Manhattan office relocation challenges everyone should know

After working for some time, you could realize that you need to relocate the office. And you will have to solve several Manhattan office relocation challenges. Every entrepreneur is aware that relocation is not great for business. Whether you are providing services or goods, you have to count on reduced productivity and financial risks. Also, you have to know that some employees will be dissatisfied with your plans. This further means that you can expect some resignation letters. This is an additional burden to already demanding logistic planning. The good news is that the Best Movers NYC can make this demanding period a bit easier for you. They will help you to easily find reliable commercial movers. By that, they will save you a lot of your time.

With the right actions, you will minimize the office downtime

One of the main concerns when moving the office is downtime. So, to shorten the office downtime, you should:

  • Discuss the moving idea with your employees
  • Create a master plan and allocate the tasks
  • Prepare a good contingency plan (in case of delays, you will need a backup plan)
  • Declutter the office and sort the documentation
  • Find and hire reliable movers
People discuss about graphs and rates, and Manhattan office relocation challenges.
People discussing the office relocation.

Relocating the office is inevitable in some cases

Reasons for an office move are various. It can be increased rent, moving to a place that has better accessibility, business expansion, etc. So, there will be cases when relocation is inevitable. According to statistics, 38% of annual relocations are commercial moves. So, although there are many challenges, Manhattan office relocations are quite common.

As with any other relocation, you will need time, good organization, and effort. Only that way your business relocation will be successful. And it is more demanding than household relocation. So, making a good relocation plan is even more important when you are moving office. It will speed up the whole process. And it will reduce the office idle time to a minimum.

What Manhattan office relocation challenges should you expect?

There are a few common challenges that anyone moving the office can expect. Luckily, the best movers in Manhattan can make your move faster. Knowing the area well, they will use the best routes for moving. That way, they will reduce your office downtime period. Also, efficient packing will speed up the relocations process. It is good to know that there are solutions to relocation challenges. But, before we discuss them, let us see the challenges.

Loss of productivity during the downtime

The bigger the Manhattan office you have to move, the higher downtime you can expect. The workers will need more time to pack all the equipment. And afterward, they have to reinstall it in the new office. Hence, a long relocation time can easily result in a drop in productivity. This can also lead to the loss of clients. They might leave if not receiving the requested goods and services on time.

Office files piled on the table.
Employees can declutter office files.

Costs of the Manhattan office move

When you are moving your Manhattan office, actual relocation costs can be higher than what you anticipated. Some entrepreneurs are trying to save up on those costs. So, they are usually trying to move the office with the help of their employees. For some tasks, employees’ help is fine. They can pack up their desks. And they can sort out documentation they are in charge of. Also, if you have an IT unit, they can take care of computers. However, you also have to disassemble and pack a lot of furniture. And besides computers, you have to take care of other office machines.

You should also keep in mind that during transportation your valuable possessions will not be covered by moving insurance. Well, unless you buy them. Also, unprofessional handling can result in broken equipment. And the repair can be very costly. Some equipment could be even broken behind repair. So, upon deciding to move, consider all the factors. In many cases, it could be much cheaper to hire commercial movers in Manhattan. And to task your employees only to declutter the office. And to prepare the things for packing.

Access to the new office

When you are choosing the new office in Manhattan, take care about the access. That can turn into an extremely serious challenge. Maybe you will rent a nice, bigger office. And it could have more space than the old one. It might also be much better for your employees.  However, you must take care of the access. Your suppliers and customers must have unobstructed access. Otherwise, you can easily lose them.

Inform your suppliers and customers timely about the office relocation

This is yet another challenging task. Some are even of opinion that it is not so necessary. But imagine your supplier coming to your old office. And finding the place abandoned. You can already see how many problems such a situation can cause. It will, at best, result in many phone calls and apologies. The same unpleasant situation can happen with customers. So,  make sure to inform all of them about the address change well in advance.

Modern office inside the building.
The new office is ready to move in.

Most probably you will continue to cooperate with most of them. Bottom line, Manhattan is not so big for those who appreciate your services. And neither for suppliers who are satisfied with you. So, they will continue cooperation, regardless of where the local movers in Manhattan relocate you. So, don’t fail to inform them. There are so many ways how you can do it. You can email them. Or give them a phone call. Also, print the new visit cards and distribute them. And change the address on your website. And on social media profiles. All this is taking time, but it is a must. Without clients and suppliers, your business is over.

There are solutions to all Manhattan office relocation challenges

So, we could see that it is possible to overcome moving challenges. All that you need to do is to pay a bit of attention. And to be proactive. There is one more task that you should take care of. Keep relocation process under control. As an owner, you will be a coordinator and supervisor. So, you will have to see about the costs of the new office space in NYC and check the jobs entrusted to your employees. Also, you have the right to check the work of the contracted movers. Your chosen company is a trustworthy one. However, you may notice some individuals skipping the work. Be sure that the company will appreciate your information. And make sure to correct work of their staff.

Knowing the possible relocation challenges, you will be able to overcome them

The ultimate aim when moving the office is to reduce downtime. That is also one of the main Manhattan office relocation challenges. As ignorance is not a defense against anything, it is good to know what to expect. That will help you to face the problems of moving business to a new location. Knowing what to expect will also help you to successfully overcome all challenges. 

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