How to maximize the space in your new NYC home

Have you just moved to your new NYC home? Congratulations on your relocation. After all the daunting moving tasks, here comes the best part – arranging your home space. It’s the most exciting post-relocation process. You’ve probably got a plethora of ideas on how to organize your living space. But, have you wondered how to maximize the space in your new NYC home? Regardless of how small or big your house is, it’s always good to think about ways on how to maximally use the space capacity and make your home both cozy and functional. Need some ideas? You are at the right place. Here are some residential space-saving tips Best Movers NYC prepared for you. Hope these will be useful and inspiring. Enjoy decorating your dream home.

A family moving into their new home
Moving into a new home is, at the same time, both exciting and challenging

Plan how to maximize the space in your new NYC home before the actual move

The perfect timing to think about arranging your new home is while you pack your belongings. Yes, there are many things to handle during the relocation, but planning how to use more space in your new home can help you downsize and declutter your belongings, whether they do not fit into your new home or you simply don’t need them anymore. So, create a floor plan for your new home. By creating a floor plan, you will save time during and after the relocation. It will help you organize your furniture and boxes for loading and unloading. Also, you won’t have to deal with a bunch of boxes on your way, which you should move from one place to another to make space for unpacking. Your residential movers in NYC will know where to put your furniture and other belongings since the floor plan will serve them as a guide.

How to create a floor plan to maximize space in your new NYC home?

You may think that making a floor plan is demanding, and yes, it’s quite a challenge but not difficult. There are two ways to create it. You can draw it or use an online floor plan design and print it. Whichever way you choose, check the following. First, measure your new space and see what furniture fits in it. Don’t forget to measure the doors, hallways, and stairs to check whether you can move the furniture that cannot be disassembled. Do this to avoid pivoting also. The next important thing to check is the distance of electrical outlets so you can decide where to place your appliances. After you’ve finished with this, play with arranging your interior. When creating it, think about where to place the furniture, and if you have time, plan where to place the details. Make a couple of floor plans, compare them and choose one.

Tips to maximize the space

There are many ways to save and maximize the space in your new home. Here are some of the most useful tips according to local movers in NYC:

  • Declutter
  • Convert the furniture: if you have a piece of furniture you like but requires a lot of space, try to convert it into something else. For example, use a crib to make a bench for your hallway. Add drawers to save space.
  • Restore your furniture: use an old piece of furniture and restore it. Dye it into a light color, white, for example, to make your space visually bigger.
  • Use wall-mounted tables: this way, your space will be more functional.
  • Use the wall space in your entryway: put built-ins, add a bench and wall coat rack.
  • Buy dual-purpose furniture: buy a chest of drawers that can convert into a desk, for example.
  • Make a living room built-ins: use this, especially if you have a fireplace.
  • Use stairs as storage: adapt the spaces under the stairs into a storage space.
  • Use the corners to make shelves
  • Get murphy beds
  • Make false floors
Built-ins maximize the space in your new NYC home
Use built-ins for maximizing your living space

Install a temporary wall or use room dividers

There are many room partition ideas to use if you need extra space in your new home. Try to divide the room by using temporary walls or room dividers. If you live in a building, check whether it is allowed to install temporary walls. If a room doesn’t get enough light after installing a temporary wall, divide it with a wardrobe, or you can use a room paravane. This way, you’ll solve space issues. What’s more, these kinds of dividers can be removed at any time.

Additional tip: Make your space visually bigger

Alongside the space-saving tips mentioned above, there are some tricks on how to make your space visually bigger. So, let’s see. Use appropriate wall colors such as bright or pastel colors, but also paint a wall or a small part of the walls with some contrast color. Dye a wall to stand out from the rest of the room. You can use various painting techniques to make the space look bigger. Last but not least, use mirrors to make a room’s square footage look visually larger.

Consider renting storage units

Renting storage units can save you a lot of space. However, think about the advantages and disadvantages of renting one long term. Calculate your expenses and see if it’s affordable. If it is, rent it and store your belongings until you decide what to do with them.

A professional mover checking the inventory boxes
Professional movers can help you declutter your belongings and maximize your living space

Hire professional movers for your relocation and focus on how to maximize the space in your new NYC home

If you want to maximize the space in your new NYC home, then plan it before and during the move. However, to be able to organize your space and perform the relocation successfully, you’ll need some help. So, you should hire professional movers. Get matched with different moving companies NYC, get moving quotes, compare them, and hire one to take care of your relocation for you. Have a safe and sound relocation and enjoy arranging your new home.

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