What is the Best Day of the Week to Move Long Distance?

To plan a long-distance move the right way takes time, patience, and a great team of movers. Furthermore, it also matters when would you like to move. Therefore, choosing the best day of the week to move long distance is important for your relocation journey. In this article, we at Best Movers NY explain the importance of the right timing of your move and why it’s beneficial for you. So make sure to keep reading and contact us when you decide on moving dates. We will help you find the best NYC mover to relocate you anytime you want!

The best day of the week to move long distance is the one that fits your schedule

Moving on days between Mondays and Thursdays is the most optimal. Usually the demand for movers isn’t that high. People are mostly busy working, therefore there aren’t that many traffic crowds. However, it’s still necessary to check with long distance movers NYC when they are available. It may happen that the company you want to hire isn’t available on the day you would prefer.

a man driving and thinking about the best day of the week to move long distance
The best day of the week to move long distance is usually between Monday and Thursday.

Plan your move ahead

Once you pick your best day to move, make a moving plan and stick to it. Schedule all activities and duties that await you so you can have peace of mind while preparing for the move. However, keep in mind that unexpected situations might come up. Therefore, make sure to stay flexible and tweak your schedule in case it’s necessary.

If you have difficulties creating a moving schedule, consult with your chosen movers. They have more than enough experience to know how to schedule moving tasks without getting drained in the process. Each task is time-consuming on its own, which is why an expert opinion comes in handy. So don’t hesitate to contact your long distance movers in the Bronx (or another neighborhood) and let them know how busy you are. They will give you the best advice when it comes to organizing the move the right way.

Morning hours are best when moving long distance

Besides a proper day of the week to move, it matters whether you’re moving in the morning or evening. Mornings are the best for the move because:

  • You have more energy and motivation to complete the moving day.
  • It’s possible to manage your time better.
  • The roads are clear and there’s little chance to end up stuck in traffic.

If not in the morning, then late afternoon may also be a good idea. However, avoid moving too late in the evening.

clock showing 7 am
Begin with moving in the morning hours.

Why weekends may not be the best days of the week to move long distance?

Although it sounds reasonable to move on Saturday or Sunday, there are some drawbacks to this:

  1. More often than not, many people tend to move on weekends thinking that they will avoid crowds and arrive to their new home on time. This is exactly why the roads are packed with moving trucks and cars, which can prolong the move for hours.
  2. Not all moving long distance movers in Staten Island and other neighborhoods work on weekends. However, the ones that do are usually fully booked. If you don’t have a choice but to move on weekends, then make sure to start searching for a moving company on time. Book the movers that are available on weekends and let them know the delays aren’t possible.

Find the company that can move you long distance on a day of the week you choose

When searching for licensed and reputable long distance moving companies in Queens and other parts of NYC, it’s important not to rush. Moving is an important transitional period, which is why it takes a skilled and professional team of movers to execute it. Although moving may not seem complex at first, it’s actually the opposite. Even the smallest tasks can influence the outcome of your move if not done right. For example, poorly packed items often toss, turn, collide with other items during transportation, and get damaged. To prevent this, hire licensed and experienced movers who know how to do their work. 

happy man in a moving van showing thumbs up
The company that works in your best interest will make your long-distance relocation stress-free!

Tips on choosing the best long distance moving company

  1. Don’t just hire the first company that shows up in your search results. Write down at least a few of them that provide the services you need. Call each of them and aks if they are available on a day you plan to move. Also, don’t hesitate to check if the price points from their website are legit. Their job is to remove all doubts you might have, so don’t hesitate to ask everything that comes to your mind regarding the move.
  2. It’s important that the companies you are researching offer a free moving estimate. Without that, it’s pointless to even contact any particular company that charges for an on-site estimation. Remember that some of the best moving companies in NYC offer a completely free-of-charge estimation, without additional fees you would never think of.
  3. Check the reviews that refer to specific moving services – like packing or storage – that are essential to a long-distance move.
  4. Finally, book a few moving estimates, and cross-compare them. That way, you’ll easily find a company that fulfills all requirements and respects their customers’ wishes and needs.

Let us help you find the movers to help you move long distances!

Finding a company that works on your best day of the week to move long distance can sometimes last longer than planned. That’s why we at Best Movers NYC are there to help you get in touch with the best moving companies NYC has on offer. They will make sure your long-distance moving journey becomes easy as a breeze. So head over to our website, contact us and let us do the searching for you!


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