How to Get an Apartment in NY Without Credit

You will most likely require a good credit score for any property acquisition in New York City. No matter if it’s a smaller 1-bedroom apartment or something more significant, your credit reports will be pulled out and checked. If you’re without credit right now, you’re most likely a fresh graduate or someone who hasn’t even bought the property. That also applies to foreign nationals, even Canadians. That’s why it is hard to get an apartment in NY without credit for you. However, there are some solutions to this problem. The number one thing is: finding a guarantor. That is going to be your best bet after hiring local movers NYC has to get you into the city. By having someone to vouch for you, you’re going to be able to buy the property you wish.

Finding a guarantor is the best way to get an apartment in NY without credit

A guarantor can be anyone you know with good credit and a salary that can vouch for you. Most likely that is going to be a family member, a friend, or someone you know. The most common and usual criterion the landlord is going to ask from your guarantor is to have a salary that’s 80 times bigger than your monthly rent. You may soon understand that not a lot of people are going to be able to guarantee you that much money. However, that is still your best option if you want an apartment in NYC.

A nice-looking apartment, for which you'd need a good credit score to get, especially in NY.
The best way to get an apartment in NY without credit is to find a guarantor.

If you fail to pay your monthly rent, that will show on your guarantor’s credit score. That means you’ll be extra careful when getting someone to vouch for you. In order to save money for rent, be sure to hire a company such as Best Movers NYC which can give you the best moving companies. You’re going to be able to save money that way, something you need to do to be able to pay your monthly rent.

Moreover, any mistake you make regarding your monthly payments will make your guarantor look bad on their credit scores. One reason why getting a guarantor works is that they promise they’d be able to pay your monthly rent if you won’t be able to. That’s why landlords want to know how much they earn.

Other options you might want to explore

If finding a guarantor proves too hard, there is something else you can try. That means you can hire a third-party guarantor company. You’ll pay them monthly, and they’ll act as a guarantor for you for all purposes in front of your landlord. That’s a good option if you don’t have any credit yet, but need to get a place to stay in NYC. However, ensure that your landlord is up with you engaging in such programs and see if a particular one you want to use is alright with them. Some landlords prefer specific third-party guarantors, so ask before considering anyone’s services. Other than hiring a guarantor or a third-party one, there’s not much you can do.

A hand signing a contract, as the second best way to get an apartment in NY without credit is to get a third party guarantor.
Finding a third-party guarantor is your next best bet.

Alternatives you can try while waiting for a guaranto.r

While waiting to find someone who can vouch for you or get your third-party guarantor approval, there are some things you can try. If you have any family or friends in NYC, see if you can get a room in their apartment. Alternatively, you can try looking for such arrangements online. You’ll probably be able to find something if you look hard enough. Perhaps one of the residential movers NYC has that you hired will be able to give you some tips since they’ve relocated many people already. The bottom line is that you will need to ask around and find as much information as possible.

What you could’ve done to prepare in advance

Moving to NYC is a big life decision. As such, you should’ve planned ahead that you’re going to move into New York City. If you’re in that position right now, use the time to build your credit as much as possible. There are a lot of guides online to help you make your credit. If you dream of living in the Big Apple, start preparing early. Not only will your credit score help you with this, but also in the future. Anything you buy that’s remotely expensive will need a good backup from your score. So, make sure you’ve got it as high as possible.

A businessman giving a contract to a woman to have it signed.
If you’re planning to move to NY, start preparing by building up your credit score.

This will be especially crucial if you’re planning to relocate your business to NYC on top of finding an apartment. You’re going to need a way better credit score when looking to rent some business space for your company. In such situations, by the way, it’s best to hire commercial movers NYC has to get through all the paperwork and hard work for you.

The bottom line on NYC and getting an apartment without credit

The honest answer to whether or not it’s possible to get an apartment in NY without credit is: perhaps, but it’s tough. That’s why it’s best to start planning and building up your credit score. If that’s not an option, consider finding a third-party guarantor to help you through the whole process. In any case, it will be hard, and it will probably cost a lot of money. NYC is already abnormally expensive, and getting a third-party guarantor will be pricey. Preparing in advance and saving money will be a great idea. If you can’t do that, you should explore other options mentioned above. Alternatively, you can even find another city that’s going to be a better fit.

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