Richmond Hill vs Maspeth: Comparing the untapped Queens communities

Perched on the fringe of the public gaze, the untapped potential of Queens communities shines. Hailed as “The World’s Borough,” Queens hosts an impressive 91 distinct neighborhoods. Astonishingly, not all have gained their deserved fame. Among them, Richmond Hill and Maspeth stand out, albeit modestly. So today, it’s time to uncover the full story behind Richmond Hill vs Maspeth and see what drives the population to book the best moving companies NYC services to settle in these areas.

The comparison of Richmond Hill vs Maspeth starts with some basic facts

Splendidly nestled in southwestern Queens, Richmond Hill contradicts the bustling city narrative. A leafy suburban haven, it stands out for its Victorian charm, often unnoticed. It is one of the bigger neighborhoods in Queens County, with a little over 100,000 residents. Surprisingly, Maspeth, another tucked-away community with 50,000 residents, also shatters the ‘busy New York’ stereotype. It is situated in northwestern Queens, and it offers a compelling blend of history and calm. Both neighborhoods are home to mostly young professionals. The statistics indicate that over 50% of the population own their homes – meaning that they are there to stay. The city life is within reach, while they still have a calm oasis to return to.

Picture of a woman and a child on a street
Both Richmond Hill and Maspeth are home to young people.

Housing options abound in these clandestine neighborhoods

Commencing in Richmond Hill, an enclave teeming with character, it’s easy to marvel at the array of housing options. Victorian and Queen Anne homes uniquely intertwine with modern duplexes, presenting an intriguing mix that diversifies the landscape. Furthermore, when we transition to Maspeth, we observe a different charm. The townhouses and single-family homes predominantly grace the lowlands, while multi-family homes stand proud on the elevated terrains. Astonishingly, properties in these areas sell out fast on the market, hinting at these neighborhoods’ undeniable allure. Such varied housing configurations necessitate expert handling during relocation. Luckily, the best movers Queens offers have this expertise, demonstrating proficiency in navigating each housing type. As a result, whether transitioning into a compact townhouse or an opulent Victorian, you’re guaranteed a smooth relocation experience.

The cost of living is often feared in NYC

Even though overlooked, these communities offer refreshing affordability.

  • With its median home price of $661k, Richmond Hill surprisingly undercuts NYC’s average. The prices are also low for tenants, with an average of $1,875 per month. Moreover, the properties typically provide a unique, historical charm that is difficult to resist.
  • Shifting gears, Maspeth poses as an unsung hero in the housing market, offering homes at a median price of $762k and rent at $1,800 on average. Though slightly higher, the cost mirrors the neighborhood’s industrial chic appeal and increasing desirability.

Both neighborhoods are home to diverse communities

Appealing enough, Richmond Hill’s thriving community boasts a diverse ethnic construct. In fact, 2019 Census data confirms that 39.2% of the residents hail from Asian descent, while 30.6% identify as Hispanic. An age-wise breakdown reveals that 26.5% of the population is under 18. So, no matter your ethnicity or age, you are more than welcome to contact movers in Richmond Hill NY, if you want to call this area home.

Now, veering towards Maspeth, we unearth an equally lively community. A mixed blend of ethnicity prevails here, too, with 45.3% of White, 38.2% Hispanic, and a small but influential 11.1% of the Asian population. Moreover, the age distribution, as per recent stats, shows a higher median age of 39.3.

Picture of a person investigating the differences between Richmond Hill vs Maspeth
The two neighborhoods are very similar.

The residents of both neighborhoods are not car reliant

Compared to conventional belief, Richmond Hill and Maspeth flaunt exceptional transportation systems, partly due to the subway passing through the area. Shattering popular NYC stereotypes, these communities are not car-centric. Indeed, only 25% of households own cars, which is a dramatic shift from the 75% norm in many regions. That said, if you are an environmentally conscious person, moving here with the help of movers in Maspeth NY will help you achieve your goal of living sustainably.

In the cultural showdown of Richmond Hill vs Maspeth, there is no winner

Far from the hustle of Manhattan, Richmond Hill thrives with culture and many amenities. The area boasts an impressive food scene, mainly influenced by the significant Indo-Caribbean population. Have you sampled the curry chicken at The Nest? A culinary delight that your taste buds shouldn’t miss!

On the other hand, we have Maspeth. Not typically an attention-grabber, yet it shines brightly for those in the know. Traditionally industrial, it’s more than just warehouses and factories. Peek beneath the surface, and you’ll find Newtown Historical Society, chronicling the neighborhood’s deep roots and forgotten tales. Plus, Maspeth hosts the remarkable Knockdown Center – a testament to innovative art spaces, contradicting the notion that NYC’s cultural scene only thrives in more gentrified boroughs.

For those with kids, the school system is fundamental

Richmond Hill Public Library, an oft-overlooked powerhouse, ranks amongst New York’s finest educational hubs. Here, nurturing environments foster inquisitive young minds from kindergarten to high school. Meanwhile, Maspeth, where traditional values intertwine with innovation, houses Martin Luther School. A paragon of private schooling, it caters to children of all ages, extending unmatched educational prowess. Whilst the city clamors for Manhattan’s prestigious institutions, these Queens neighborhoods quietly cultivate intellectual brilliance. It’s clear that wisdom doesn’t solely reside in Ivy League feeder schools.

Picture of kids going to school
Both neighborhoods have good schools for kids of all ages

Richmond Hill vs Maspeth is an unjustified dilemma

As you can see, the dilemma of Richmond Hill vs Maspeth is unjustified. Both neighborhoods are so similar; the only thing that differentiates them is the number of residents and location. Even though both are close-knit communities, Maspeth has a lower population that contributes to the suburban feel. But, like always, the choice should be yours and well thought through at that!



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