The Best Neighborhoods in New York City for Newcomers

Oh, New York! How do people dream of going to the Big Apple and experiencing the charm this city has to offer. From the incredible 20-something story buildings to the lovely Central Park. New York is a treasure trove just waiting to be explored by you. So, let’s not make it wait any longer. Your adventure needs to start now, not later. That’s why we at Best Movers NYC have prepared a comprehensive list of the best neighborhoods in New York City for newcomers. We’re sure that whichever path you choose, you will have the time of your life in the famous New York City.

Two girls looking over New York City hugging each other
Your New York adventure is waiting for you. Go meet it!

In New York City you can find anything and everything in abundance. This of course goes for neighborhoods as well. From cozy, tight-knit neighborhoods all the way to the elite, rich neighborhoods. Whatever it is you’re searching for, NYC will provide the perfect place for you. Your best local movers NYC would recommend that before you start choosing your preferred neighborhood, you have a picture in your mind of what it is you want. Write down a list, or just go over it a few times in your mind.

When moving, a mistake people tend to make is to settle for less. If you start looking at apartments well in advance, you are sure to find the perfect one in the perfect neighborhood. The key component here is time. You just need to have enough time to look through the neighborhoods and visit a lot of apartments. Not everyone can afford such extensive research before finalizing their move. But, if you have the time and resources, you’d be surprised what amazing, affordable accommodation you’ll be able to find. Now, let’s get into it.

1. Murray Hill

If you’re just wrapping up college and aren’t completely ready for adult life, Murray Hill is perfect for you. The location is just right, it’s right along the East River and south of Midtown. You won’t have a hard time getting to and fro any place you desire. Especially the new job you’ll be getting! As soon as your best residential movers Manhattan help you move into your new location, you’ll feel the whiff of the new Murray Hill air.

Another selling point of Murray Hill is that it is so beautiful. A lot of the buildings are pre-war townhouses which you’ve probably seen in movies. They bring a wonderful feel to your everyday life. Not only that, but the neighborhood is rich in restaurants and bars for endless fun during the weekends. When you combine everything Murray Hill has to offer, it’s obvious why it’s one of the best neighborhoods in New York City for newcomers.

2. Lower East Side

If you’re a hard worker and an even harder player, the Lower East Side can offer you the world. In the Lower East Side, nights are spent bar-hopping and visiting the amazing restaurant scene, which if you’ve ever been to NYC you know about all too well. The Lower East Side is not exactly under the radar, it has a huge reputation, as a bohemian enclave, but also as a playground for the young. Due to the new manufacturing done in the Lower East Side, there are many more apartments to choose from. Rent in the Lower East Side tends to be slightly on the pricier side, but not unmanageable with a stable job.

Once your best local movers Manhattan leave you at the doorstep of your new glistening apartment, you’ll understand what the hype is all about. As soon as you exit your chosen accommodation you’ll be able to see the bars, clubs, restaurants, and boutiques adorning the streets. If you’re searching for a place with a calmer and sweeter atmosphere with a slower pace of life, this isn’t it. The Lower East Side is for the go-getters and busybodies. So choose what suits you!

A nightview of Manhattan
The Lower East Side offers all of the glamour you need.

3. Harlem

Harlem is one of the most interesting New York City neighborhoods you can live in as well as one of the best neighborhoods in New York City for newcomers. It has a deep history, constantly going through transformations and changes. It was one of the main locations where jazz started to pick up and to this day it is host to a number of amazing venues such as the famous Apollo Theatre.

In Harlem, you will never stay hungry. The neighborhood offers incredible, diverse dining options that can be very affordable. The apartments are very moderately priced and affordable for the majority. It is very diverse when it comes to housing. From luxury apartments all the way to worn-out buildings. Everyone can find their perfect place. Harlem is steadily becoming more popular than Brooklyn among young professionals searching for employment. As soon as you book your best commercial movers Manhattan, go and visit Harlem! It deserves all the attention.

4. Astoria

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced apartment that is close enough to Manhattan but isn’t in the middle of Manhattan, you’ve arrived at your decision. Astoria in Queens is one of the more budget-friendly neighborhoods in NYC, including your wining and dining options.

Within 15 minutes you can already be in Manhattan. Commuting will pose no issue if you’re using the subway. The selling point of Astoria, and a fan favorite, is the diverse, authentic Greek cuisine found there and nowhere else in New York City. Your best residential movers Queens will be more than happy to relocate you to such an amazing location. There are new building options emerging recently which can cause a higher rental cost in the future, but for now, Astoria is the place to be.

A woman holding dollar bills
Astoria is perfect for you if you have a bit of a tighter budget.

5. Williamsburg

What about moving to the famous Brooklyn? Williamsburg offers one of the best places for anyone who loves to eat. Not only in New York City, but in the entire country. If nothing else. for the food, it’s worth hiring the best residential movers Brooklyn and moving to Williamsburg for at least a while. Williamsburg can be considered as some sort of artist district, with a lot of artisan shops, musicians, and more.

The unfortunate news is that Williamsburg tends to be more on the pricey side. If you’re willing to find accommodation near the periphery of Williamsburg, you’re bound to find some cheaper options. When it comes to culture and diversity, no one does it like Williamsburg. No matter where you come from, you’re sure to fit into the scene. Now, why do we think that Williamsburg is one of the best neighborhoods in New York City for newcomers? There are many trendy bars, boutiques to visit, and the whole bohemian scene. You can gain access into one of the trendiest neighborhoods in all of New York City.

6. Downtown Brooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn is located just over the Brooklyn Bridge. It borders several other neighborhoods, including Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, and others. In the previous few years, a lot of buildings have been made in Downtown Brooklyn. This means there are tens of thousands of new apartments just waiting for you and other eager young people to start living there. 

Again, Manhattan is easily accessible in as little as 15 minutes. If you’re searching for the lowkey place of your dreams, Downtown Brooklyn is the place for you. As soon as your best commercial movers Brooklyn have settled you in, and you go outside to explore, you’ll be surprised by the abundance of people, activities, and shopping located right at your doorstep. Downtown Brooklyn is rich in parks and open spaces to spend your weekends and free time in general. With such amazing and abundant places that you can visit, finding your own little corner in Downtown Brooklyn will not be hard.

A photo of the Brooklyn bridge
Downtown Brooklyn is the perfect mix of chill and a little bit of flare.

7. Jackson Heights

In the center of Queens, you can find one of the most diverse and vibrant communities in New York City. Unofficial research suggests that there are more than 150 ethnic minorities in Jackson Heights, each using their own language. If you’re a fan of a very diverse crowd, or you yourself are a minority, Jackson Heights is the place for you. Not only that, but this neighborhood offers some of the most affordable accommodation. If you were planning on buying your estate, your best local movers Queens would say that there is no place better than Jackson Heights. Buying an apartment would most usually cost you around $450,000, which is easily a steal compared to other neighborhoods.

Jackson Heights also offers some parks and good schools and playgrounds for your children. If you’re moving with your family, or your future plans include having a baby, this family-friendly neighborhood is the one you should aim for. Additionally, Manhattan is only a 30-minute drive away. So, what are you waiting for?

8. Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village, located in the lowest part of Manhattan is another one of the best neighborhoods in New York City for newcomers. What most people might associate with Greenwich Village is that it’s the location of the famous “Friend’s” apartment. But that’s, of course, not the only thing it has to offer. This neighborhood has a ton of historical and cultural significance to the LGBT community. This includes, of course, the widely famous Stonewall Inn. Your chosen best long-distance movers Manhattan can vouch for Greenwich Village’s fame and the lowkey energy that is present in the neighborhood.

It’s a lively neighborhood, wherever you go you will see people and at all times in the day. There is always something going on in Greenwich Village, be it live music, comedy, or any other people activity. The nightlife in this neighborhood is booming! With a lot of bars and restaurants, this comes as no surprise.

An empty bar with a lot of alcohol bottles
If going out and nightlife, in general, is your thing, then Greenwich Village is the right place for you.

 9. Greenpoint

Even though Greenpoint is geographically close to fancy Williamsburg, the overall atmosphere in Greenpoint is much more lowkey and chill than in most of New York City. This might largely be due to the fact that Greenpoint isn’t as connected as the rest of the NYC neighborhoods. Only the G-train and a few buses go all the way to it.

In this northmost neighborhood in Brooklyn, there are a lot of buildings currently being made. Also, a lot of freshly finished residential projects. So, finding adequate housing should pose no problem. What’s interesting about Greenpoint is the fact that many of the apartments that are for rent are part of a two or three-story house. A lot of homeowners use only one story of their home and rent the rest to have a passive income.

10. Huguenot

Traffic is something people very heavily associate with life in New York City. But, if traffic is something you’ve had enough of, Huguenot can offer you the tranquility you need. Huguenot is a Staten Island located neighborhood with very few companies and businesses which aids to less traffic. Apart from the obvious perk of no traffic jams, what else does Huguenot offer to a newcomer?

Well, since you asked, it offers direct access to Staten Island’s south shore! This means that if you live here, you can go to the beach any time you like. For lovers of an organized garden, you’ll be happy to know that in Huguenot there are many houses for sale residing on a golf course. Due to the calmness and serenity, this neighborhood is perfect for families with small children, or people searching for the perfect retirement home. Your chosen best residential movers Staten Island will be more than happy to answer all additional questions you might have about life in the forgotten NYC borough, Staten Island.

Now that we’ve covered our choices for the best neighborhoods in New York City for newcomers, we hope we’ve managed to help you out a bit. Good luck choosing and with your moving process!

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