Best places in Texas for ex-New Yorkers

In the past few years, Texas has become one of the most popular moving destinations in the United States. Low cost of living and friendly tax system, it is most popular among people coming from more expensive states and cities in the country. Well, New York is undoubtedly one of them. So, if you are moving from NYC to Texas, we will show you some of the best places in Texas for ex-New Yorkers. In case you need some help with moving, Best Movers NYC  is here with some tips for choosing where to live in Texas.

Why are people moving out of New York

To a New Yorker, NYC is the best city without any doubt, not only in the United States but in the whole world. It has everything. It’s the City That Never Sleeps and the possibilities of living there may seem endless. This is why it’s hard to imagine there are better places in Texas for ex-New Yorkers. One of the most common reasons why people are leaving New York is family reasons. The second most common reason is retirement. This isn’t surprising as the cost of living in New York has been skyrocketing.

New york city skyline
There are many places in Texas for ex-New Yorkers who feel like NYC is no longer the place for them

The City that never sleeps may not seem like the best place to raise a family in. This is why one of the most common complaints for people who are moving out of New York for family reasons and retirement is the noise of living in the city. Not only that, but finances do dictate much of your life in New York, especially in terms of finding good schools for your children and having enough close by green space and outdoors.

Differences between NYC and Texas

The first noticeable difference is, of course, the cost of living. And this goes for any sort of expense. We all know how high rents can be in New York. Not to mention that owning a home has long not been a dream for New York natives. The average in NYC for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is $3,409, while in Texas, it is less than double at $1,834. Buying an apartment in Texas, no matter which city, is much more affordable. The price per square foot is five times higher in New York than in Texas. Together with a lower price per square foot, better mortgage rates mean it’s easier to climb the homeownership ladder.

A hoem with palm trees in the yard
In Texas, it is much easier to become a homeowner than in New York City

If you are thinking of  moving from NYC to TX, you won’t make a mistake. Besides much lower living expenses, Texas has much more to offer. The great culture, cuisine, and overall cleanliness are what make Texas great to live in. Sure, you will miss the city that never sleeps, but Texas is the state for you if you are ready for something new and completely different. The Southern hospitality and all-around friendliness of Texans is why people are moving there more and more nowadays. 

The difference in climate

This one might be a deal breaker if you are a fan of extremely cold winters and white Christmas. Texas is known for its mild and sunny weather. During the summer, you can expect the temperatures to rise in the high 90s even. If you can’t stand the heat, maybe Texas isn’t for you. The climate in the north is a bit different than the one in the south. Texas south has a subtropical climate, while the north has a bit colder weather, with moderate winters.

Are there perfect places in Texas for ex-New Yorkers, and why move there?

We talked about the main reasons people move to Texas. Before we say what are the best places in Texas for ex-New Yorkers, it bears mentioning a couple of things that make this state so popular. The Lone Star State is great if you are looking to start a family and want to have more open space to explore. In addition to some great schools and a sense of community, no wonder why cities in Texas are one of the best places for ex-New Yorkers.

Group of people enjoying the sun in the park
There is a great sense of community in Texas which will  make you feel welcome in no time

Something that New York City and The Lone Star State have in common is a sense of pride. Pride in the city, or in the latter case, state, and everything they have to offer to their inhabitants. Both share a sense of community, and if you are moving from New York, you will feel right at home. What may take you some time to get used to after moving to places in Texas as an ex-New Yorker is how big the state actually is. For most cities, you will need a car. If you don’t have a car, the public transit system is good. However, not as good as in New York.

Tax-friendly places in Texas for ex-New Yorkers

Texas is one of few states with no income tax, meaning whatever your salary is, you will have more to spend on what you actually want. You can start savings account for all those big items like college or even a down payment for a home. If you are moving to places in Texas and looking to start a business as an ex-New Yorker, you will be in the right place. Texas offers a variety of tax incentives to new businesses as well as less regulation which is why many business owners are hiring commercial movers NYC to move to Texas.

Jobs in Tech

Why are places in Texas great for ex-New Yorkers? One of the answers lies in the tech boom in major cities, including the capital of The Lone Star State. More and more big tech companies are moving to Texas. The reason why these companies are moving their operations to Texas is mostly because of tax laws in this country. When you add the low cost of living into the mix, it makes perfect sense.

If you are building a career in the tech industry or trying to find a job in this industry, you should move to Texas. Oracle and Hewlett Packard are just one of the latest companies planning to move their headquarters to Texas. Thanks to the tech jobs, Texas’s economy has seen an upturn, especially in the post-pandemic era.

Person holding a white ipad
If you are in the tech industry, it will be easier for you to find a job in Texas


The fourth most populated city in the US, Houston is the biggest and most diverse city in the Lone Star State, making it one of the best places in Texas for ex-New Yorkers. The median income in Houston is $52,338, which is lower than in Austin. However, the low cost of living make this city affordable and is one of the main reason people are moving from NYC to Houston. It is the center of the oil industry in Texas. But the oil industry isn’t the only one that is highly present in Houston. Industries that are also great in Houston are:

  • medical research
  • aerospace
  • technology
  • healthcare

Getting around Houston is easy. The city is divided in so-called loops. The inner loop is more of a bustling and lively district, while the outer loop has more of a suburb feel. The city itself has almost 6 miles of walkable underground tunnels, only 20 feet below the city. This makes it easier for pedestrians to walk around the city. And if you are a fan of eating out, Houston has the best food scene with Tex-Mex cuisine and barbeque.


What sets Dallas apart from other places in Texas for ex-New Yorkers is how easy it is to get around the city without a car. Dallas has an excellent railway system with 64 rail stations. If you are moving from NYC to Dallas, you will surely fit in in no time. Not only are people from Dallas friendly and welcoming, but you can find the most diverse neighborhoods according to your needs and wishes. Dallas has that if you want to move to the quiet suburbia. A more New York style of living in the bustling city and high-rises, you will find that in Dallas too.

Skyline of one of the best places in Texas for ex-New Yorkers during the night
Dallas skyline during the night is a sight you can’t miss


Austin is much like New York. Austin is perfect if you are looking for places in Texas that are suited for ex-New Yorkers who don’t feel like giving up the lifestyle.  It is a lively and diverse city. It is not exactly the City That Never Sleeps, but something is always happening. Silicone Hills, as it is often called, hosts the annual SXSW tech festival and conference. Thanks to the fantastic and warm weather, outdoor manifestations and sports are very popular as well as live music.

As far as jobs go, you will have no problem finding one in Austin. That is especially if you have a career in tech. Google, Facebook, and Dell have their headquarters in Austin, Texas. Before contacting residential movers NYC and moving to Austin, Texas, you should apply to all job offers first. We are sure that won’t be a problem as unemployment rates in the city are declining steadily and are lower than the national average.

San Antonio

San Antonio is the most affordable of all places in Texas for ex-New Yorkers. It has a lower than the national cost of living with a booming job market. San Antonio is home to many military bases and is known as Texas’s military city. The only bad side for San Antonio is the traffic, with the average commute around 30 minutes. However, this is much better than the New York traffic on it’s best day.

Mexican tortillas and burritos in Texas
San Antonio is the center of Tex-Mex cuisine

This is a city that has a strong Mexican culture. Mexican food is something that Texans usually miss when moving out, and San Antonio is one of the places in Texas that is perfect for ex-New Yorkers if you want to experience more of Mexican cuisine and culture without actually leaving the US.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas-Fort Worth is perfect for ex-New Yorkers that are looking for places in Texas that have a great arts and entertainment scene. It is ideal if you are moving from Manhattan and looking for long distance movers Manhattan to help you feel right at home. Dallas-Fort Worth is a home to many sports teams, most notably football, for which it has a special season where you can sense the excitement in the air. DFW has a fantastic skyline with its stand-out Reunion Tower and colorful buildings. If you are moving to DFW, the first thing on your bucket list should be visiting the Reunion Tower GeO-deck to really soak in that amazing view of the whole city.

Planning a move to the best places in Texas for ex-New Yorkers

If you are planning a move from NYC to Texas, it may take a while to get used to living there. However, as many New Yorkers are leaving NYC for places in Texas, you won’t feel entirely out of place. People in Texas, known for their hospitality and friendliness, will make you feel welcome. The only thing that is left for you is to contact long distance movers NYC and start planning your move right away.

So there you have it, the best places in Texas for ex-New Yorkers. The list is not complete, but we choose the best for you. If you want to move to reduce your cost of living and enjoy family life while still staying near big cities, Texas will be the right choice.

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