The best cities on the East Coast to move to

When moving to a new city, you are so much more than just changing your address. You’re opening up a world of new experiences, opportunities, and people. But choosing where to move isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Factors such as cost of living, job opportunities, education, culture, and housing availability weigh heavily on the decision-making process. The good news is that if you hire the best moving companies New York City has, you will have ample time to think about which out of the many cities on the East Coast to move to. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the most popular destinations. At least as far as New Yorkers are concerned. And who knows your soon-to-be home could be just a few paragraphs away.


Imagine walking the same streets as the Founding Fathers once did. Philadelphia, famously known for its rich history, is a city that offers a unique blend of the old and the new. Its charming cobblestone streets contrast with its vibrant urban lifestyle, making it a fascinating place to call home after moving from NYC to Philadelphia.

Philadelphia’s economy is diverse, providing a myriad of job opportunities. The City of Brotherly Love has something for everyone, from healthcare and education to technology and entrepreneurship. Additionally, the city boasts a lower cost of living than the national average, making it an attractive choice for individuals and families alike. Education in Philadelphia is as diverse as its economy. With top-rated public and private schools and prestigious universities like the University of Pennsylvania, your educational needs are well-catered for here.

The local housing market is quite accommodating, with a mix of historic homes and modern condos. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, Philadelphia offers a variety of options to suit different preferences and budgets. The median home price is an astounding $184,000, while rent is $1,150. Regarding lifestyle, Philadelphia offers a thriving arts scene, various outdoor spaces, and a love for sports. Coupled with its historical sites and delicious food options, the state always has something to see, do, or taste.

Picture of a monument in one of the cities on East Coast to move to
Once in Philadelphia, the sky will be your limit.


Moving northward, Boston stands as a hub for education and innovation. Known for its prestigious universities, such as Harvard and MIT, it is an education mecca that attracts students and professionals worldwide. Its tech industry is booming, making it a desirable destination for tech enthusiasts who are looking into moving from NYC to Boston. Besides, the city hosts a variety of other sectors, including finance, healthcare, and education, offering a broad spectrum of job opportunities.

While the cost of living in Boston is relatively high, the quality of life and opportunities available justify the expenditure for many. The median home price sits at $610,000, while rent averages $1,780. Boston’s robust housing market offers a mix of historic homes, condos, and apartments. Whether you’re looking to rent in the city center or buy in one of the quieter suburbs, know that there are plenty of options. Culturally speaking, the city doesn’t disappoint either. Its rich history, great arts scene, and baseball-infused spirit create a vibrant and dynamic environment. Moreover, with many beautiful parks and harbors, there’s a perfect balance between city life and nature.

Picture of the Boston skyline
In Boston, innovation and education go hand in hand.


Venture southward, and you’ll encounter Atlanta, a city where Southern charm meets urban vibrancy. Famous for its influence on hip-hop music, the abundance of juicy peaches, and its cornerstone in civil rights history, Atlanta’s cultural allure is as enticing as it gets. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many people are moving from NYC to Atlanta. Atlanta’s economy is vibrant, and it houses several Fortune 500 companies, including:

  • The Home Depot
  • UPS
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Coca-Cola
  • CNN

In addition, a burgeoning tech sector is making its mark, providing a wide array of opportunities for career advancement.

The cost of living in Atlanta provides a happy medium. It’s more expensive than some southern cities yet significantly lower than major cities up north, like New York or San Francisco. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage in Atlanta was $54,040 in 2022, with the city’s cost of living being 1.2% lower than the US average. The median home price is $346,000. Meanwhile, tenants can expect to pay approximately $1,300 a month.

Atlanta’s housing market is also quite accommodating. From high-rise luxury apartments in Midtown to charming bungalows in historic neighborhoods like Inman Park, the city provides many choices that cater to various tastes and budgets. Regional education is top-tier, too, boasting several high-quality public and private schools. For those seeking higher education, renowned institutions like Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology provide a world-class education right at your doorstep.


Orlando, widely known as the “Theme Park Capital of the World,” is much more than its globally recognized Disney and Universal Studios attractions. A thriving downtown area, an eclectic arts scene, including the celebrated Orlando Museum of Art, and stunning outdoor spaces like Lake Eola Park make this a city of great experiences. Job opportunities in the area are far-reaching. While tourism is a significant industry, Orlando’s economy isn’t confined to that. The city is a hub for the aerospace and defense industries, with the Central Florida Research Park being one of the largest in the country. Furthermore, the healthcare and technology sectors are expanding rapidly, making the city’s job market diverse and robust.

The cost of living in Orlando is a significant draw. According to a 2022 report by Payscale, it was 5% lower than the country’s average. This affordability extends to housing, with the median home cost slightly above $283,700. When it comes to future tenants, they can expect to allocate $1,300 a month for an apartment in the area. And with housing prices like these, moving from NYC to Orlando only makes sense.

Education-wise, the city offers numerous top-rated public and private schools, providing an excellent foundation for younger residents. Higher education is also well-represented, with the University of Central Florida, one of the largest universities in the U.S., and Valencia College providing quality programs for those pursuing further studies. In addition, with an average of 233 sunny days per year, an array of outdoor activities, cultural landmarks, and mouthwatering food, Orlando guarantees its residents a high quality of life.

Picture of a panorama wheel
There is more to Orlando than theme parks.


Swaying palm trees, golden beaches, and active city life define Tampa. This Florida city offers an appealing mix of a laid-back beach lifestyle and the buzz of a thriving metropolis. The cost of living in Tampa is a major pro, making many people think about moving from NYC to Tampa. It’s estimated to be 5.5% lower than the national average, according to a 2023 Payscale report. From groceries to healthcare, many everyday expenses in Tampa are cheaper than in other cities.

On the other hand, housing is slightly more expensive, with the price of an average home at $277,700, while monthly rent sits at $1,250. Still, options are diverse, as the real estate market features everything from modern downtown apartments to traditional houses in suburban neighborhoods.

The good news is that the aerial economy is booming, and various industries contribute to its growth. The city is a significant player in the healthcare sector, with the Tampa General Hospital and BayCare Health System being major employers. Tampa is also a powerhouse in the financial services and real estate sectors, providing ample job opportunities. In terms of education, the choices don’t lack either, meaning there are numerous highly-rated public, private, and charter schools. Additionally, Tampa is home to several higher education institutions, such as the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa.


Our next stop on the list of cities on the East Coast to move to is Miami, notorious for its tropical climate, lively nightlife, and status as the “Gateway to Latin America.” This cultural hotspot is a place where you can hear Spanish as often as English, savor Cuban coffee, and dance to Caribbean music. The housing market in Miami is as diverse as its population. You can find everything from luxury condos in high-rise buildings to single-family homes in suburban neighborhoods.

Economically speaking, Miami is a hub for international trade, finance, entertainment, and tourism. If you are moving from NYC to Miami in search of a job, rest assured that you will find it. Companies like Telemundo and Ryder System have their headquarters in this phenomenal city, offering many lucrative career prospects.

Miami’s cost of living is higher than the national average, reflecting its status as a global city. Housing, for example, is more expensive than one would anticipate, where an average property costs $369,000, and rent is $1,360. But despite the cost, many are drawn to the city for its quality of life and the opportunities it provides.

In terms of education, Miami-Dade County Public Schools is the fourth-largest school district in the United States, and the city is home to several universities, including the University of Miami and Florida International University.

Picture of buildings and palms in one of the best cities on East Coast to move to, Miami
Miami is a famous touristic destination, but it is much more than that.

Washington D.C.

No tour of the East Coast would be complete without visiting Washington D.C., the nation’s capital. With its rich history and stunning architecture, D.C. offers an unmatched blend of cosmopolitan life and historic charm. The city’s education sector has a lot to be proud of, owing much to a broad spectrum of public, charter, and private schools. The city also hosts numerous higher education institutions, including Georgetown University and George Washington University.

Washington D.C.’s economy is largely driven by the federal government, and as such, it’s naturally in good standing. However, the city is also seeing growth in sectors like education, healthcare, and professional services, which have opened up plenty of jobs for residents. While the cost of living in the area is higher than in the rest of the US, the median household income stands tall at $93,500, thus lessening the blow. Similarly, the housing costs reflect these salaries – with housing at $635,900 and rent at almost $2,700. Finding a place to stay in the city is relatively easy, though, as the real estate market features virtually every type of housing, including modern apartments and historic townhouses.


Baltimore, Maryland, fondly known as Charm City, is another jewel on the list of cities on the East Coast to move to. It is an enticing mix of historic significance and modern conveniences, making it a place that should not be overlooked. Culturally, Baltimore is rich in history and arts. The city offers an array of museums, art galleries, theaters, and sites. It’s also known for its delicious crab cakes, lively music scene, and professional sports teams. Here, there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

The regional economy is well-developed, with sectors such as healthcare, education, and technology playing significant roles. Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins University are two of the city’s largest employers. Cost of living-wise Baltimore is more affordable than many other East Coast cities, making it an appealing option for many individuals and families. According to Payscale, it is 12% cheaper to live here than in the rest of America as of 2023. Moreover, the average home in this city costs only $175,000, while rent is equally affordable, at $$1,150.

Education in Baltimore is robust, with the Baltimore City Public Schools system offering a wide range of choices for families. Additionally, the city hosts renowned higher education institutions, including the aforementioned Johns Hopkins University and the University of Baltimore.

Picture of the Baltimore skyline
Many of the best cities on the East Coast to move to have favorable living conditions.

The best cities on the East Coast to move to are calling!

The East Coast of the USA is a vast area. And yes, it is difficult to pick out the best cities on the East Coast to move to since everyone’s preference is different. While some might favor low costs, others might be looking for a vibrant nightlife, no matter the prices. But when trying to find a balance between all these factors, the eight cities we have discussed prove to be worth all the moving stress. In the end, whatever your choice may be, it will be the right one. Don’t doubt that for a second!



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