Moving to Melrose: Things you should know

Melrose is a famous part of the Bronx and it’s located in the southwest part of New York City. It has a population of 21,954 and it’s growing by an average of 6% per year.  We as the Best Movers NYC  would like to explore Melrose with you. In other words, we’ll share with you some interesting facts and things that you should in general know if you’re moving to Melrose. So let’s dive in!

Household and income in Melrose

We, as Bronx movers, can tell you that this neighborhood has changed a lot in recent years. Now if you are moving to Melrose you should know that over 90% of all one-bedroom apartments or studios are rented.  So let’s get down to numbers, the average household income in NYC is $72,930 but in Melrose, it’s just  $26,350; that is 64% less. Also, the poverty rate is a bit higher it’s 40 %, while the NYC average is 16 %. Now renting burden is quite high as well, about 33 % of people spend around 50% or more on their rent, which takes away a lot from the family budget. The price of median rent went from $1040 in 2019 to $1600 in 2022, that is for one-bedroom apartments and studios.

Now we all see around us that renting prices, like all other prices, are out of control. The first main factor is post-pandemic inflation caused by printing money during COVID-19. Also, there were curfews, and the economy stopped – so those were just some of the problems. The second part of the problem comes from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. This is because the price of oil is increasing and that is affecting all other prices. Also, Russia and Ukraine are significant producers of wheat and fertilizers (they mainly come from Russia). So, as you can see – one thing affects the other; something like a domino effect. But oil is the major problem since it affects all other prices.

Brown apartment building;
Housing and renting prices are going up and will continue to do so, but this neighborhood isn’t that expensive with a median rent of only $1600/month.

Moving to Melrose: Demographics

Now let’s have a short history lesson.  In the 19th century, the population of Melrose was dominated by Britans and Germans. After the Second World War, the Germans mostly left and the Irish and Italians took their place; that was during the sixties. Nowadays if you are moving there you’ll find something like this:

  • 68.3% of the population is Hispanic
  • 27.7% of the population is Black
  • 2.6% of the population is White
  • 0.5% of the population is Asian

Since the year of 2000 population of white people has almost doubled from only 1.3% to 2.6%. Also, the Hispanic population has fallen by 4% since the year 2000. As you can see, the overall population has changed over the centuries and especially in recent years.  The median age is 32, and 45% of the population is male; while 55% are females. Around 12% are noncitizens of the US, 64% are citizens of the US, and 22 are not born in the US. If you need help with any move here, we as the best movers in Melrose can help you.

Black and white photo of a Hispanic girl smiling;
When we take a look at this neighborhood in terms of demography, we can see that the majority of people are Hispanic born in the US.

Employment in Melrose

So you are moving to Melrose, and you’re looking for a new job? With significant sales accounts for working at fast food joints, 37.6% of the workforce in the Melrose area is working in sales and service-related jobs. Executive, managerial, and professional occupations rank as the second most significant occupational category in this neighborhood, employing 22.2 percent of the locals. Other locals work as laborers (18.6%), workers in production (21.6%), and administrative, secretarial, and technical support staff (21.6%). You can look for jobs on websites such as indeed or workforce.

Now since the prices of fuel are rising so is the price of commuting. Most people in Melrose spend from 45 minutes to one hour on commuting, which is longer than the national average of 40 minutes. We as local movers in the Bronx can tell you that most people are commuting by train (around 40%). Around 20% of workers commute by bus and around 17% walk to work. This can be good since it’s more eco-friendly can owning and driving a car. Now, the most eco-friendly work is to work from home so 72% of people will say that they enjoy hybrid work. That is working at least one day a week from home. But there are jobs in construction, fast food, police, etc., that need you to work daily on sight.

Fun things when moving to Melrose

If you’re a fan of puzzles and escape rooms here you can find the two best in the whole of NYC; Mission Escape Games and BrainXcape Escape Room. What else can be more unique about the Bronx than hip hop? Now if it’s your first time here visit Universal Hip Hop Museum at 610 Exterior St The Bronx, NY.  So if you are interested in arts, nearby you can find the Bronx Museum of Art located at 1040 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY. Railroad Park was previously a train station, this public park today has a lot of grass, and it’s a great place to have a picnic. Crotona Park West is another great park where you can take your kids since there is a playground.

Mom and dad teaching their little girl to ride a bike, while thinking about moving to Melrose;
Moving to Melrose will be great for your whole family since there are fun things for everyone.

That would be it when it comes to moving to Melrose. There are many things that you should know, we just picked ones that we thought are the most important. If you have any problems with moving a business to Melrose or anywhere across NYC, we can help you with that as well. Also, if you have to move something more complex, please at least consider contacting professional movers to ask for any advice or a quote. We hope that we’ve helped you and have a nice move!

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