Moving from NYC to a small town

At a certain point in life, our priorities change and we want to move away from the fast and hectic life of New York. As amazing as it is the life in NYC is fast-paced, and now the time has come for a more relaxing place. The new more relaxing and less expensive life can be found in a small town. Moving from NYC to a small town is a big change, and it requires a good moving plan. For this reason, find the Best Movers in NYC and start planning your move with them. They will know how to help you transition from NYC to a small town.

Why are people moving from NYC to a small town?

For some people, living in a fast-paced city is too stressful. At first, this kind of lifestyle is fun, however, after a while, it can become draining. This is why many people are looking to escape to a smaller and more peaceful place. Moving to a smaller town has a lot of pros:

  • affordable housing options,
  • quality public schools,
  • the lower crime rate,
  • lower cost of living,
  • good neighborly relationships,
  • fewer traffic jams,
  • everything is closer.
The aerial view of NYC.
Moving from NYC to a small town is a big change.

The Big Apple is truly a magnificent city, with many opportunities. No, the city is not just synonymous with noise, pollution, and difficult parking, it is also the proximity to 24-hour shops and services and the fact of being able to take full advantage of the cultural richness that surrounds us. People move here for many different reasons. Some move here for jobs, others for love, while others are looking for a new adventure. While some people cannot even imagine leaving NYC for another place, others are ready to make a call to one of the moving companies in NYC and settle down in a quiet area. There is no shame in choosing a simple life as long as that’s what makes you happy. Maybe the small-town life is just what you need to feel fulfilled.

The positive sides of moving to a small town

After you have decided to move from NYC to a small town and after you found the best local movers in NYC it’s time to start preparing for your new life. When you decide to move to a small town, it is also to benefit from more affordable prices. The difference in rent will blow your mind! Far from the dynamism of urban areas, prices are necessarily more attractive and housing is much larger for the same price.  Additionally, the property taxes are lower, if you are looking to buy a property. Do you want to build a family in a nice house away from the noise of the city? Then this is where you will find your happiness. Plus it will also be easier to get to know your neighbors and create friendships.

A house.
Housing is more affordable in a small town compared to NYC.

Moreover, you will have more time to focus on your hobbies, since you won’t be spending so much time commuting every day to work. You will be home earlier after you finish working and will have more time to spend with your loved ones. When the weather is nice you can go for walks and bike rides before dinner, something you could never do while living in New York City.  Furthermore, your mental health will improve since you will have more time for yourself. There are going to be less stressful situations daily. Furthermore, your grocery trips will switch from a forty-minute to a ten-minute drive.  And let’s not forget the parking lots! You are going to be amazed at how easy is to find a parking spot.

A family walking the dog after moving from NYC to a small town.
After you move to a small town you will have more free time to spend with your family.

The cons of moving to a small town

Like with everything else in life there are always cons. Your whole life will change after you move to a small town. Moving to a smaller place can be overwhelming. This kind of move can cause a feeling of isolation, depending on your habits and lifestyle. The time can seem long when you are surrounded by greenery, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are used to using public transportation keep in mind that in a small town public transport is not as good. While you will avoid traffic jams, you will have to drive a lot if you choose a small town for your new home.

Furthermore, the choice of shopping and entertainment won’t be as diverse as in a bigger city. Forget about the 24-hour open shops, there is no such a thing here most of the time. You will have to get used to planning your grocery trips. Before moving research job options to make sure you will be able to find one once you are there.  There will be fewer job options so it won’t be easy to find a position that you are looking for. Also, when you live in a small place everyone knows everyone, so it can become too much at times.

Research moving options

Each move requires a lot of planning and hard work. Many tasks need to be done before the moving day, which can bring a lot of stress and anxiety. On top of that, you don’t need to add the stress of handling the logistics of the move, residential movers in NYC will take that responsibility upon themselves. A reliable moving company will make moving from NYC to a small town more bearable for you. Additionally, you can opt for packing and unpacking services, which will make your move even easier. You won’t have to worry about your items arriving damaged. And the last but not least, enjoy the process! Every place has its pros and cons it all comes up to how you see things.


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