Best Rooftop Bars in NYC

There is something unique and magical when it comes to rooftop bars! But when they are in NYC- that has to be a whole another level. If you have recently moved to NYC or simply visiting, you must see as many wonders as this beautiful city has to offer. And while it is magnificent while on the ground, how about exploring NYC’s heights? Prepare your best outfit, grab a camera for unforgettable selfies and check out some of the best rooftop bars in NYC.


If you have recently moved to NYC there is a good chance you are already familiar with the hospitality of its people through Manhattan movers. The feeling will stay the same as soon as you enter the Westlight rooftop bar in NYC. With its elegant atmosphere and completely surrounded by high glass walls it offers a breathtaking view of the city. It lays pretty high too, you will need to take the elevator to the 22nd floor. Westlight is part of the hotel with the same name, so expect some delicious food and snacks there. 

interior in one of the best rooftop bars in NYC
Many rooftop Bars in NYC will amaze you with their interior!

The Crown

Speaking of a great view, this rooftop bar surely has one. A little bit less elegant but way more chic, the crown is a perfect place for birthday or bachelor parties. The prices are quite affordable and the entire terrace is open during the season. This way you will get a touch of NYC’s busy air while you make the best selfies ever! You can also have an after-moving party here. After your residential movers NYC are gone, get ready and have a night of your life.

Dear Irving on Hudson

This one is for all of you who are forever in love with elegancy and vintage. Dear Irving on Hudson gives 50’s vibes with its round couches and small golden tables. Since it is on Times Square, no wonder people usually call it “the best rooftop bar in NYC”. You may be a little bit surprised when it comes to prices, but in return, you will get some of the best cocktails in the entire city. Each one of them is made with love and elegance and the decoration will simply blow up your social media. Although it may seem like the dress code is something to think about when coming to Dear Irving on Hudson- don’t bother yourself too much with it. But who wouldn’t want to feel like a 50’s superstar just for a moment? 

bartender putting drink on the shelf
Get ready to taste amazing cocktails!

Night of Joy

Sometimes we are simply not ready to spend too much money when going out. This usually happens after your relocation or job switching. And while local moving companies in NYC will not cost you too much you may still want to be careful with your finances. Night of Joy is perfect for new residents of NYC. It may not have the best view and multiple areas but it has an atmosphere that will enchant you forever. With its affordable prices, it is often full of young creative people that will make you feel at home. It offers to organize private parties or even fancy dinners but it mostly stands out with its relaxed atmosphere. 

Brooklyn Crab

Can you imagine yourself enjoying delicious seafood, drinking wine, and looking at the East River? If you like that idea then Brooklyn Crab is the best rooftop bar in NYC for you. Brooklyn Crab’s interior will make you feel like you are enjoying the best holiday somewhere far away. It is decorated with fishnets and other nautical items and the menu will surely not disappoint you. Every seafood lover will pin this rooftop bar as one of their favorites.

Gallow Green

What if we tell you that right after parting relocation ways with Best Movers NYC you can have a cocktail in the rooftop garden? You better believe it because Gallow Green is a real and probably the only rooftop bar in NYC with its own garden! It is surrounded by beautiful plants including lavender and you can spend some quality time with your friends there. Keep in mind that Gallow Green creates a very romantic atmosphere as well and it is probably an amazing choice for a date night. Among other drinks, it offers a different variety of well-thought cocktails that mix different ingredients, fruits, and vegetables. 

Talk Story

Well, the name pretty much says it all. Talk Story is simply made for relaxed nights with friends and pure enjoyment. As soon as you enter this rooftop bar you will immediately be transferred to an exotic place. And every exotic place requires a cocktail! You will most definitely love the prices and you can always grab a snack or have a full course meal. This rooftop bar has a super upbeat interior and it’s perfect for warm summer nights. 

picture of NYC buildings
Take your time in exploring all the hidden places in NYC!


Finally, let us finish the list of best rooftop bars in NYC with style. Ophelia will make you feel like the main character in an instant and you will love the feeling! With its huge windows and very chic decoration details, it looks like it’s straight from the movie. They say that Ophelia has “one of the best lemon cakes” you will ever taste. It is perfect for catching up with friends, but it can also be a perfect location for a meeting. Just like many others, Ophelia also offers the service of organizing different events and it will not disappoint.

Final thoughts on the best rooftop bars in NYC

As an NYC resident, you will soon realize how miraculous this place actually is. You will also have all the time in the world to explore every hidden gem New York City has to offer. Deciding to move here already means the slow pace is not for you and we say you embrace that feeling. Visiting  best rooftop bars in NYC can only be a beginning of a long but always interesting adventure. 


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