Living in Harlem: The historic neighborhood with a modern vibe

Have you dreamt about living in a historic neighborhood with s modern vibe? There’s no better place than Harlem, NYC. The city offers both peace and entertainment, which you can not find balanced anywhere else. Rich history, a sense of community, cultural events, and endless possibilities describe this lovely NYC neighborhood. Therefore, check this ultimate guide on living in Harlem, and if it’s your final choice, hire movers in Harlem you can trust and ensure an easy relocation.

two women having coffee and enjoying living in Harlem
Living in Harlem will bring you peace of mind.

Living in Harlem: the living condition highlights

Having a population of 189,456 neighborhoods, Harlem has become one of the most desirable neighborhoods in NYC. The area feel is dense-urban, and most of the residents rent their homes, around 86%, according to Niche. When it comes to real estate, the median home value in Harlem is $1,006,411 which is, you’ll agree, a lot above the national average, which is $244,900. However, if you want to rent a home, the case is different. The median home rent is lower than the national average and is $1,439 (national $1,163).

The job market in Harlem

Based on economic diversity, the median household income is $62,168. The main industries are healthcare (18.3%), retail (10.2%), education (9.4%), hospitality (8.9%), and entertainment (5.7%), followed by other industries such as transportation, finance, information, real estate, and others.

Top schools in Harlem

Almost all public and private schools in Harlem have A+ grades, and the most popular public ones are Bronx High School of Science, Stuyvesant High School, High School of America Studies at Lehman College, and many others. So, if these schools are on your list and you want to move here before the school year starts, check the reliable local moving companies in Manhattan which will perform your move in a short time.

What is it like to live in Harlem – the historic neighborhood with a modern vibe

This description completely suits the neighborhood and mirrors every corner of the neighborhood. And you will experience this vibe as soon as you step into Harlem. The first thing that may come to your mind when mentioning Harlem is the Harlem Renaissance and the neighborhood’s history of civil rights. However, civil rights are not the only thing that shaped Harlem’s rich history. We shouldn’t forget jazz, African-American literature, and unique art. All these shaped Harlem’s soul, making the neighborhood unique and worth moving to. Located in Upper Manhattan, it makes it perfect for living since it has proximity to many different places in NYC, such as Downtown Manhattan. Therefore, if you want to escape the city’s bustle, but still be able to enjoy it without much commuting, move to Harlem with residential movers in Manhattan. They will help you move with ease without much stress.

Although rich in history, Harlem offers a modern vibe that mirrors the entertainment options. And even though it is a quiet, mostly residential neighborhood, Harlem is never a boring place thanks to its thriving scene of music, food, and cultural events.

a man playing a trumpet
Jazz is the synonym for Harlem.

Events you’ll enjoy when moving to Harlem

There are numerous events in Harlem throughout the whole year. It is almost impossible to list them all, but we’ve managed to single out the most important ones:

  1. January and February: Three Kings Day Parade marks every January since history is immortalized by three wise men celebrating the biblical adoration of Jesus. Next, you can enjoy Black Comic Book Festival and your kids will love it since it is interactive. In February, you can enjoy Harlem Fine Arts Show, Athena Film Festival, and Annual Chocolate Day.
  2. March and April: March is characterized by Women’s History Month, where you can enjoy jazz. April is in the sign of religion, where you’ll get the chance to experience Holly Week at St. John Cathedral and Riverside Church. And don’t miss the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at famous parks.
  3. May and June: Enjoy Summer on the Hudson, Harlem Jazz Shrines Festival, and numerous film festivals in May. On the other hand, June offers different events, such as Museum Mile Festival, Harlem Pride, Summerstage, etc.
  4. July and August: Don’t miss Harlem Book Fair in July, and Harlem Week in August.
  5. September and October: Visit the Medieval Festival and Harlem Art Walking tour in October
  6. November and December: Enjoy the Annual Hudson View Gardens Art show in November and Kwanzaa Celebration in December.

Living in Harlem: Music will mark your life

It’s impossible not to mention the music scene that adds to the historic and modern vibe of the Harlem neighborhood. And where there is music, there’s no space for depression or anxiety. Music will definitely shape your life here. The music scene is thriving, and it includes iconic jazz, hip-hop, dance music, and many other old and modern genres. However, no topic of Harlem’s music scene cannot go without mentioning The Apollo Theater. The theater was first a dance hall, and in the years it has become home to iconic music performers such as Ella Fitzgerald, B. B. King, Aretha Franklin, and others. As we’ve already mentioned, music is incorporated into every corner, and parks are not an exception. So, visit Jackie Robinson Park and St. Nicholas Park, where you can enjoy different activities followed by musical beats that will fill your soul with positive emotions.

Harlem has never lost its soul

Living in Harlem NYC means you’ll experience a sense of spiritualism. Its residents pay tribute to the unforgettable history by activating themselves into activism. History is respected to the fullest, which is seen in the street names and religious institutions. Here, you’ll experience a perfect life (if such exists) since you’ll experience different feels that will make you feel alive, making the most of your life.

A family surrounded by moving boxes
Moving to Harlem is easy when you have the right movers to help you manage relocation tasks.

Hiring the right movers is the first step to living in Harlem

Rich in history, having the soul, and offering extraordinary life options, all followed with the music of the soul, living in Harlem is a dream come true. Therefore, if you had second doubts about moving here, now they should be gone. See the opportunities this neighborhood offers and move here with some of the best movers in NY. Hire Manhattan movers you can rely on and ensure a seamless moving experience.


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