Moving from the Bronx to Manhattan

Radiant energy, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking architecture are something both Bronx and Manhattan have in common. Moving from the Bronx to Manhattan is as simple as crossing the Harlem River. None-the-less, hiring Bronx movers is the best way you can ensure everything goes according to plan.

a beautiful skyline view of Manhattan as a reason for moving from Bronx to Manhattan
Manhattan is the center of cultural, entertainment, and economic industries

Living in New York has a lot of advantages, and in this article, we will discuss what awaits you once you move to Manhattan. One of the best parts of living in the Big Apple is the variety of options you encounter on a daily basis.

The island of Manhattan

One of the most densely populated boroughs of New York City, Manhattan serves as the cultural, financial, media, and entertainment capital of the world. The borough consists mostly of the island which is surrounded by the Hudson, East, and Harlem rivers. The city of New York was based on this island under English control in 1664. and was considered the capital of the United States of America from 1785. to 1790. The island of Manhattan is considered the second smallest county in the United States but it is also the most densely populated county.

The pace of life in this part of the city is much faster than the other ones. Because of the dense population living in the area, people are mostly focused on their own lives. Because of this, you might find it difficult to adapt to the way of life, but there is no doubt you will easily fall in love with everything this part of New York has to offer.

Moving from the Bronx to Manhattan

Because Manhattan is home to many different industries and a lot of people living in a small area, you can expect that the prices are higher than usual. The Bronx is known for mostly having single-family housing with backyards or front lawns. However, these types of homes are difficult to find in Manhattan. The cost of living in Manhattan is almost higher in every aspect than in the Bronx. So plan on saving a good amount of money for this move. If you are looking for a way to cut costs once you arrive we suggest ditching the car and start using public transport. Firstly, public transport can get you anywhere you want. Secondly, finding a parking spot in Manhattan is almost impossible. If you are considering moving from the Bronx to Manhattan on a budget here are a few tips:

  • De-clutter and downsize your belongings
  • Consider having roommates
  • Find a storage unit
  • Start walking or start using public transport
a skyline view of New York islands
Manhattan is surrounded by three rives, making it one of the most densely populated islands in New York

Adjusting in this part of the city is a must, due to it being a densely populated area.

Downsize your belongings

The price of a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan is almost double as it is in the Bronx. Because of this, you want to downsize your belongings as much as possible. Relocation is a process most people see as a new start. When you want to make a fresh start you want to start on the right foot. That means getting rid of any items you keep for a long time but have no purpose. Soon, you will be indulging in a new lifestyle. When it comes to the Manhattan lifestyle, you want to keep everything as neat as possible. So, donate, sell, or throw away anything you will not use in your new home. This will prevent the feeling of clutter once you finally unload your belongings. Finding cheap NYC movers you can rely on is another great way to relocate without losing a lot of money.

Find a storage unit

A storage unit is a great way to store your items if you do not downsize. Hiring professional movers in NYC is one of the ways you can make this happen. Professional moving companies often offer their clients storage units for rent. These storage units can help you accommodate items that have no place inside your new home. Moreover, you will always be able to go to your storage and take whatever you need. So, because Manhattan does not offer a lot of space for you, you can improvise and make it work.

Consider having roommates to make moving from the Bronx to Manhattan easier

Yes, we know everyone wants to live alone. However, having roommates does not have to be such a bad thing. Especially if you consider moving in with a friend or relative. This will allow you to lower your housing costs and save a bit of money. Most importantly, you can always move out or find a new home once you adapt to the city lifestyle. Having a roommate will allow you to save money and prepare you for living alone. Once you save enough money and are ready to move, hiring Manhattan movers is one of the best options for you. The experience of local professional movers can help you adjust the move to the city’s needs and save you a bit of money as well.

Start walking or start using public transport

As we mentioned above, having a car while moving from the Bronx to Manhattan will cause you more headaches than it will do you good. The borough is famous for a busy and active lifestyle. Having a car means waiting a lot in traffic all the time or never finding a parking spot. Using public transport is a good way to reduce costs and travel to the location you want easier. Another great way to get around Manhattan is to simply walk.

city street covered in snow with people walking
Walking is the healthiest and best way to get around Manhattan

The island’s magnificent architecture and plentiful parks will make you wander around the town for hours. So, once you arrive in your new apartment, make sure to take some time to go for a walk, get in touch with the neighborhood and soak in the beautiful sights the borough has to offer.

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