How to spot a moving scam in Brooklyn

Relocation is a process many people find overwhelming. With all the scams going on nowadays, we help you spot a moving scam in Brooklyn. Avoiding obvious red flags from a moving company will save you a lot of trouble and stress. Hiring the best movers in Brooklyn is one of the safest and easiest ways to transport your belongings to the desired destination. In this article, we discuss what are some of the red flags a moving company can give to make you doubt their credibility.

a calendar with a date of the move
Your moving experience should not be ruined by unprofessional moving companies

Ways to avoid a moving scam

Unfortunately moving scams are a growing concern for a long time. Scammers and thieves will try and access your private information and even steal your belongings while disappearing from thin air the moment the move is done. Because of this, we write this article to help you avoid and spot a moving scam in Brooklyn. Because relocation is a difficult process for anyone to go through, knowing that the company who is hired to move your items is safe should be the number one priority. To help you minimalize the chances of being scammed here are some of the ways you can avoid it:

  • Demand a moving estimate on-site – By doing so the movers are obligated to meet you face-to-face which only increases their credibility.
  • Check the address of the company – Professional moving companies always state their company address on their website.
  • Ask for a recommendation – In case someone you know was moving recently, their recommendation of a moving company can assure credibility.
  • Choose a company that calculates the cost based on the weight and not quantity – Most top-notch moving companies offer their clients estimate based on the weight of items that need transport.
a dirty white truck infront of a building as a way to spot a moving scam in Brooklyn
Many professional companies have their vehicles wrapped with their company logo and info

Professional moving companies, like best movers NYC, will always be upfront about the cost of the move and the estimate. So pay attention to those little details, because they can save you a good amount of money.

Ways to spot a moving scam in Brooklyn

Moving can create many different financial tolls on your budget. However, this is something you should already prepare for. Relocating belongings in various sizes and shapes requires proper equipment and personnel. Because of this, professional moving companies offer clients moving estimates to help them figure out how many people they need for the move and what equipments are necessary. For instance, if you are moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn you want to know what the expenses are going to be. Moreover, you would want to know how safe these items will be in transport and how quickly they will arrive. A moving scam occurs when you stop paying attention to details but instead focus on flashy ads and websites. Further in this article, we discuss ways to sport a moving scam in Brooklyn.

The hostage situation

Many scamming companies attract uninformed clients with their flashy ads and websites. However, once you start to dive deeper into the website you will realize there is no useful information about the company or how they deal with moving. The hostage situation is the type of situation where the mover gives the client a moving estimate. Once the items are in the transport, the mover starts adding additional costs to the move. Remember, professional moving companies will always calculate your expenses and include any potential additional expenses. So, once your items are in their possession they will start blackmailing you for more money in order to deliver your belongings to the address. In this scenario, you will have to pay extra money to get your items back.

The bait and switch situation

Much like the hostage situation, movers will evaluate a certain price for the move. However, they will start adding more expenses to the whole process. The big difference here is that this will be done right before you start to load items in the truck. Because of the situation and all of the pressure you feel during the process they aim to pressure you into accepting their terms. This is especially dangerous if you are in a hurry and have no time to prepare for another company to move you. The most difficult part about these types of scams is that these movers will easily call you before the move and cancel the whole process if you do not pay extra. Remember, having a contract can prevent most of the illegal activities one can partake in.

The abandon situation

This type of scam is probably the worst one. Scamming moving companies will pack your items and load them into their truck while promising a delivery date. However, most of these companies tend to just “disappear” once they get off your street. This is especially easy for them if you are in a hurry and need a quick relocation. Professional moving companies, like local movers Brooklyn, will always offer you a contract to ensure the legal aspect of the procedure.

a person holding a pen and signing a contract
Signing a contract is the safest way to ensure everything goes according to plan during the moving process

The contract is a way to ensure both sides of the deal and secure a safe relocation experience. To spot a moving scam in Brooklyn you have to pay close attention to details. In this situation, a contract is preventing any form of illegal activities by yours and the company’s side. Scamming moving companies often create a company and after a few weeks, they do not exist.

Spot a moving scam in Brooklyn by doing the research

There is no better way to protect yourself from these kinds of situations than by doing your own research. To spot a moving scam in Brooklyn you must rely on a well-known and professional moving company. Relocation is usually the start of a new chapter in one’s life. Solely for that reason, you should seek to start your new chapter properly. Stay in touch with your relatives and friends. Heed their advice on hiring a certain company if they had prior experience. This is the best way to ensure a safe and secure relocation process.

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