Safest Neighborhoods in NYC for families

When you decide to move with your family it is quite normal that you will look for the safest neighborhoods in NYC for families. Security and peaceful life are among the first most basic living conditions when choosing your ideal place to live. In moments like these, you need to take all the disadvantages and advantages into account and make decisions accordingly. Especially when it comes to your family. Also, in the process of moving, it’s very important that you have a reliable and safe moving company you can find on Best Movers NYC platform. Because only with the help of a proven moving company will you have a safe, fast, and easy move to your chosen place. Safety is important in any case. In this text, we will help you choose one of the safest places in NYC.

NYC Districts

When we talk about life in NYC, we can conclude that life in that place is very fast, urban, rich, etc. But as everywhere in the world, there is a little bit of crime in every place. Whether it is robberies of local shops and gas stations, burglars breaking into homes, or some other less pleasant and dangerous situation, nowadays it has become a daily occurrence in big cities. That is why you, like everyone else who moves, want to find the safest place to live with your family. NYC is one of the most popular places to live in the world. There are 5 most famous districts. That is:

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Staten Island 
  • Bronx
A neighborhood in New York.
It’s very important to find the Safest Neighborhoods in NYC for families.

Also, pay attention when choosing a moving company. We advise you to hire reliable people like local movers NYC. That is why we will single out all the safest places from these districts for you. And let’s try to help you make the best choice. They can offer you moving services that will help you in the process of your move. You and your family will find the packing process easier, as well as all the other tasks you need to do. Despite all that, it will allow you to be ready for your moving day in time.

Safest Neighborhoods in NYC for families

When you want to choose a safe place to live with your family you must first know what you really mean by the word “safe”. So, we believe that then you think the same as we do. The association leads you to, as we have said, crime. A low crime rate is an ideal convenience for the neighborhood because the safety of your family and your kids depends on it. If we go back a few years and search the internet a bit, we can find out that some New York municipalities were notorious. But if we look at that situation now, we can see that the situation has significantly improved. We will single out some of the safest settlements in NYC.

A family ready to move to one of the Safest Neighborhoods in NYC for families
When you decide to start living with your family in another safe place, it’s important that you find a safe moving company for your move.

It’s important to mention that even after you make the decision to move, you must choose a safe moving company. So, we advise you to give a chance to residential movers NYC. Because when it comes to moving, you can’t leave it to everyone. And you can’t trust everyone. And for that reason, choose only proven moving companies. Because only then will you have no reason to worry.


So, before you make a list of must-have things your new home should have, first make a list of the safest and best places to live in Manhattan. This way you will be sure that you have chosen a safe place for you and your family. We will single out 3 neighborhoods in Manhattan, which are the safest for families. And Manhattan movers can help you organize your entire move if you opt for one of the Safest Neighborhoods in NYC for families. So, don’t hesitate and let the professionals provide you with a successful and safe move.

  • East Village. This place is known for its low crime rate. Where almost nothing passionate happens. It’s a bit far from some important centers and institutions, but it’s developed enough to enable a more urban way of life. This place is ideal for singles and young couples. So, if you want to move here, you need to find a moving company to be your right hand in your moving process.
  • Tribeca. This place is considered one of the richest neighborhoods in New York. But it was also declared one of the safest and most accessible places. The crime rate is low, and this makes this place ideal for starting a family home. Your neighbors will be mostly celebrities because they make up the largest part of the population in Tribeca.
  • Battery Park City. This place is ideal for family life and for all those who want a lot of open space such as parks and playgrounds. If you thought that a peaceful life could not be in one of the most urbanized municipalities in New York, you are wrong. Battery Park City is exactly what you are looking for.

Brooklyn like one of the Safest Neighborhoods in NYC

Brooklyn’s neighborhoods are also one of the safest Neighborhoods in NYC for families. So, if your choice is one of the places on offer, you can always count on the help of Brooklyn movers in NYC. They will provide you with a safe move and affordable services. Here we have also singled out the three safest places in Brooklyn where you can live with your family.

Old Houses in Brooklyn.
In Brookly you can find some safest places to live with good living conditions.
  • Brooklyn Heights. This place used to be called Brooklyn Village. It was always a peaceful place, without any offenses or crimes. You can recognize it by the older, lower houses, made of stone. There are many religious communities in this place, as well as churches. So, the first time you visit and talk to the locals, you can gain a sense of security for yourself and your family. You can spend your free time in a quiet Brooklyn Heights neighborhood.
  • Boerum Hill. Another quiet neighborhood in Brooklyn. Here you can find many local boutiques and cafes, as well as museums and galleries. There is a calm and pleasant atmosphere here, so, you can let your kids play with the children in the neighborhood.
  • Park Slope. A large number of historic buildings, shops, bars, and restaurants are attracting more and more people to this place. And so, this place has become not only the safest and the most desirable place to live in Brooklyn. This place is most often inhabited by young married couples who want to start a family. The Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, and the Central Library also offer this place.

Queens is a safe place for families

When you decide to start a new life, it’s very important that the place you choose is peaceful and safe.  Also, don’t forget to make the moving process easier for yourself, and hire Queens Movers for it. With their help, you will have an easy and simple move. And they will provide you with moving services that will be of great benefit to you. Also, we have again listed the three safest places to live in Queens.

  • Auburndale. This place is located in the north of Queens. Auburndale is a settlement that is in the first place on our list of the safest districts in the municipality. It’s located near Queen’s Hill Murray. Auburndale crime rates are 54% lower than the New York average and 64% lower than the national average. And this statistic puts this place in the group of the safest places to live in NYC.
  • Middle Village. The peaceful atmosphere of this suburb allows you to safely wander the streets and enjoy your every step without fear and looking back. Middle Village is only a 30-minute drive from the cuff, which makes it far enough away from the center of the action, but also a safe place to live with family. So, if you want to move here, hire residential movers in Queens, for your moving process. Inhabitants in Middle Village describe this place as “green and quiet”.
  • Forest Hills. This place can offer you city life in a quiet urban area. This place is the third safest settlement in Queens, and the crime rate is very low. That is why a large number of people choose this settlement as their place to live. This place is also developed and gives a lot of opportunities to its inhabitants.

Staten Island is also one of the safest places in NYC

In addition to security, this place can also offer you accessibility. Here you will find beautiful houses for rent at reasonable prices. So, it will surely fit into your budget. Life here can be compared to life in Manhattan or Brooklyn. But just a lot cheaper. This place is ideal for all those who want a quiet life by the sea. Therefore, if this is your final choice, contact our Staten Island Movers immediately, and schedule your moving day. They can help you move as quickly and easily as possible. Because in addition to the importance of a safe place, it’s important to choose a safe moving company.

Beach on Staten Island
Living on Staten Island gives you the opportunity to enjoy and spend time every day on beautiful and safe beaches.
  • Todt Hill. This place is located in the middle of the island and is considered one of the most expensive and richest. Believe it or not, it’s also one of the safest places for families. The safety rating of this place is A +.
  • Huguenot. The place with the lowest crime rate on the whole island. All residents socialize with each other every day and spend all their time on the beaches, socializing and enjoying nature, the waves, and the sun. If you want to spend your whole life behind beaches, sun, and waves, you need to hire Long-Distance Movers State Island. This is an ideal family place for all those who want to be away from the center of events.
  • Great Kills. Don’t be fooled by the name of this place as it’s considered to be another safe settlement on Staten Island. This place has a large number of family houses as well as playgrounds and is an ideal place for families with kids.

The Bronx is one more safest neighborhoods for families

The Bronx Movers NYC can take you to a successful moving process to your chosen location. So, if you decide to choose one of the safest places to live in the Bronx, NYC, contact us. We can help you have a successful move. And also facilitate all your preparations, as well as help you be fully prepared for your moving day. And here are the three safest places for families.

  • Country Club. This place is one of the most hidden gems of the Bronx. It’s adorned with beautiful green areas, affordable home prices, and beautiful views of Eastchester Bay. This neighborhood is safer than all other Bronx places and is, therefore, one of the frequent choices of all families.
  • Morris Park. The crime rate in this place is 13%, which is very favorable. So, in addition to the beauty and good fun of this place, safety is guaranteed to all residents and visitors.
  • Kingsbridge. This place is located near Upper Manhattan. And it’s very popular because it offers good living conditions. Also, the crime rate is low and this place is one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC for families, which leads more and more seniors to move here. But families are not far behind.

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