Why parking in NYC is so annoying & how to master it

It is a fact that NYC is perfect in a variety of things, making this lovely metropolis quite an attractive destination for many people. Nevertheless, as in every city, there are always some things that may be troublesome. Hence, it is best to know the opposing sides in advance and prepare thoroughly to overcome each difficulty that may arise. One thing that could concern you if you are a car owner is parking in NYC. If you’re relocating here, you know that even your professional moving company must pay attention to this since it can be quite difficult to unload a truck if there are problems with parking spots. Therefore, make sure to get well-informed about parking rules, especially in your new neighborhood.

What to expect from parking in NYC?

One thing is for sure, it will be quite difficult to park in NYC no matter the day, time, and season. After all, NYC is known to have one of the highest traffic densities in the USA. A variety of people that commute to NYC for work need a space to park their cars which creates additional problems for NYC residents. So many cars and people but not enough parking spaces. Also, what makes parking here unique is that signs and protocols are so unique that even the residents must study them well to avoid mistakes. Bear in mind that NYC possesses one of the best traffic management systems in the country. The staff monitors city parking and in case of any parking violation, you will get a ticket.

cars parked in Brooklyn
Make sure to be aware of all the rules concerning parking in NYC.

Be aware of Alternate Side

Most people in NYC find an alternate side parking rule one of the main problems when trying to find an adequate parking spot. What does it mean? Well, all drivers who park outside are obliged to move their cars 2 or 3 times a week for street cleaners. You must move your cars for 90 minutes and after a sanitation truck clears the debris you can go back to your parking spot. Thus, many people wait for 90 minutes in their car in order to avoid losing parking space. In case you don’t move your car you must pay a ticket for about $65.

a man sitting in a car looking for a spot for parking in NYC
The inability to find a place to park your vehicle can be frustrating.

If you’re relating within NYC, your local movers in Manhattan are surely well-acquainted with this rule. Make sure to ask them for tips and tricks on how to make the most of your time when you need to find parking spots in NYC.

Other problems with parking

Besides the alternate side, there are many other issues you need to pay attention to.

  • It is not unusual for many streets to be closed in NYC for many reasons which creates great problems for car owners. In some cases, streets are closed for movie shoots. Also, this may happen in winter months or during construction or maintenance work.
  • Also, make sure to park on the left side of the block in case of snow since plows throw the snow to the right and this may bury your car.
  • Moreover, avoid circling the neighborhood in search of a parking spot. There’s a slight chance of finding one this way. Therefore, wait near the hydrant for 10 to 15 minutes since no one will bother you. A parking space may open up if you are lucky.

Can you find a free parking spot?

Of course,  there are numerous free parking spaces in all neighborhoods around NYC. Just know where to look for. While your local movers NYC have the necessary knowledge and experience to advise you, make sure to always read the signs twice. This way, you’ll also know which streets offer free parking while others offer metered parking. Additionally, parking is free on Sundays and during most holidays. In order to find free parking easily you can look for NYCs DOTmap which can help you see parking regulations on certain streets. As for metered parking the prices range from $1,25 to $7,5. Of course, it all depends on location and duration.

Are there days when parking isn’t a problem?

There are days when the rules for finding a parking spot in NYC are suspended. Residential movers in NYC will help you complete your relocation without problems and delays. As for later, you can even consult the Department of Transportation regularly since they publish a list of days when parking is suspended. For instance, even parking at meters is free on Christmas and July 4th. Also, there’s no street cleaning during the holidays. Still, on smaller holidays such s Sukkot or Columbus day, metered parking isn’t free. Be aware of the day after Thanksgiving since it isn’t a holiday.

What to do if you can’t find a parking space?

Unfortunately, this may happen as well. Still, there’s always the possibility to use a parking garage in NYC. You can get cheap deals for parking through websites such as way.com. Also, Icon Parking offers more than 300 parking garages at some of the lowest rates. Both Way.com and Icon Parking have years of experience and a variety of options to choose from when looking for a place to park your car in NYC across all 5 boroughs. Moreover, SpotHero may offer discounted garage rates in the city.

a white car parked in a garage
You can always opt for monthly parking in NYC and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Of course, we know the garages are expensive. Still, think about it this way. By placing your car in a garage you will have peace of mind knowing your car is safe. It will also save you from all the hassle of circling around the neighborhood in search of a parking spot. Not to mention the costly ticket which is quite frequent for any driver in NYC.

Find a solution to your parking problems in NYC

Altogether, parking in NYC is a problem. We can’t deny this. Still, if you truly need a car here then you must be well aware of all the rules and protocols concerning parking across the city. The fact is that there are many free parking options. You just need to make sure to find one while respecting all the rules. Of course, there are the ones you need to pay. Finally, if you still have difficulties finding a parking spot you can always rely on one of the numerous garages all around NYC. What matters is to have your car safe and for you to be relieved from all the stress parking problems can cause. 

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