving company, you can stay calm. And be sure that they will resolve the issue as faster as possible.

Possible reasons that your movers are late

There are many reasons why your movers didn’t arrive on time. However, avoid making scenarios in your head. They will only make you feel bad. And that will make you nervous and tired. A simple call to the company office is a much better solution. They will explain to you the reasons, and among them could be:

  • Conditions on the road (works on the road, traffic jams, etc.)
  • Weather (extreme bad weather forcing them to find a shelter for a while – like very strong, sudden winds)
  • Mechanical issues (even well-maintained vehicles can stop due to unexpected malfunctions. Even a simple flat tire can cause a delay. And it will take even longer if the moving truck is loaded)
  • Hiring inexperienced movers (during the peak season or when you are in rush, you might hire inexperienced movers. So, if they are not sure about the routes, they will need more time to arrive)
  • Getting the address wrongly (the movers could mix up similar addresses and miss the street)
  • The urgent family situation on a crew member (in such a case they will usually contact the manager. And he will call and inform you immediately)
A person is making a phone call to check why movers are late.
In case of delay, call the company to check the reasons.

There could also be some other reasons for the delay. However, it is good to know the new ETA. When you are sitting idle, time is passing very slowly. So, you can use this extra time to complete some last-minute tasks.

When moving, be ready for delays

Delays and waiting are not pleasant, However, when planning a move, keep in mind that delays are happening. And they can happen even to experienced and reliable movers in Staten Island.

So, you have to be ready for such possibilities. And you should mentally prepare yourself for them. That will help you stay flexible and calm. And you will be able to avoid additional moving stress. We all know that stress is one of the main factors running peoples’ health. So, by being ready for possible delays, you will also protect your good health conditions.

Things to do when movers are late for pick up

In such a case, you are still at your old accommodation. As we already suggested, the best is to call the company manager. That way, you will learn how much you have to wait. In case the moving truck is arriving soon, simply rest. In case you need to wait an additional hour or two, you can:

  • Complete the cleaning of the old home
  • Check if the moving boxes are properly sealed
  • Check the labels on the moving boxes
  • Recheck the contents of the moving essentials bag
  • Put the essential bag in your car
Family doing grocery shopping.
While waiting for movers, you can do some grocery shopping.

Things to when movers are late for delivery

In case you didn’t meet with the movers at prearranged place and time, call the company. Same as with the late pick-up, the manager will be able to give you first-hand information. It can happen that the moving crew is stuck somewhere. So, they might need a longer time to arrive. If so, you can use the time before their arrival:

  • Clean your new home (as there is no furniture inside yet, the cleaning is much easier)
  • Visit the closest shops and get some groceries
  • In case you have good shops in the vicinity, you may check for some additional items you will need later on
  • Check the area and greet the neighbors
  • In case you are moving into an apartment building, talk to building management (rearrange the time for the closest parking lot and use of the elevator)

When you occupy yourself with suck tasks, the time will pass fast. And if you dealing with the best movers in Queens you can stay calm. You can trust an explanation given by a reliable company. And you can trust the information supplied by their managers.

Later arrival can be more complicated when you are moving long-distance

In case of delay, don’t automatically assume the worst-case scenario. If you have made the proper checks and hired reliable movers, there is no need for fear. Again, the best what you can do is to call the company managers. In case of some bigger problems, your movers might come within a day or two. The important is that you are in contact with them. And to know the whereabouts of your belongings.

As you will have to wait longer than foreseen you should:

  • Check in the closest hotel (as all your possessions are in the moving truck. So, you will not have the possibility to sleep in your new home)
  • Find a good restaurant in the vicinity (make sure the prices are not so high. Breakfast and dinner you can take in the hotel. Going to the restaurant could help you to cheer up)
  • Use the time to inspect your new home again. In case you notice some problems, you can fix them.
  • You can start working on some landscaping projects. When they learn about you hiring long-distance movers in NYC and that there is a possible delay, the neighbors will for sure land you some garden tools. They might also help you with the project itself.
Woman reading text on paper what to do when movers are late.
Check the contract you have signed with the moving company.

What if your movers are not coming within a week or two?

If so, there could be two explanations. Check the moving contract. You should have it in the essentials bag, along with other documents. You may notice that you failed to check the delivery time. In such a case, the moving company will not be responsible for a breach of contract. And you will not be able to sue them. You can still call them and try to negotiate. So, if possible, they will speed up the delivery. Or they can refuse. In such a case, you can leave a review about the incident. Unfortunately, there is no law by which the company should compensate you financially.

Your movers might just disappear

This is the worst case that can happen. During the peak time and high demand for movers, you may easily fall victim to scammers. If movers are late for some days and you can’t get hold of the moving company, that is not a good sign. The best that you can do is to immediately call the  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Soon you file a claim, they will start the investigation. Also, check for the agency in your state dealing with such cases. File a complaint with them too.

That is why you should always carefully and thoroughly check the moving companies. And why you should carefully read papers before signing them. Also, never pay any advancement money. And never go for too low moving prices. Especially not during the peak season time. The end result might be very costly.

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