Do South and North Carolina provide respite from the NYC hustle?

In the wake of the pandemic, an escalating trend saw New Yorkers exchanging the relentless pace of city life for the tranquility of simpler settings. A staggering 3.57% of NYC’s population took flight in 2022 alone, citing stress as their prime mover. Desperate for a calmer lifestyle, they ended up flocking to the serene expanses of South and North Carolina, among others, in search of relief. That begs the question: do South and North Carolina provide respite from the NYC hustle? Current trends seem to affirm this. We at Best Movers NYC, deeply love this vibrant city we call home, but we also appreciate the undeniable allure of a quieter life. So, today, we explore what it is that these two states, in particular, have to offer to those that still call the Big Apple home.

First, let’s talk facts

The peacefulness of the Carolinas seems like an appealing option for every stressed New Yorker. When you ponder the question, “Do South and North Carolina provide respite from the NYC hustle?” the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Contrary to the bustling metropolis stereotype, the Carolinas offer tranquility with their unique blend of urban convenience and suburban serenity.

Let’s start with South Carolina, otherwise known as the “Palmetto State.” Over the past ten years, a shift in population trends has seen a steady growth rate of 1% per annum, taking the total population to around 5.4 million by 2023. Furthermore, the ethnic structure showcases a welcoming, diverse society. With a median age of 39.4, the population is largely balanced, providing an appealing mix of youthful liveliness and mature wisdom.

On the other hand, North Carolina, or the “Tar Heel State,” has experienced even more significant growth. A surge of 1.6% annually has resulted in a population surpassing 10.6 million by 2023. The demographic structure shows ethnic diversity, creating a culturally vibrant atmosphere. With a slightly younger median age of 38.6, North Carolina gives a breath of fresh life to those yearning for a refreshing change.

And so, the Carolinas’ gentle pace of life provides a perfect antidote to the relentless speed of NYC. Transitioning to these states is more than just a move; it’s an opportunity for a tranquil, fulfilling life which, with skilled long distance movers NYC has, can begin anytime that suits you!

Picture of cardboard boxes and flowers
Both states have seen a huge increase in their population recently.

Do South and North Carolina provide respite from the NYC hustle? Yes, but also from the high costs!

Whether you are buying or renting, we have good news! Median home prices? A modest $230,000 compared to NYC’s whopping $680,000! When it comes to renting, Carolinas’ average, a mere $1,200, starkly contrasts NYC’s steep $3,400. Furthermore, everyday essentials also weigh lighter. Carolinas’ food costs are approximately 5% lower, and you’ll also find yourself paying 15% less for utilities! Clearly, making this switch would mean significant savings, freeing you to savor the serenity you desire.

Everyone needs to slow down from time to time

Surprisingly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports Carolinians work just 38.7 hours weekly. Yes, less than the harried New Yorker’s 49.08 hours. But here’s the twist: they’re not always grinding for success. Instead, they balance work with leisure. Countless anecdotes illustrate this. Sundays spent fishing, not fearing Mondays. Mornings are not rushed but savored with home-brewed coffee. Still, they lead fulfilled lives. They’ve mastered the art of living, not just surviving.

The climate also impacts the overall happiness

In these two states, the weather is genuinely milder. In New York, summers can be oppressively hot. North Carolina’s summer, however, balances warmth and comfort, averaging a friendly 89 degrees, but minus the sweltering subway rides. Then winter swings around. New York’s cold can bite, with averages plunging below 32 degrees. In stark contrast, Noth Carolina’s winters offer a gentle chill, hovering around 50 degrees. A season without thermal layers and plenty of snow? Yes, please! So, if you are moving from New York to North Carolina, you’re signing up for pleasant, year-round weather. It’s a small yet meaningful part of a calmer lifestyle.

Picture of the sun and clouds above a field
The weather has a huge impact on mental health.

South and North Carolina provide respite in the form of natural beauty

Is NYC’s nonstop tempo wearing you thin? Do you yearn for more than towering skyscrapers? Or, rather, do you find yourself longing for some natural beauty? If so, then you’ll be happy to know that you’ll find plenty of it in both North and South Carolina! Tranquil beaches, majestic mountains, and lush forests; the Carolinas offer this and more. Picture the Outer Banks – miles of serene shoreline. Imagine gazing at the ethereal Blue Ridge Mountains, their hues shifting with the sun. Next, mentally walk through Congaree National Park, a wonderland of trees and diverse wildlife. Beauty such as this is nature’s soothing balm. As you rethink your life’s pace, remember serenity awaits should you choose to make a switch.

Cities in these states are steeped in history

If you are moving from New York to South Carolina, you’ll discover a drastic cultural shift. Indeed, the Carolinas offer an enchanting mix of historical and modern sights. Imagine visiting Charleston, a city steeped in Civil War history. Its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and antebellum houses transport you back in time. Yet, beyond history, there are plenty of modern elements and festivities. For instance, the annual Spoleto Festival showcases global performing arts in your backyard. In contrast, Raleigh’s progressive vibe is evident in its bustling tech scene, universities, and arts district. Moving here, you’re stepping into a captivating blend of tradition and innovation. Yes, this isn’t quite what you are used to in NYC. But perhaps, that’s just what you need.

Prepare for some giving up

Even though the Carolinas sound amazing, NYC is globally famous for a reason! Even though stressful, life in the Big Apple has countless advantages you will have to give up if you decide to move away. Some of them are:

  • A bustling network of friends and colleagues.
  • Countless eateries, delis, and gourmet restaurants at your fingertips, with flavors from across the globe.
  • An arts scene like no other with Broadway shows, unique street performers, and respected galleries.
  • Quick access to iconic landmarks; Central Park strolls, Statue of Liberty tours, Times Square dazzle.
  • The convenience of public transportation, eliminating the need for time-consuming and stressful driving.
  • An unparalleled shopping experience featuring everything from high-end fashion to vintage thrift stores.
  • Festivals, parades, and multicultural events that reflect NYC’s dynamic population.
  • Unmatched pace and energy propelling your productivity and ambition to new heights.
Aerial shot of NYC
South and North Carolina provide respite, but some things are unique to NYC.

Do South and North Carolina provide respite from the NYC hustle?

Taking everything into consideration, the general answer is yes! The Carolinas are the embodiment of peacefulness in comparison to NYC. But even though it might be the relaxation you are looking for, you might fall in love with everything they offer. On the other hand, you might also miss the convenience of the big city life – which you will never know unless you take the leap. So, do South and North Carolina provide respite from the NYC hustle – only you can answer this for yourself!



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