Things to do in SoHo this summer

We are all ready to start probably the best and the most fun part of the year for most people. Summer is in the air, and this is also a time of the year when movers are super busy helping people relocate to their new homes. If you expecting this change soon, you better find today the best movers NYC has to offer you. And after you arrange that, get as much information as possible. We are also here to help you find the things to do in SoHo this summer.

Finding the best movers in New York

It will save you a lot of time and energy if you have someone to recommend some of the best movers in Manhattan. But this won’t be the case for everyone. So you will maybe have to do your own research and look for the company that suits you well. For sure, you want to avoid hiring amateurs. So take time for a little quest – thankfully, our team can take care of all that, hassle-free.

Find movers to help you.

We advise starting by researching local moving companies in Manhattan if you are moving there. Go to the website, and read all you can find about them. Find out how long they are on the market and if they have all the right equipment. Their team will need to have certificates, too. So feel free to call for an initial interview and ask all you want to know. Remember that the estimates are free and choose the services you want from them. Compare quotes from at least three different companies before you sign the deal and make your final decision.

What are the things to do in SoHo this summer?

After you decide who the best movers in SoHo are, it’s time to find some things to do in SoHo this summer. You can enjoy a walking tour through Soho, Little Italy, and Chinatown. Not only will you find many different shops there, but you can also find a guided tour. This tour lasts about two hours, and it will introduce you to some buildings from the 19th century and other interesting landmarks.

things to do in SoHo this summer
There are many things to do in SoHo this summer.

Another great thing to do during the summer is to visit the Museum of Ice Cream located at 558 Broadway in SoHo. It features 13 art installations that are divided into over 3 floors. It has multi-sensory installation and also the biggest sprinkle pool. So even if it is far from a traditional museum, it is worth visiting, especially if you have children.

Breakfast at 12 Chairs

Locate one small café that has only 12 chairs, and you will find delicacies from Israel mixed with Russian cuisine. You will find mouthwatering food there, even if it sounds a bit confusing. You can have their breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Keep in mind that this spot is not popular without reason – it’s surely worth the hype.

Go have the famous Cronut

Since you are about to move to SoHo, you probably want to try all the tastes to start feeling like a resident there. If you haven’t heard before, you are about to learn about the widely-popular cronut. This started at Dominique Ansel Bakery originally. When they came out, it wan’s possible to get one. They would sell just right away. Today is the situation much calmer with it, but we can still recommend it for a visit. So don’t skip going there and try strawberry lychee tartlet or croissants with coconut and chocolate.

There are cultural places in SoHo to enjoy

SoHo/Greenwich Village is famous for its non-profit theater. It is very well known for showing independent flicks. If you are a person who enjoys movies, this is just the right place for you. This iconic spot is a theater that opened in 1970 and still has a charm.

You can also have fun and visit New York City Fire Department. This building was raised in 1904 to be a firehouse. Now it carries over 10,000 objects but also archives, ephemera, and photographs that celebrate the history of the New York City Fire Department. This place is also great for kids and younger people because they can try an original firemen’s suit, and you can also learn how firemen extinguish a fire.

Ride your bike around SoHo

Another exciting thing you can do if you want to see much of SoHo is to take a bike and go for a ride. That will give you great insight into this area. You will see cobblestone streets, art, and many fashionable people. And it is well worth the time. If you don’t want to buy your own bike, you can rent it near Brooklyn Bridge Bike Rental. Another option is to take one of the many bikes that City Bike offers to its residents.

Ride your bike around SoHo.

What are the things to do in SoHo this summer?

We gave you some ideas on what are the things to do in SoHo this summer. But have in mind that this is just a start. And that you should continue your search based on your own interests and preferences. Of course that it will be different for everyone. This is based on your age and whether you have family or live alone. And have in mind that your journey is just about to start and that wonderful things are waiting for you for sure. So don’t be stressed about your relocation. Start enjoying it, and don’t be in a rush to discover it all. Because you will have a blast for sure and you should don’t hurry to discover it all at once. The main thing is to relocate and to start getting to know your new area.


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