Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn guide

You have decided to move from Manhattan to Brooklyn. This decision can be great for you especially if you live with family or if you are a young professional. Everyone knows that living in Manhattan is extremely expensive. Living in Brooklyn is much cheaper and that is just one of the advantages. Brooklyn is the most populated of the five districts of New York City and offers a lot of interesting things. Best Movers NYC present to you moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn guide to making it easier for you to relocate.

Find the perfect home in Brooklyn

The most important thing you need to consider when moving to Brooklyn is finding a new home. Make priorities: do you prefer better traffic connections or a bigger apartment? If you want a balcony or garage, you need no bathtub or a comfortable kitchen to eat. Consider whether you too want to live on the outskirts of downtown Brooklyn. Think about what is important to you and what criteria you expect from your new home. When you are with a real estate agent, behave professionally, reliably, and, most importantly, show up on time. This way you leave a good impression on the agent. Another alternative that is becoming increasingly popular for moving is a home replacement. Check to see if you can find someone who wants to replace your old Manhattan apartment with a Brooklyn home. It’s important to find the neighborhood in Brooklyn that suits you best.

Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn guide- Brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn neighborhoods are different and diverse. Before looking for the ideal home, choose the neighborhood that suits you best.

Organization is everything 

If we take into account all the factors when planning in advance, your move can be made cheaply, quickly, and with the highest quality. Your satisfaction is extremely important to residential movers NYC. Every move is primarily an organizational challenge. Plans must be made, helpers organized, rooms measured and a new home equipped. As far as the organization is concerned, you should include a moving budget. Brooklyn is cheaper to live in than Manhattan, but apartment prices in Brooklyn do not differ much from those in Manhattan. So explore and have different neighborhoods in Brooklyn as an option. Also, measure the new apartment and draw a layout plan for all rooms. Plan any renovation work in your new home. You should also take care of all the tools necessary for dismantling and, if possible, assembling furniture in the new apartment. 

Purge before you move  

Create a moving checklist with all the things you need and with all things you do not need for your move to Brooklyn and clear out your old home. You don’t want to carry things with you that you don’t need. It will also reduce the cost of your relocation. Purging before moving is an ideal opportunity to get rid of all unnecessary things. You can sell or donate many things that you no longer need and are in good condition. Your decision.

Couple writing in notebook while moving house
Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn guide advice you to make a list of things you plan to move into your new home.

Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn guide – Tasks you must not forget

In the chaos of moving, you may forget some things you need to do. That is why we remind you of them so that it would not happen. Here are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • Do not forget the request for forwarding the mail, new telephone connections, cancel old contracts, if appropriate to arrange kindergarten or school places for the children. 
  • Declare a parking zone in front of the old apartment for the van or vans that you use to move in. 
  • Get someone to help with child care during the move. 
  • Gradually pack all the things that you no longer need in moving boxes. So you don’t have to pack everything at once. 
  • Let friends, family, and neighbors know about the move and give out the new address. Give the change of address to your bank and other permanent contractual partners. Also, report a new address to your insurance company.  
  • You should also take care of food for helpers and movers. 

Costs for moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

Do you want to know what the costs of moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn are? Here is some information in advance. The costs of a move are mainly based on the distance between start and finish as well as on the moving volume of the transported furniture and objects.  The actual costs are always individual and depending on the request. The cost of moving also depends on the number of household items you want to move from Manhattan to Brooklyn. It is important that the local movers NYC know how many trucks must be and how many employees are needed. It would also be an advantage if movers could dismantle the furniture early in the morning and load it. Your valuable cargo is already on the way before the big rush starts at all. Time is money.

What Brooklyn has to offer? 

Brooklyn really has a lot to offer. You will feel a big difference when you move from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Two different districts of New York City – two different lifestyles. In Brooklyn, life is much calmer and slower. If you are a bicycle lover and you want your bicycle to be a means of transport to work, Brooklyn is the ideal place for you. Because of the traffic, it is almost unthinkable to ride a bike in Manhattan. In Brooklyn, you can enjoy a quiet life, where people know their neighbors and reap all the benefits of life outside the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition to the cost of living cheaper in Brooklyn such as rent, food, clothing you have more opportunities to enjoy nature when you move to Brooklyn.

Snow on the streets
Living in Brooklyn is perfect if you want to bring a little peace and tranquility into your life.

We hope this moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn guide will help you prepare for relocation more easily. For everything you need Brooklyn movers are here to help you make your move as comfortable as possible. We wish you a pleasant relocation!

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