The ultimate checklist for moving out of NYC

Are you considering moving out of NYC? Or maybe you already have a set date? Congratulations on your bold move! While many people dream of living in The City That Never Sleeps, it is safe to say that many also find the city rush not to be their cup of tea. The biggest decision is choosing your next location, but we have some suggestions if you are out of ideas. If you are preparing for a move with some of the best moving companies New York offers, you’ll need some tips. We are sharing the ultimate checklist for moving out of NYC to help you go through with your relocation seamlessly and with a smile on your face.

Where do New Yorkers move and why

Almost 350,000 people have left New York City in the last 2 years. The reasons why people move out of NYC are numerous and differ from one person to another. The most common reasons are the oversaturation in small businesses which is directly linked to a decreased chance of success if you want to start your own, difficulties with finding a well-paid job, and the high cost of living. It doesn’t help that New York is not the ideal place to start a family and raise your kids. The schools here are usually quite expensive. And then, there’s the obvious- crowd and noise all the time, wherever you go. So, where do New Yorkers move to? In 2021, the most popular states when moving from The Big Apple with interstate movers New York has at its disposal were California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania to name a few.

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If you feel like moving from New York is the right decision, take a look at our ultimate checklist for moving out of NYC.

Having a checklist for moving out of NYC is helpful

When you decide you need a change of scenery and a fresh start away from New York, the number 1 thing that will help you with a smooth relocation is having an awesome, detailed checklist. We all know that checklists and to-do lists are great helpers with work, chores as well as shopping, but when it comes to moving they are unsurpassed. In addition to hiring reputable residential movers NYC offers, creating a checklist and ticking off the tasks as you complete them will give you a sense of security and significantly reduce the moving-related stress.

Here’s a handy checklist for when you start planning your relocation from New York City:

  • book moving services up to 2 months before the move
  • sort through your belongings around 6 weeks before the relocation
  • use an online calculator and determine how many packing supplies you’ll need
  • start packing about 4 weeks before the move
  • schedule any professional cleaning or repairs that need to be done no later than 2 weeks before your moving date
  • plan the time for changing your address and other moving details
  • say goodbye to everyone you care about before you move out of NYC
  • prepare your pets and plants when moving from New York
Copy this checklist and start organizing your move out of NYC.

Up to 8 weeks before your move- hire movers

If you have about 2 months until your moving day, now is the perfect time to start looking for professional movers. Finding reliable moving companies Manhattan offers is not always a quick process, so it’s best to start early. Also, booking moving services last-minute significantly increases the price- that is, if you are even able to find anyone. Given the hectic New York pace, movers book at the speed of light and you might have a hard time finding dependable moving professionals once the date of your move approaches.

Getting estimates from several moving companies is also a good idea. That way, you can compare the prices and see what kind of services different movers provide. You want to choose the best price-to-quality ratio, so don’t rush into hiring the movers that are the cheapest. Remember, if the price is too good to be true- it probably is, and your goal is to avoid scammers.

6 weeks before the move- time to sort through your belongings

About a month and a half before your move is the time to sort through your belongings. Decide what you want to keep and what you can sell, donate or, in the worst-case scenario, toss. Your initial idea might be to pack everything and move it to your new location. But, that can be a waste of your hard-earned money. Some movers charge by the hour, and others by the total weight of your belongings, either way, the fewer items you have the cheaper the moving services will be. Get rid of any clothes, furniture, appliances, or other household items that could cost less to replace than to move. Even if you are not using packing services that long-distance movers Manhattan provide, the more things you donate or sell, the faster you’ll be done packing.

Get rid of all the clothes you don’t wear, or any other items you don’t use anymore.

Calculate how many packing supplies you’ll need and add them to your checklist for moving out of NYC

Determining how many packing materials to buy for the move is not the simplest thing. You don’t want to buy too much and waste your money. But, you also don’t want to buy too little and have to run to the supply store every hour when you start packing. That’s why the best thing, besides hiring movers Brooklyn has at its disposal, is to use an online calculator. By simply entering a few pieces of information you will get a rough estimate of how much moving supplies will be enough for your relocation. You can always add a bit more if you feel like it doesn’t seem like the estimate is correct. However, try not to go overboard. When you start packing on time, it’s better to go to the supply store for more packing material than to waste your hard-earned money on boxes or bubble wrap you’ll hardly ever need again.

Start packing about a month before the move

If your moving date is approximately 4 weeks away, it’s time to start packing. Choose a packing system that best fits your lifestyle. The best way to pack is to hire residential movers Staten Island offers. Let’s be real, there aren’t many people out there who look forward to packing. That’s why you want to at least make it sufferable. Think about what sounds like the most fun, or least boring. You can try color-coding, room-by-room packing, or packing the rooms and items you use least and work your way towards the ones you use most. You can also try setting a timer and packing for an hour every day if packing for hours at a time sounds like something you cannot stand to do. If labeling is something you love, you can buy fun labels at the supply store, or make some yourself. Explore all the options and enjoy packing!

Schedule professional cleaning or repair services- a task to add to your checklist for moving out of NYC

If any repairs need to be done in your apartment or house, it’s best to schedule them no later than 2 weeks before the move. The same goes for any cleaning services you might’ve had planned. Things like deep cleaning the furniture or taking your carpets to a professional cleaner take time. Not to mention the repairs or painting of the rooms in your home. All of these have to be scheduled with your moving date in mind. Forgetting to do so can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and panic, which is characteristic of doing anything last-minute. Check the availability of the handymen you need and book them without waiting for too long. Also, when you take your carpets to the cleaner don’t forget to take them back before your move with long-distance movers Staten Island has at its disposal.

woman working on a laptop
Scheduling repairs and cleaning in time will help you organize a smooth relocation.

Plan the time for the address change and other moving-related details

Booking movers and packing are the first things to come to mind when someone mentions moving. But whether you are moving to another state or down the street with local movers NYC offers, there is so much more to relocating. You need to change your address, for one. You should also cancel your magazine subscriptions. Another thing that most people forget is to notify their bank and cell phone or internet providers about the address change. Paying your bills before you move is also something you should keep in mind. Make a separate to-do list with these tasks to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Say goodbye to your friends and everyone you care about

Saying farewell is hard for some people so they avoid it completely when moving. However, you know you have to do it. If you don’t have the time to call each person you know and tell them that you’re moving from New York City to another place with movers Queens offers, there are other options. You could post a Facebook status. If social media is not your jam, you can also throw a farewell party. Gathering the people near and dear to your heart for one last party before you move is a great way to show them you care about them.

Prepare your pets and plants for the relocation from NYC

You might be aware that moving is a shock to your pets, but what about your plants? Believe it or not, plants too can have a tough time adapting to a new location. This is especially the case if you are moving from New York City to a different climate. Check if your plants can thrive in the climate of your next location. If the answer is no it’s best to gift them to a friend or family member you know loves plants. If you are moving in winter, don’t water your plants up to a week before your move to avoid the soil being too wet and freezing in the harsh New York weather. However, if you are moving in the summer, that’s not the case. You should also always take your plants with you in the car when moving.

When it comes to pets, you need to be wary of the shock the change is for them. Cats and dogs will usually show some signs of anxiety but will adapt quickly after the move. However, if you have a pet fish, guinea pig, or a bird, consider giving them to a family member as hard as that may be. These animals are too sensitive, and the stress of moving can be too much for them. So much so that it can be fatal.

Take good care of your pets when you move out of NYC, they feel the stress too.

Moving on a budget with professional moving services is possible

Getting professional moving assistance is possible even if you are on a budget. There are a few secrets on how to save money when moving that you should add to your checklist for moving out of NYC. The first thing you should do is book your movers early. As we already mentioned at the beginning, hiring movers up to 2 months before your relocation will save you big bucks. The second thing to keep in mind is that moving services are not an all-or-nothing deal. You don’t have to book a full-moving service. Try hybrid moving! You can opt for packing services only, or labor only. Having movers load and unload the moving truck for you is no small deal. The most important thing is to make moving work for you and your budget. That way you’ll ensure you’ll have the best moving experience!


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