Moving Industry Pricing Standards

Whenever we are planning on relocating to a new apartment or state, the first thing that comes to our mind is money. How much will it cost to move from one place to another? Of course, this is something important that everyone needs to consider according to their abilities. For some people, having movers in their homes and doing everything for them is quite reasonable. For some might not be a good idea since they have to put aside a certain amount of money. But how we do prepare for this? Moving companies will provide you an estimate for your relocation, but they could forget to mention additional fees. Always make sure that your relocation is led by someone who knows how to do it properly. What you need to learn is the moving industry pricing standards before hiring a mover. You can inform yourself more through reliable moving companies staff, such as ours at Best Movers NYC. Let us help you upgrade what it means to get a great service for the right amount of money!

Why should you hire movers in the first place?

You might be wondering why should you ever hire movers when you can do everything by yourself. There are people that prefer to do everything on their own, but sometimes it can be a bad idea. You can get hurt, something can get damaged or lost in the process. If you hire professional movers and you get insurance, you are not really losing anything. If you choose to entrust all your belongings to residential movers in NYC, you can be sure that everything will go as smoothly as you want it to. Moving professionals are trained and experienced with these things, and you need to be sure it is worth the money. Hiring professional movers should mean that your belongings are completely safe and that they will finish the relocation process without any delays or issues. Around 650 000 people use professional movers, while 1.3 million people do not even use trucks when doing DIY moves, often ending up with damaged goods.

A family loading items in the moving truck
Hiring professional moving companies is a great idea if you want to relocate long-distance.

Can you know in advance how much will your relocation cost?

When it comes to finances, you can pretty much know in advance how much money do you need for your relocation. Any of the moving companies NYC has will offer you a free estimate of the costs. This is important and you will know whether you really want to use this option or go DIY. Moving industry pricing standards are pretty straightforward and transparent when it comes to prices. It is quite simple and you will need to provide them with useful information about your relocation. Such as: the place you are moving from and to, the size of your home, your moving date, number of rooms, etc.

Additionally, adding different services will affect the price. Such as: parking services, storing services, and insurance. On average, you can expect to pay at least $1,000 and the average cost of a local relocation is around $1,250. When it comes to an average long-distance relocation, feel free to put aside around $4,900 as it was in 2021.

Full-service relocation price is 20% more expensive than a DIY move

If your decision is to hire one of the residential movers in the Bronx for a full-service relocation, have in mind that it will be 10-20% more expensive than a DIY move. Full-service moving companies often charge by weight and number of things you will have to transport. According to last year’s statistics, if you are moving from NYC to Washington DC, and you have a two-bedroom apartment, your weight will be around 3000 lbs. The average rate will start from $0.60/lbs, meaning that you will have to pay around $1800 in the very beginning. Add to this rate the workers who will take $400 and additional fees that might occur. Depending on the interstate relocations or local ones, the changes in prices will vary.

A woman counting money for relocation according to the moving industry pricing standards
Moving industry pricing standards are changing and depend on various factors.

Packing for your relocation may cost you the same as moving

Packing your home for a relocation can be energy and time-consuming. Most people will leave this to one of the best movers Brooklyn has and entrust them with their belongings. As far as the moving industry pricing standards go, you should know that the cost to pack one home will range from around $300 to $25000. Packing services include packing material and the actual process of packing and unpacking boxes. If you are wondering how much it will cost you, let us give you a rough estimate according to the 2021 statistics:

  • Packing rates by home size: 1 bedroom apartment ($400), 2 bedroom home ($720), and 3 bedrooms ($1500);
  • Packing rates by the hour: 400 – 1200 square feet home will take 2-5 hours to pack leading to $100-$600 in total;
  • Unpacking costs are around $100 to $1400 depending on the type of your belongings.

Tipping movers is standard practice nowadays

We all know that tipping is important, but how much do you actually need to tip movers? When it comes to local relocations, you should try to tip them around 10-15% of the total relocation cost. If they charge by the hour, that would mean $5 per hour. When calculated, it is not a huge expense and it will definitely mean a lot to the team of the best Queens movers. For example, if your total relocation cost is around $1000, you might want to top them around $50 and $1000 and divide it between the team of workers. Tipping the movers is definitely not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. You can also add $10 to each mover at the beginning of the relocation and then after they have completed the job.

A man moving boxes with his belongings
A lot of professional movers will charge you for the packing material as well as the packing service.

Vehicle-shipping services can vary

If you need to transport your vehicle like your car from one state to another, it is quite simple. There are many methods present, but most people op for a semi-truck that can haul up to nine cars at a time. Most Staten Island movers charge car hauling based on the distance. It may cost you from $2 per mile for distances that are less than 200 miles. For journeys that are over 1,500 miles, the prices drop to $0.58 per mile. If your vehicle is new or you simply want additional protection, you can choose to shop it in an enclosed carrier. However, it will cost you around 40% more than the open one. Another crucial factor is the size of your vehicle. Larger ones will take up more space than smaller ones and it will affect the overall rate. For example, in 2020, the cost for transporting a Honda Civic was $1,280 on average while for GMC Yukon it was around $1,700.

Moving furniture with professionals will cost you between $200-$700

If you need to move, assemble, or disassemble large pieces of furniture, you will probably need help. Hiring a mover from the Manhattan moving companies is always a great idea. The rate of furniture assembly goes from $40 to $500 per item or around $40-$70 per hour. Most of these services require at least an hour of fee, and even more depending on the number of furniture and their size. Allow us to give you a more clean picture since many people will opt for this service: 

  • Outdoor furniture: $40-170$ in total;
  • Kitchen furniture as well as the living room: $40-$400;
  • The bedroom will cost you $80-$400;
A car on the road
Shipping your car to another city or state will cost you depending on the type of car and size.

Moving insurance comes in three different options

If you are planning on moving from NYC to LA, then you should look into moving insurance. The first option that will probably cost you the most is the full value protection service. This means that if movers lose, damage, or break something of yours, you will be covered with insurance. Full value protection service will cost you %1 of the total estimated value of your belongings. On the other hand, released value protection means that the movers are responsible for no more than $0.70 per pound per item.  So if your table is worth $1,000 and it weighs around 50 pounds, and it gets damaged, the movers will pay you around $35 which is much less than you paid for it. Additionally, the third-party moving insurance will range from 1-5% of your shipment’s overall value. It will cover situations such as natural disasters, mold, insects, or mechanical accidents. if you want to protect your belongings fully, check out these options with your local mover.

How much do different moves cost?

Local move within 50 miles from your home

If your decision is to move to another neighborhood nearby within 50 miles, let’s how much it will cost you with your local Manhattan mover. Be prepared to pay from $80 to $200 per hour, meaning that a one-bedroom house will cost you $300 to move nearby. If your home is larger, then you will have to spend around $1,000 to $1,250 to have your belongings loaded and transported to your new address. Of course, you can always do it on your own since it is quite close and rent a truck or a van. This professional moving option will definitely save you time.

A house in a neighborhood
Moving locally is the cheapest option and also offers you chances to do some things on your own.

Interstate relocation cost depends on mileage

If you are planning on moving to another state, start saving money right away. You will be likely to spend from $2,000 to $8,000 for such relocation. Every relocation is different and depending on the mileage and weight of your belongings, the costs may vary. Comparing it with the local move, labor for long-distance relocations is higher, around $100 per hour. If you have belongings that are considered specialty items, mention that to the interstate movers in New York of your choosing. If it’s for example a swing, a piano, or antiques, your costs will go higher.

International relocation needs to be planned in advance

If you decided to start fresh and move to another country outside of the USA, be prepared for higher costs. It will cost you from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the distance. Here you will have additional costs that will affect the overall estimate. These can be visa costs, legal fees, and importing certain items to another country. The cheapest option here would be to store some of your possessions and ship them gradually until you settle down in your new home.

A van on the road
If you want to reduce relocation costs, consider moving some of the items on your own.

How to save money during your relocation?

Comparing all these prices that we mentioned, it is certain that you will have to put aside a certain amount of money. The question is: what can you do to reduce the costs and save some money? There are actually a few things that you can do, including:

  • self-packing,
  • booking your moving date months in advance,
  • getting rid of unnecessary items and decluttering,
  • choosing the right professional moving company that will fit your needs.

Hidden relocation costs that need to be taken into consideration

Moving industry pricing standards often change, and we are trying to present you with all the important aspects of it. That is why we need to mention all the hidden costs that relocations carry with them. It is not a secret that moving can drain your budget faster than anything. That is why you need to be prepared for all unpredictable situations that may occur. You will be disappointed to know that if your building doesn’t have an elevator, it will cost you around $75. Additionally, if your building doesn’t have a parking lot and the van is parked further, it will cost you extra. Movers will charge you between $90 to $120 for every 70 feet from the truck to your apartment door. If your movers need to stop to collect something from your office, another home, or family, they will charge you for this. The usual price for making an extra stop is $75. There are plenty more to consider, so make sure you add this to your plan when deciding to move. Being prepared and organized will save you money and help you out in your journey.


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