Checklist for Moving Out of Rental Apartment in NYC

Moving is really so complex an experience, that it is really smart to find as much information as you can before you approach it. So we are here to offer you our best checklist for moving out of rental apartment in NYC. Our first piece of advice is to get yourself some good moving company to help you. Since relocation is full of things to do and obligations that probably aren’t familiar to you, people don’t tend to move too often. So it is the smart thing to get any help possible, especially professional ones. Find the best movers NYC has to offer you and let them lift part of the weight from your shoulders.

How to choose the best movers for yourself?

New York City is such a huge place and many New Yorkers love to stay in the city. So many of them tend to stay in the city, but people choose to relocate in accordance with the period of their life and their own needs. This is just the reason why there are so many local movers NYC based. But how to choose the right company for yourself? The best thing is to ask a friend who moved recently for a recommendation. If you have someone like that, it will save you some time and energy. But this is often not the case.

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Choose the right moving company.

So search for a company near you. If you live in Manhattan, look for some Manhattan movers. And then read all you can find about them. Read how much experience they have on the market. Do not skip reading reviews. And when you go to them for an initial interview, ask them all you want to know. Look at their equipment and ask them to show you the certificates their team has. Their skills will be so important on a moving day.

Look at our checklist for moving out of rental apartment in NYC

Having the right information is key to every situation. Like, if you are not sure how to compare local movers, you should really look for advice. Once you find the right fit when it comes to your movers, you should make a list for moving out of rental apartment in NYC.  You are about to handle the finances for your landlord for the last time, so you should be careful with that.

moving out of rental apartment in NYC
Look at our checklist for moving out of rental apartment in NYC.

Check whether you have any outstanding debts or accounts. They will take your security deposit if you do so. Remember to allow them plenty of time to check the entire property before you leave. If something is broken or ignored, you must be honest and forthright about it and repay your fee.

Take care of your notice period

You must ensure that your landlord receives the notice period in a timely manner before you depart. Before you move out of the flat, you’ll have a lot of things to keep on top of. Prepare to be overwhelmed with duties, making it hard to move forth. So make a note to contact your landlord as soon as possible. Based on your lease, the time duration will differ. Before you make any final decisions, consult with your landlord.

Make a garage sale

Moving is such a perfect time to declutter. You don’t want to move all of the things you possess, for sure. And we all tend to keep things far longer than we need and use them. So this is just the perfect opportunity to make a garage sale of those items. You can even decide to donate some things. This is especially important for some heavy and bulky stuff. But also you can use this opportunity to let go of items that are still in good condition and that you just don’t use anymore.

And for those items you decided to keep and move with yourself, it is a smart thing to keep a record of all those items that you are boxing. Number them, and label them after you seal the boxes so that you can communicate with your movers easily. This will seem like an advantage you’ve done to yourself once you relocate and have to unpack it all. And it would be easy to help you experience seamless relocation.

Do not forget to schedule professional services

This is obvious, so you don’t want to skip it: before you move out, the place has to stay sparkling clean. So make all the calls you have to and schedule an inspection first. That way you can report to your landlord that everything is in sound condition. After that, it would be a smart thing to hire a professional cleaning service. There are many things that you will have to do around moving, but cleaning doesn’t have to be one of them. And realize as many things to someone else, because in a moving period your plate will be full for sure.

Schedule professional help.

Change your address before you move out

This task is also important. For sure you want to avoid your mail staying sent to your old address. So make sure to change your address in time. That way you won’t have to experience discrepancies. Postal service, office, and other official documents – all have to be informed about your change. Also, update your address on an online delivery account and also take out applications to be safe that everything will come directly to you.

Now is the time to make a checklist for moving out of rental apartment in NYC

In this article, we tried to really help you to make a checklist for moving out of rental apartment in NYC. And now is the right time to make your own list based on what you’ve read here but also your own situation and needs. Moving out from your rental New York City apartment doesn’t have to be that stressful if you do the preparation in time. So do all you can and enjoy your change.

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