How much does it cost to move out of NYC?

The Big Apple has maybe become a bit too big, or a bit too hectic, and it’s time to move somewhere else. Many people love New York unconditionally, as you probably do yourself. But, the reality of the situation is that NYC can be a bit of a chaotic presence in your life. The city never sleeps. There’s always something happening somewhere, and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement. That’s why people are choosing smaller cities to start their families or continue their careers. But, fear not, we at Best Movers NYC have answered your question of how much does it cost to move out of NYC? Let’s get right into it.

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What is the cost to move out of NYC?

As with any other moving process, the cost can vary significantly. It is all relative to where you live, where you’re moving to, and how big your apartment is. One good thing though is that many of us living in NYC live in studios or one-bedroom apartments since bigger options are mostly for the insanely wealthy. But the most consistent variable in moving costs with residential movers in NYC is the size of the apartment.

  • Studio apartment – $420 – $700
  • One-bedroom apartment – $700 – $1100
  • Two-bedroom apartment – $1100 – $1500
  • Three-bedroom apartment – $1500 – $3500

Now, the situation does change once the move is no longer local. First, we wanted to look at the prices of local moves. You never know what is in someone’s budget. And those looking for change might want to move locally if a long-distance move is off the table. But, we’ll talk budgeting more in-depth a bit later.

Something to keep in mind though is that many moving companies have their personal rates. This little list we’ve created is an estimated average. What can really help you when making your decision is a free-moving estimate. All legitimate companies offer them and they are very cohesive. You will find out everything you’re interested in and know exactly how much each part of the move costs.

Settle on which services you need

Next, you might want to think about what are the services you need. Not counting the obligatory moving services, what else do you need help with? Packing and unpacking services are something people can be interested in. They can be expensive, but don’t always need to be. Packing is really a feat on its own. It will take you quite a bit of time to pack up all of your belongings. Hiring a reputable packing service in NYC can help you immensely. Just imagine, your workload will be halved.

All of the best long-distance moving companies NYC offer specialized services. Moving your piano, or something else that’s very fragile? Moving your car or motorcycle? Be sure to check out whatever service you need and make a budget estimate. Then it’s time to save up the money.

A mother and daughter packing for a move
Packing can be a fun family activity, but keep in mind that you can always hire movers if things get too complicated.


We know it seems like it’s late to talk about the budget. But, in reality, now that you know all the services you plan to hire and know your destination, the budgeting can begin. When it comes to creating a budget you have to remain pretty objective. Don’t think how much you would pay for a certain service. Think more along the lines of what are the usual costs and if you’re willing to pay more if needed. Not many moving companies will have lower costs than average, but some might have higher costs.

What is a realistic budget? If you’re asking us in the industry, a realistic budget is one that covers all of the costs and then some. It’s a wise decision to always have extra money for any unpredictable costs. You never know what will happen during a moving process. But a moving process that’s gone smoothly from start to finish? It’s almost impossible to achieve. So be smart about it, book services in advance, and have an in-depth plan of action!

What is the cost to move out of NYC to a new state?

Again, costs vary greatly. For example, moving from NYC to LA can be even $5000. When a long-distance move is in question, be sure to stay prepared for the costs. The good news is, though, that once you move to your new location, you will probably stay there for quite a while. So, it is pricey, but for a one-time thing, your budget can surely afford it. There is always the option of doing everything yourself and just renting moving vans. This is the more difficult route to choose and is for the more adventurous. Of course, you can organize and execute everything yourself, but professional movers can not only make it simpler but in some cases even less costly. Just think of all the gas you need money for when moving.

A mover from a professional moving company
Professional and affordable can be packaged together. Just look through all of your options carefully.

Depending on your chosen services and the size of your move, a long-distance move will usually amount to between $5000 and $8400. This is why the moving process is most successful when it begins years in advance. You want to save up this amount of money instead of taking credit. What’s better than moving to your new location and knowing that the whole process is done and you don’t owe any money for it?

Final touches before you move out of NYC

It’s time for the final touches before you begin your new life. There are some practical things to take care of, of course. For example, you need to read through the lease of the apartment you’re renting and make sure everything is taken care of before the move. Also, remember to cancel all utilities in your name!

We hope that now you know the cost to move out of NYC and will organize accordingly. The last little tip we can give you is to go enjoy the wonders of NYC one last time. Go to your favorite places and say goodbye to the wonderous Big Apple! 

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