The best places to see cherry blossoms in NYC this spring

Cherry blossom is one of the most beautiful sights of spring. If you’re a new resident of the Big Apple, you’re lucky enough to enjoy this gorgeous spectacle this year. There are many places to see cherry blossoms in NYC. After completing your relocation with Best Movers NYC, spend a day with your family among the canopy of delicate pink flowers. It is interesting to know that this spring flowering lasts only two weeks, after which the flowers fall to the ground like little snowflakes. So, follow the information provided by the National Park Service each year to know when peak bloom is expected.

Beautiful places to see cherry blossoms in NYC can be found in all 5 boroughs

New York is a city with countless possibilities. Whichever borough becomes the headquarters of your new home, do not worry! Cherry blossoms are sure to be happening in your neighborhood, too. With a large number of parks and botanical gardens, the Big Apple has about 40,000 of these romantic trees. Boroughs of NYC are adorned with three types of trees, Okame and Kwanzhan with pink petals and Yoshino with white. Let’s see where the best places to see cherry blossoms in NYC are.

view of Manhattan through the cherry blossom canopy
There are a lot of beautiful places to see cherry blossoms in NYC, so you’ll need to make a schedule to visit them all when the blooming season starts.

Cherry blossoms in Manhattan

Manhattanites have been enjoying the cherry blossoms for years. This New York City borough is the smallest of the five, at 22.6 square miles, but has 114 parks, of which Central Park is the largest. If you’re moving to Manhattan, don’t miss the cherry blossoms in one of its most beautiful parks.

1. Central Park, Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill got its name from the cherry tree that blooms here every spring. It is a very popular destination among New Yorkers because it overlooks the Lake. If you’re moving to the Upper East Side, considered one of New York’s safest neighborhoods, take a day to relax by the water and the pink and white cherry blossoms. There you will have the opportunity to visit another Central Park attraction, the Cherry Hill Fountain.

2. Rendall’s Island Park

Randall’s Island Park is a big sports recreation park in NYC. On its 480 acres, it receives a large number of New Yorkers and visitors every day. This oasis in the middle of the Big Apple has a golf and tennis center, over 60 playing fields, and large waterfront areas with walkways and bike paths. Randall’s Island is also the host of NYC’s cherry blossom festival. During the festival along the East River, you can relax in the beautiful view of cherry blossoms, while your children fly kites, have face painting, or make paper flowers.

3. Roosevelt Island can be one of the places to see cherry blossoms in NYC

Located between Manhattan and the Queens borough, Roosevelt Island is a 2-mile-long, 800-foot-wide island in the East River. West Promenade has a fantastic collection of cherry trees. If you go south from the tram station on Roosevelt Island, you will have a beautiful view of the city, in addition to the rows of cherry trees. You can also enjoy these delicate pink petals on the East Promenade and Riverwalk Commons.

a couple walks through the park under cherry blossom trees
The cherry blossoms are an amazing spectacle that is celebrated in many places in NYC. Be a part of the Cherry Blossom Festival with your family.

4. Sakura Park

For all Manhattan residents, and especially those who have moved to Morningside Heights, the closest destination for this spring spectacle is Sakura Park. Sakura, which means cherry tree in Japanese, has been named after it since 1912. At that time, more than 2,000 cherry trees were delivered to New York from Japan. In addition to walking under the treetops near Grant’s tomb, you have the opportunity to have fun in one of the nearby playgrounds.

Cherry blossoms in the Bronx

There are many reasons to move to the Bronx. One of the main ones is to become a resident of New York and live under more favorable conditions than in Manhattan or Brooklyn. The 42 square miles have lots of green space, including rows of cherry trees. There is also the fantastic Orchard Beach with its promenade and places for basketball and volleyball and other gatherings. By area, the Bronx is 91% larger than Manhattan.

1. NY Botanical Garden

Among the 1 million plants that New Yorkers can admire in all the blueberry gardens are the cherry trees at the NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx. This 250-acre green oasis has 650 varieties of roses as well as 20 acres of woodland. In the spring, the Garden is home to over 200 cherry blossom trees that bloom shortly after the magnolias. A large number of different varieties are planted along the trail in the Cherry Collection. You can also see them among the evergreen trees of the Arboretum as well as on the facade of Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.

2. Pelham Bay Park is one of the places to see cherry blossoms in NYC

After moving, especially if it’s a long distance move to the Bronx, you’ll enjoy a day at Pelham Bay Park the most. With an area of more than 2,700 acres, this park is the largest among the public parks of NJĆ. Pelham Bay Park is three times larger than Central Park in Manhattan. This is the best place for walking, running, biking, playing, and picnicking. Yoshino cherry trees can be found near the City Island Bridge.

Queens in cherry blossom season

This borough of 178 sq miles is home to some of the greenest areas in the Big Apple. Its Forest Hills Gardens, North Astoria, or Flushing Meadows Corona Park are some of its residents’ favorite places to relax and socialize. Moving to the Queens borough can bring a quieter life and enjoyment of many natural beauties, including spring cherry blossoms.

cherry blossoms and a lake in the background
If you’ve become a Queens resident, don’t worry, there are plenty of places to find these spring beauties.

1. Queens Botanical Garden

If you are becoming a resident of the Flushing neighborhood, the best place to experience the cherry blossoms will be at the Queens Botanical Garden. Upon entering the garden, there is a row of cherry trees along the curved path. This oasis in the middle of New York concrete is 39 hectares in size. Trees are dating back to 1939, such as the Atlas cedars at the entrance to the main street of the garden. In April, when the cherry blossoms are expected, you can also enjoy the star magnolia, tulips, and daffodils as well as the eastern redbud.

2. Hunter’s Point South Park

Located on the Long Island City waterfront, this recently remodeled park is now a great place for rest and recreation. It consists of green playgrounds, areas for dog lovers, bicycle paths, basketball and tennis courts, and picnic terraces. Its cherry blossoms form a ring around the park that looks toward the Midtown Manhattan skyline. If you’re relocating to Long Island City, take one of the 14 cherry blossom days to relax at Hunter’s Point South Park.

3. Flushing Meadows Corona Park

If you’re a fan of Okama cherry trees and a Queens borough resident, head to Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Near the Unisphere, you will enjoy the blossoming trees and the fountain next to the Unisphere. This iconic park is stunning in its own right, but the April blanket of pink cherry petals gives it a special charm.

4. Rainey Park is also one of the places to see cherry blossoms in NYC

Another perfect place to visit cherry trees in Queens is Rainy Park. There are about 15,000 cherry trees in Queens, and here on Vermont Boulevard, you’ll find another smaller collection. If you relax on one of the benches along the boardwalk, you’ll need plenty of time to tear yourself away from the view of the cherry blossoms and the picturesque Manhattan skyline.

 Cherry blossoms in Brooklyn

Among a large number of parks in the area of Brooklyn, there are also those where you can relax under the cherry trees this year. In the borough’s 97 square miles, you’ll find plenty of pink beauties, but the largest concentration of this tree is at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Be sure to put this destination on your must-see list when you move to Brooklyn. Also, we will give you other locations, so that you can enjoy this short-lived spectacle of spring in as many places as possible.

cherry blossoms and in the background the windows of the building
Whether the cherries are blooming near your apartment, or you have to go to a nearby botanical garden, set aside at least one of the fifteen days that they bloom to enjoy their beauty.

1. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is famous for celebrating the arrival of spring and the cherry blossoms. As many as 26 types of cherry blossom trees grow on 52 acres. Most of the trees are located on Japanese Hill and the Pond Garden. Walking through the Garden, you will come across the Cherry Walk path that leads you to the Cherry Esplanade where you will find 76 trees. Also, a smaller number of canopies are in the Osborne Garden, as well as in the Bonsai collection. This is a fantastic collection in one place. Moving to Prospect Heights will allow you to often stay among the cherry trees, but also other green oases of the Garden.

2. Cadman Plaza Park

Hello Brooklyn Heights residents! Cadman Plaza Park is in your neighborhood, so if you’re a fan of walking, jogging, dog-walking, or just want to spend the day surrounded by greenery, this is the place for you. Along with all that, spring is coming, and with-it cherry blossom days. The pink flowers that symbolize rebirth are sure to pamper the soul of all visitors. So, head to the Brooklyn War Memorial, where a canopy of pink flowers awaits.

3. Green Wood Cemetary is one of the unusual places to see cherry blossoms in NYC

You’ll also find a large selection of cherry blossoms at Green Wood Cemetery. There are no long cherry-canopied tunnels here. However, along this Victorian cemetery, you will find them scattered among the other tree trunks. This peaceful and serene 478-acre place can look magical with 172 blossoming cherry trees.

girl is standing in one of the best best places to see cherry blossoms in NYC
For some, the soft pink color of cherry blossom petals is associated with a place of peace and tranquility, such as you can experience at the Green Wood Cemetery.

4. Prospect Park

After a winter at Prospect Park’s skating rink, get ready for its springtime attraction, the cherry blossoms. There are smaller groups of these trees near the entrance to the Grand Army Plaza. Among the parks of Brooklyn, this one is one of the most attractive, considering that it offers various types of entertainment. Every season has its attractions. In the winter there is a large ice rink, in the spring cherry blossoms, but also places for walking, cycling, and barbecuing. In the summer there are spray fountains and tennis and baseball courts, and you can also visit the zoo and aquarium. Known for its wetlands and the trees of Brooklyn’s former native forest, it’s a highly functional green space.

Experience the cherry blossoms on Staten Island

This borough is considered the greenest among all five in New York. By moving to Staten Island among its 9,300 acres of parkland, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy many outdoor activities. Let’s see where the most picturesque spring will be.

1. Silver Lake Park

On 209 acres of parkland, complete with an 18-hole golf course, and tennis, baseball, and basketball courts, you’ll be able to walk, bike, or spend time with your pet in a designated area. The park is home to a smaller number of cherry trees, but their display is most dramatic there. Besides cherries, pear trees bloom in spring as well as crabapples, daffodils, forsythia, and tulips.

2. Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden

The Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden is a collection of significant 19th-century buildings on Staten Island. Throughout the year, this place is home to various social events. In addition to cherry blossoms, you will also enjoy the blossoms of other plants here in the spring.

tunnel of blooming cherry tree tops in Brooklyn, which is one of the best places to see cherry blossoms in NYC
Whichever of the five boroughs is your new home, spring cherry blossoms will be right around the corner.

Now you know the best places to see cherry blossoms in NYC

Cherry Blossom Festivals are held in many American cities. If you were a resident of Washington DC, Boston, or Nashville you had the opportunity to see the pretty pink blooms in your cities. But don’t worry! Moving to NYC will also allow you to enjoy this springtime spectacle. You won’t find the city with the most cherry trees, because you’d have to head to Japan for that. But you’ll find an impressive collection of cherry trees since all five boroughs of the Big Apple have great places to see cherry blossoms in NYC.


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