Moving to Clinton guide

New York, a city crowded with people, career opportunities, and amazing views. In this article, we will help you get to know Clinton and help you make moving to Clinton a positive experience. One way to secure a good relocation experience is to hire local movers in Manhattan. Professional moving companies, especially local ones, have a lot of experience with the terrain and can be of good use once you move.

a view of the Hudson Riven and Manhattan in the background as one of the perks of moving to Clinton
The Hudson Riven offers many different activities and provides an amazing view of New York

New York City is a place that has a little bit of something for everyone. Because of that, you will be able to find people of every cultural background and explore what they have to offer. Moreover, you will fall in love with the city views and the energy that it emits. Various cuisines, a homey feel of the neighborhood, and a quiet environment are something that attracts people to come to live in this part of town.

Clinton, New York

Clinton is a neighborhood in the West Side of Manhattan. It is also known as Hell’s Kitchen, a nickname it got for a notorious motorcycle gang from the 19th century. In the past, this neighborhood did not have many residents, people who mostly lived there were Irish American workers. However, lately, this part of the city has become an up-and-coming neighborhood with many developers and small businesses investing in the area. Nowadays, the neighborhood is flooded with locally owned groceries, bakeries, bodegas, and bistros which give it quite a community vibe. Being on the western part of the island, the neighborhood is just a couple of minutes away from the famous Broadway Theatre. It is also home to a wide array of diverse bar scenery and a perfect place for food enthusiasts. To bring you closer to the neighborhood, in this article we will discuss:

  • The local food scene
  • The lifestyle of residents
  • What will make you fall in love with the neighborhood

Moving to Clinton is perfect for foodies and hedonists

Because the neighborhood has such a diverse culture, food enthusiasts will surely enjoy this part of New York. The Restaurant Row, as the locals call it, has many different cuisines to offer to their visitors. From the Caribbean, Chinese, French, Greek, Italian, Thai, Pakistani and other cuisines, you can enjoy a variety of different culinary dishes just a few minutes away from your home.

a bowl of fried chicken, cabbage and noodles on the table
You will experience a variety of different cuisine from all around the world

Moreover, on the streets of the neighborhood, you will often find many vendors selling fresh vegetables, seeds for your garden, or quick to-go food. If you think of yourself as someone who enjoys different cultural cuisine then this is the perfect neighborhood for you. Moving to Clinton is not something that you should worry about. Especially if you are thinking about hiring professional moving companies in NYC to help you relocate.

The lifestyle of Clinton residents

An energetic and spirited feel of the streets will make you fall in love very quickly. The streets are filled with people and vendors selling all sorts of produce. There are a lot of people selling seasonal goods for pretty affordable prices. Although living in New York can be a bit fast-paced, moving to Clinton will allow you to remain calm and relaxed. Due to its location, near the Hudson River, residents often visit the docks and soak in the amazing view it has to offer. If you are looking for a more active lifestyle, then kayaks and boat tours can help you lead an active water sports life. Moreover, athletic fields and basketball and baseball courts are available to anyone who wishes to enjoy such activities. The Ninth Avenue is famous for its rows of ethnic food restaurants.

You will fall in love with the neighborhood

Because the neighborhood is constantly advancing and improving you will always find new ways to fall in love with it. For instance, the way that the neighborhood always finds a way to avoid being too trendy. This adds a lot to the charm this part of the city has. Moreover, although living in New York, it will amaze you how quiet and community-friendly this neighborhood really is. Enthusiastic locals, locally-owned shops, and graceful street vendors will make you feel at home from the first day you arrive.

a corner street vendor selling vegetables
Many stores are locally-owned and sell the freshest and best ingredients you can find

However, you should start your new life on the right foot. To make sure that happens, consider hiring movers Clinton to help you relocate without any stress. This will be the best way to start your new life in this lovely neighborhood. Because the law allows only a six-story building, you will often find walk-up homes, townhouses, or brownstones.

Hell’s Kitchen is a perfect place for you to enjoy your youth

This part of the city is probably one of the best neighborhoods to live in Manhattan. Firstly, because it offers you a calm and easy lifestyle. Secondly, because the area is under development all the time the prices are not as high. Namely, this makes it a perfect place for younger adults who want to invest in their careers or education. Because it is close to the Hudson Riven, every part of New York is closer than it ever was. Broadway is only a couple of minutes away. Port Authority and Time Square are very nearby, so you will always have something to do. The most popular physical activities are rollerblading, skateboarding, baseball, and basketball. You can find everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain active. Moving to Clinton is a great choice for those who enjoy life this part of the city has to offer.

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