Fastest growing neighborhoods in NYC

Are you planning on moving to New York, a city of endless possibilities? Wonder which NYC neighborhood to choose? Well, the decision may seem hard at first, but it doesn’t have to be so. With our list of the fastest growing neighborhoods in NYC, your choice will be easier than you think. No matter whether you are moving your home or office, NYC will offer you a plethora of neighborhoods. And, Best Movers NYC is here to help you decide. We’ve carefully chosen the best areas based on several criteria, such as the median home value, rent prices, mortgage costs, life, and work opportunities as well. So, stay with us and find out more. Use this list as a guide to determine what neighborhood is the best solution for you. Enjoy exploring the Big Apple.

Reasons to move to New York City, a city of dreams

New York. The name itself is appealing enough to wish to move here. Big Apple – a big dream. Everyone loves NYC, and the reasons why are endless, just like New York’s endless life opportunities. It’s indeed hard to state all the reasons why people love living in NYC, but we’ve managed to select the best ones. If the following reasons are enough for you to move to this dream-like city, you know whom to call when choosing a moving company. No matter whether you are moving locally or long-distance, choose your residential movers NYC from our database. Now, let’s take a look at the qualities New York possesses.

A person using an ipad and a map to search for the fastest growing neighborhoods in NYC
NYC offers a lot of diverse neighborhoods.

The main trait that makes New York unique is diversity. You’ll meet people from all over the world when commuting to work or running errands, and you can hear more than 800 languages spoken. It’s no wonder that New York is called the American melting pot. There’s no city in America more diverse than NYC. Besides, it is considered a city of convenience, meaning wherever you go, you’ll find everything you need. How amazing is that? What adds more to the convenience is the transportation system which is one of the best in the world, especially the subway. However, NYC is also pretty walkable. So, with excellent transportation and walkability, you’ll never have to worry about getting around. However, the main reason people move to NYC is simpleopportunity. Here you can achieve anything you’ve ever wanted. You’ll just have to grab and seize the opportunities you come across.

How to choose a neighborhood in NYC?

Many questions may pop up in your head when choosing a neighborhood in NYC, which may be overwhelming, especially if you are a newcomer. However, it doesn’t have to be so stressful if you consider the most important ones:

  • Do I want to live in a quiet environment, or do I want to be surrounded by people?
  • How important the transpiration and walkability are?
  • What amenities should be close to my house?
  • What’s the median household income?
  • What’s the median household value or the average monthly rent?
  • Which outdoor and recreational activities a neighborhood offers?
  • What kind of job and education opportunities does a neighborhood offer?
  • Which neighborhood is the most suitable for families?

Besides, you should take into account the entrepreneur opportunities neighborhoods offer so you can choose the most suitable one and move there with commercial movers NYC. However, before you ask yourself these questions, know NYC boroughs: before choosing a neighborhood, you’ll need to check the boroughs. You can choose from Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, or Brooklyn. Last but not least, check which are the fastest growing neighborhoods in NYC. Luckily, you don’t have to search any further. We’ve made a list for you.

What are the fastest growing neighborhoods in NYC?

Exploring all the NYC boroughs, we’ve made a list of the fastest-growing neighborhoods considering some of the questions above. Here are some of them:

  1. Soho, Manhattan
  2. Flatiron, Manhattan
  3. Midtown, Manhattan
  4. Dumbo, Brooklyn
  5. Ridgewood, Queens
  6. Long Island City
  7. Astoria, Queens
  8. Country Club, the Bronx
  9. Mott Haven, the Bronx
  10. New Dorp, Todt Hill, and Livingston in Staten Island
Empire State Building
Manhattan has the fastest growing neighborhoods in NYC.

Soho, Manhattan: a trendy neighborhood in the middle of downtown

Being one of the most popular boroughs in NYC, Manhattan has something for everyone. You can choose from many different neighborhoods, one being SoHo. Often called the Cast Iron District, SoHo is now a mixture of cast-iron architecture and newer builds. It is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in NYC since the City Council permitted residential and commercial development. The main plan is to increase affordable housing. Thus, it’s perfect for settling down and finding a job. SoHo witnessed an increase in listing searches last year, and it has continued in 2022. It had the second-largest rent growth in NYC. According to StreetEasy, the median household price was $4.4 million, while the median home rent was $5,775.

Flatiron, Manhattan is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in NYC

According to some of the best movers Manhattan, the fastest growing neighborhood is Flatiron. Named after the triangular Flatiron building, it is a neighborhood of diversity. And the diversity is what makes it one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in NYC. Namely, it’s home to office buildings, department stores, restaurants, residential houses, and buildings. The median home price goes from 1.15M for a one-bedroom studio to 9.13M for a four-bedroom home, while the median home rent per month goes from $4,050 to $25,000.

Midtown, Manhattan

When choosing a neighborhood in New York City, it’s not enough to mention just one Manhattan neighborhood since it offers a lot of different areas that are expanding. And the list cannot go without Midtown, NYC’s central business district. If you are an investment buyer, Midtown should be your choice since it is one of the best areas to get a good deal. Also, the housing in Midtown is diverse, and new buildings are constantly popping up. Midtown is perfect if you want to live in an apartment. You can choose from studios, co-ops, condominiums, two-story buildings, and apartment towers as well.

Dumbo, Brooklyn

When thinking about Brooklyn, it’s not possible not to mention Dumbo and its rapid growth. The name is an acronym for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Dumbo is famous for its constant development, especially in terms of residential and commercial growth. This growing neighborhood has an industrial past. Although its infrastructure, roadways, and public spaces have been upgraded, Dumbo preserved the industrial structure. One such example is Pearl Street Triangle plaza. However, the neighborhood’s growth isn’t only related to infrastructure but it’s also to the growth of startups and tech hubs. Many young professionals move to Dumbo since it offers the highest concentration of technology companies in NYC. Approximately, 25% of NYC tech companies are located in Dumbo. So, if you are seeking career growth in the field of technology, then Dumbo should be your choice. Find the right movers Brooklyn and enjoy one of the booming neighborhoods in NYC.

a view of Brooklyn: one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in NYC
New York City offers a wide range of neighborhoods and most of the are growing rapidly.

Fastest-growing neighborhoods in Queens, NYC

If you are thinking about buying a home in New York City, you shouldn’t miss Queens. It has a similar energy to Manhattan, but it’s an affordable alternative to it and the real estate market that is constantly expanding. Most home buyers, including low-income buyers, choose Queens, so investing in some of the growing neighborhoods in Queens is promising. Currently, rent prices are low, and both houses and apartments are selling below the asking prices. It means the market is perfectly suitable for you to catch properties but act fast since the market will climb again soon due to Amazon HQ2’s arrival. So, now’s the perfect time to invest in Queens. Here are some of the fastest-growing neighborhoods. And, if you find this neighborhood suitable, hire movers Queens to take care of your relocation.

Ridgewood, Queens

Ridgewood is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Queens when it comes to real estate. According to, Ridgewood is a buyer’s market meaning that the offer of homes is greater than the demand for them. And the median home value in February this year was $849K. The Ridgewood real estate market has slowed, so it may be good timing to start looking for a home in this neighborhood and find a crew of Queens residential movers to get you there fast. The neighborhood has a wide choice of housing. Here you can find luxury mansions, condo units, but also smaller family houses and studio apartments for sale. And, most of the homes are newly constructed.

Long Island City, Queens

If you want to live near Manhattan without actually living in Manhattan, then choose Long Island City. It has relatively affordable homes, which is appealing to young professionals. If you’re a buyer, you’ll want to buy a property here as soon as possible. It is one of the best places to buy a home due to its location. The median home value is around $1 million. However, you can find affordable condos, apartments, and row houses. Besides, there are many lofts in the neighborhood. Its rapid growth is expected to continue.

Astoria, the most famous Queen’s neighborhood

If you are a young professional seeking career growth in a growing neighborhood, there’s no better option than Astoria. It’s an urban neighborhood, but you can still find an affordable place to live. You can find a suitable home in this area no matter whether you need an apartment, condo, or co-op. Astoria’s high density means there is never a shortage of renters. Median home values in Astoria are $800,000. However, the prices increase, so if you are a buyer, you should try to enter the market as soon as possible.

A neighborhood
Choosing the right neighborhood for living will determine your way of life.

In the Bronx

Although the Bronx may not be on the tip of your moving list, you should definitely consider moving here. Wonder why? Well, it is New York City’s hidden gem. Here you can find affordable housing, rich culture, green space, and a lot more. Besides, it’s constantly growing, not only in terms of housing options but also in terms of work opportunities. Check out the most popular neighborhoods in the Bronx:

  1. Country Club: Median home prices are about $250,000 while monthly rent is about $933. The neighborhood is perfect for families.
  2. Mott Haven: It is the biggest surprise when it comes to the neighborhoods in NYC that are growing fast. Once a neighborhood with a low profile, Mott Haven has developed into a residential area with towers and affordable apartments. The greatest development has occurred by the Harlem River. However, the development of the neighborhood is still in progress.

If you decide to move to the Bronx, ensure a safe and smooth relocation with some of the best movers Bronx.

The fastest-growing neighborhoods in Staten Island NYC

No borough in New York City has changed so much in recent years than Staten Island. And it’s still growing. Staten Island is definitely one of the many fastest-growing boroughs in NYC. Its growth mirrors in the population increase. However, the population increase is not the only one. In fact, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The added population has led to the increase of new businesses and jobs, education, and accommodation. According to best movers Staten Island, the most popular neighborhoods are New Dorp, Todt Hill, and Livingston.

Professional movers
Move to any NYC neighborhood with Best Movers NYC and have a stress-free relocation,

Choose a neighborhood and find the best movers NYC has to offer

Whichever neighborhood in New York City you choose, your dream will come true. The fastest growing neighborhoods in NYC are waiting for you. You can choose from many different neighborhoods with a wide range of life and work opportunities. And, to fully enjoy your relocation, choose your movers smartly. Best Movers NYC has got a database of the best movers in NYC. You just need to choose a borough, and we will match you with a company that meets your requirements. Contact us today and get your moving quote. Have a safe, smooth, and stress-free relocation.

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