How to move on a short timeline

Ideally, when you are moving, you will have at least 8 weeks to prepare. However, to move on a short timeline is not as uncommon as many people think. This means that you will have to prepare in 4 weeks or less. To get everything ready for the last-minute move, you have to act immediately. You will need to speed up sorting and packing your household. So, ask friends and family to help. Also, you will need to hire some of the Best Movers NY. In case of a DIY move, you will have to rent a truck. Regardless of the rush, be sure to check the companies well. Knowing that you are dealing with a trustworthy company will give you peace of mind. This will, further on, enable you to focus on the tasks at hand.

To move on a short timeline, you have to pack fast

Moving on a short timeline will not leave you much time for preparation. To save up on time, you will have to speed up packing. So, let us see how that can be done. The key to this is proper decluttering. Check all your rooms, basement, garage, closets, and cabinets. While doing that, take out all things that:

  • Are torn or worn-out
  • Broken
  • Have no use in your household anymore

You might be surprised to see how many surplus things you are keeping. Also, as you will not have much time, put them aside without too much deliberating. You can also quickly decide what to give to charity and what to dispose of. Some things you may sell. Relatives or friends can help you with this. So, you will have time to concentrate on other tasks.

Young woman is packing her belongings to move on a short timeline.
To move on a short timeline, you must be well organized.

Although you are moving on a short timeline, make sure to get the proper packing material

Even though you will be in rush, make sure that all the packing material is of good quality. In case the moving boxes are weak or already damaged, your belongings can easily spill out. That may cause problems when moving from NYC to Denver. In case some of the moving boxes break during loading, that will cause a delay. Not to mention that some of your possessions could be damaged beyond repair.

Two woman and a man surrounded with moving boxes.
Don’t be shy to ask your friends for help.

How to find good quality packing materials and be quick with preparations, without losing precious time?

When you move on a short timeline, your options are a bit limited. You have two possibilities to achieve this goal:

  • Ask relatives, friends, and work colleagues to help you in finding the moving supplies. The more people you include in this search, the faster you will have all the necessary things. With short notice moving, it is very important to start packing ASAP.
  • In case you have hired the moving company, they can supply you will all the necessary packing supplies. Moreover, you can hire full-service assistance. In that case, the company will send you skilled packers, who will complete the tasks much faster than you. They might only need you to divide your things into several categories.

Ways to divide your belongings into categories

You can do this by putting similar things on one pile. That way the movers will know what you want to pack together. It can also help in the case of DIY. You will surely invite friends to help you. This will make it easier for them to organize the packing of things into moving boxes.

For example, you can apply such categories to divide your things:

  • Small and big items
  • Light and heavy things
  • Less or more essential
  • Non-fragile and fragile items
  • Non-electrical and electrical things

Or you can apply dividing things by any other category that looks good to you.

Pre-packing can help you to speed up moving preparation

Actually, in the case of short timeline moving, you have to concentrate more on speed than organization. Pre-packing is one of the ways to save time. The whole trick of pre-packing is to pack essentials before anything else. That way, upon moving from NYC to Atlanta, you will easily find the basic things that you need in the first several days.

 Pots of Spring flowers.
Gift your pot flowers to people who love them.

In the rest of the moving boxes, you can mix up things. You don’t need even to label them. This will help you to additionally save up some time. Once in your new home, you will have a bit more job to do. But, you will have ample time to separate your belongings.

Find some time to complete your administrative tasks when moving on a short timeline

Despite the rush to be ready for the moving day, you must remember the other tasks. You will have to transfer family medical records, and school records for the kids. Also, make sure to pay the remaining bills and close the utility supplies. Likewise, contact the new providers and ensure utility supplies for your new home. It will not be so nice, after moving from NYC to San Francisco, to find yourself in a house without water, or electricity.

Moreover, you will have to contact appropriate state bodies and apply for the address change. Don’t forget to change the address at your bank data, IRS, voting bodies, and post services.

Supervise kids and pets during the preparation time

With many tasks to complete and the high number of people walking around, you can easily forget about kids and pets. So, to prevent any accident, you can:

  • Send them over to relatives or friends
  • Ask if kids can stay in the home of their best friends
  • Pets loving neighbors can help you with your pets
  • Keep them separated in one room (under the supervision of a babysitter)

Make some people happy by presenting them with your pot flowers

In case you like pot flowers, you probably know people who like them as well. So, since you will not be allowed to load them onto a moving truck, present them. You will make some people happy. Also, you will feel good, knowing that your flowers will survive your departure.

Don’t be shy to ask for help when you move on a short timeline

To complete everything and be ready to move on a short timeline, don’t be shy. Instead, ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors to help you. However, before calling them, have a clear idea of what you need them to do. Also, when donating things, find charities that can come and pick up the things. As every minute is important, you will not have the time to do it yourself. Also, check with movers if they can recommend some hauling service for junk disposal. By hiring someone to do this job, you can occupy yourself with other tasks. So, the most important thing, in the case of short notice moving, is to concentrate on important tasks. That way, you will successfully and timely complete your preparations.


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