Moving from Manhattan to the NYC suburbs

Moving from Manhattan to the NYC suburbs is a big change. Even though close by, Manhattan and the suburbs of NYC have a totally different feel. While Manhattan is very lively and urban, suburbs tend to be more peaceful and toned-down. That difference can take some time to get used to. Luckily, there are plenty of Manhattan movers that can handle your move while you take time to come to terms with the approaching change. That said, for some relocating to a suburb might sound like a better option than living in the middle of NYC. Keep in mind, though, that the suburbs might be a good option if you’d like to have the best of both worlds. But what can NYC suburbs offer that Manhattan can’t? And what does Manhattan have that the suburbs don’t?

Different costs for different locations

One of the biggest changes when relocating from the heart of the city to the suburbs is in the prices. Well, mainly rent prices or dollars per square foot if you’re looking to purchase your own place. However, there are some other costa changes you might want to consider before relocating to NYC suburbs from Manhattan.

A pair of hand holding a dollar bill.
You can expect your living costs to change significantly after you relocate to the suburbs!

You’ll have to pay less for housing after moving from Manhattan to the NYC suburbs

A clear upside to living in suburbs is that the rent costs significantly less! In the suburbs, you can pretty much rent a house for what you’d pay for a medium-sized apartment in Manhattan. What more, if you’re looking into buying your own place, relocating to the suburbs might be a better option. There you’ll be able to buy even up to three times as much space for the same price. The average price per square foot in Manhattan is around $1,642, while you can buy a square foot for as low as $600 in the NYC suburbs. If you’re not married to the idea of living in Manhattan you might want to consider relocating to the suburbs. Especially if you’re hoping to buy your own place or upsize. On top of that, you can also find affordable movers through companies like Best Movers NYC. That way not only will you save money by relocating to a more affordable part of the city, but also by playing smart.

Consider the costs of maintenance and upkeep before you decide to move NYC suburbs from Manhattan

Even though relocating to suburbs might sound like a great deal initially, you have to factor in the maintenance and upkeep costs. While rent is much more affordable in the suburbs, the other costs can pile on quite quickly. But it’s not only money you’ll have to invest into the upkeep of your new home. Most houses require a lot of time and effort as well. Cleaning a small apartment in Manhattan might take an hour or two, but cleaning a house in suburbs is an activity you’ll have to put a whole day aside for. And if you plan on hiring a cleaning lady, you’ll have to shell out a lot more money if you want your suburban home to be spotless, than you’d have to for a Manhattan apartment.

On top of that, most houses in suburbs have yards and gardens. That, too, requires work and investments. Most gardens require daily work, while yards, even though not as demanding, still require occasional attention. Just mowing a loan weekly can be very tedious. Now that you know all that, relocating to the suburbs might not sound like the best idea after all. But luckily, even if you decide to move, there are plenty of affordable local movers NYC locals recommend, that will move your home to the suburbs with ease.

Consider the implications before moving to NYC suburbs from Manhattan

A lot changes in a person’s life when they relocate. That’s why it’s smart to consider everything before pulling the trigger and actually moving. For example, do you like to go out and have a drink on the weekends? Well, if you relocate to the suburbs, that may no longer be that easy to do. You’d either have to take a car and not drink, pay for a pricy Uber or cab ride, or take public transport which might take hours. Because of that, you might want to consider even small and seemingly irrelevant details before deciding to move.

A young woman looking at her laptop considering whether moving from Manhattan to NYC suburbs is the right step for her.
Before you decide to move think about your lifestyle and whether the place you’re considering would be the right fit!

What you’ll be giving up

Even though it’s very expensive, Manhattan still has a lot to offer. That means that if you move, you’ll have to learn to live without some benefits living in the heart of NYC has. Here are the most common things people miss after relocating from Manhattan to the NYC suburbs:

  • Fast and easy commute
  • 24/7 stores and pharmacies
  • Plenty of restaurants and coffee shops near your apartment
  • Places to go shopping
  • Food delivery whenever you feel like it
  • All the services you can imagine whenever you need them
  • Glitz and glamour only Manhattan offers
  • Everything being relatively close by

But you can also gain a lot by moving from Manhattan to the NYC suburbs

Even though living in Manhattan is a dream of many people, moving to the suburbs also has its benefits. Just some of the things you can expect from the New York suburbs are:

  • Increased safety
  • Peace and quiet
  • More space
  • A yard you, your pets, and your family can enjoy
  • A garden you can invest your time into
  • Fresher air
  • A place for your kids to play safely
  • Friendly neighbors
A suburban house.
Moving from Manhattan to the NYC suburbs is a great option for those who like living peaceful family lives!

Everything comes down to your preferences

It’s hard to say which is better, the NYC suburbs, or Manhattan. They both have some upsides as well as some downsides. That means that it all comes down to what a particular person wants and needs. Are you hoping for a quiet life and a big house where your kids will grow up? Great, relocate to suburbs! On the other hand, you might desire a lively urban life filled with excitement and opportunities. In that case, it would perhaps be best to stick with Manhattan. Still, no matter what you decide to do be smart when it comes to moving. There are ways to avoid fraudulent movers in NYC, get the best prices on the market, and move without any stress, you just have to invest time and energy into planning a move as well as making sure you’re doing the right thing by moving from Manhattan to NYC suburbs.


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