Best Neighborhoods To Live In Staten Island

.So you’re moving to Staten Island soon? How wonderful! Not only is Staten Island a waterfront haven, but it’s also located just below the heart of New York. That means that Staten Island offers the typical lively New York lifestyle and, at the same time, has some benefits of a peaceful coastal city. That said, moving can be tiring and tedious wherever you’re moving. So it’s natural that you wouldn’t want to spend hours on end organizing the move when there’s just so much more to figure out, like what the best neighborhoods to live in Staten Island are. Luckily for you, plenty of expert movers are available in New York. Best Movers NYC is a source of tried and tested movers that New Yorkers love and recommend. All you have to do is hire professionals, sit back, relax, and research!

A neighborhood in Staten Island – the wants and the needs

When moving to a new place, you can’t solely think about how lovely a particular neighborhood is. You also have to make sure it fits your lifestyle and your pocket. That said, there are also plenty of other things that make up a neighborhood that you should be wary of or, on the contrary, look for when selecting your new neighborhood. The list can vary from person to person. However, there is a standard set of traits and facilities a neighborhood should have to be considered a good and practical neighborhood. These traits and facilities include, but are not limited to:

  • A grocery store
  • A gas station for car owners
  • A gym for all avid gym members
  • Restaurants, preferably ones you enjoy
  • A pharmacy
  • Elementary, middle, and high school for those with kids
  • A park for those who enjoy nature
  • Expert movers, including commercial, residential, long-distance, and local movers Staten Island prides itself in

This list, though, doesn’t end there. For most people, it’s also important that the neighborhood is connected to the city center and easily accessible. That’s especially the case for people without cars. Not to mention a good reputation, low crime rates, and a friendly community. Still, it’s important to note that not everybody has the exact wants and needs regarding neighborhoods.

A streetview of one of the Best Neighborhoods To Live In Staten Island.
When choosing where to move, it’s not only about the best neighborhoods to live in in Staten Island but also about which is the right fit for you!

How to pick something that works for you

It’s a good idea to list things you want your new neighborhood to have. For example, research local school rankings both on state and national levels. This will give you an excellent metric to decide what kind of neighborhood is the best for your children. You can use the same system for several other things, such as the number of local gyms, their prices, and so on. If you’re on a budget, seek out neighborhoods that aren’t known for high crime rates. That’s because often the cheapest options are also the most dangerous ones – so you need to seek a delicate balance. Reading crime statistics can help you decide in this particular case.

A group of friends spending time together in Staten Island.
Finding a great neighborhood in Staten Island often involves research and asking around.

As can be seen, Staten Island is a diverse borough, and you can find everything there. From multi-million houses to small, packed apartments. That’s why hiring local movers NYC offers is a good idea. The Big Apple can be difficult to navigate, and having local experts will be a huge advantage when it comes to finding a great apartment and relocating there. Simply put, they can offer you advice no other kind of movers can. This can also be said if you have friends or family who can offer tips. Nothing beats first-hand experience, so use this to your advantage when picking the best neighborhood in Staten Island.

Best neighborhoods to live in Staten Island

Moving to a new place can be stressful. Therefore, choosing a home you’ll be pleased to move to is essential. Whether you’re moving from Brooklyn to Staten Island or from Los Angeles to East Coast, it’s necessary to do research beforehand. As mentioned before, the neighborhood’s quality depends on many factors. While you can find a list of factors to consider online, it’s also best to come up with your own. Everyone is different and has their preferences and needs. No one can pinpoint what you are going to need exactly. At the same time, you may think that moving is all about packing, hiring companies, and so on – it’s actually about planning. So: sit down and research! Write down the list of things you want to have nearby and hunt for the best fit.

Top neighborhoods to live in Staten Island with children

As a parent, it’s only natural to want the best for your children. That, when moving, translates to looking for safe neighborhoods  and offering options in the domains of education. Fortunately, some areas provide just that for those looking to move to Staten Island. If you can’t decide on a single one, try seeking out personal reviews and experiences of other parents who relocated to Staten Island. If that doesn’t work out, having a trip to NYC to look around the neighborhoods is also a good idea. While that might cost you some extra money, no kind of internet research cannot beat first-hand experience by yourself. Think of it as investing in your and your children’s future. A pro tip when looking for schools is to check the districts’ ranking against various metrics.

Parents helping their daughter learn to ride a bike.
Peaceful neighborhoods are the best choice for families with children!

Huguenot, Eltingville, and Great Kills are some of the best options for a good neighborhood in Staten Island

Huguenot, Eltingville, and Great Kills are located on the very coast of New York. That being the case, they are an excellent option for families with kids that enjoy family time in nature, particularly on the beach. However, Huguenot, Eltingville, and Great Kills offer more than just sandy beaches. They are also considered some of the safest neighborhoods in Staten Island. Not only that but some top-tier schools are also located within these neighborhoods, which is perhaps one of the biggest priorities when choosing an area to move to with kids. These neighborhoods also cover all grounds regarding grocery stores, gas stations, gyms, pharmacies, and many other needs and want a community should have.

Apart from the above mentioned, these neighborhoods are pretty diverse, which means there’s an already established respect towards all sorts of individuals. Another thing to say that might be important to some is traffic. You could argue that it’s traffic jams if New York is famous for something. That being the case, it’s understandable how some would want to move to a neighborhood with lighter traffic—especially families with kids. Huguenot, Eltingville, and Great Kills are the perfect option for an area with less traffic. By living in one of these neighborhoods, not only will you be less likely to arrive late to work, but your kids will grow up with fresher air.

How expensive is it to live there, and what kind of qualities do these neighborhoods have

That said, Huguenot, Eltingville, and Great Kills are definitely on the pricier side when it comes to real estate. More expensive than roughly 60% of Staten Island puts these neighborhoods on the higher end of average costs. Still, sometimes what you pay is what you get is accurate, and you’ll get your money’s worth by moving to one of these lovely and child-friendly neighborhoods. Generally speaking, here are the average salaries and house prices you’re going to get in Huguenot, Eltingville, and Great Kills:

  • Huguenot. The average household income in this neighborhood is around $107.000. You’re going to agree those are great numbers. When looking at Realtor, houses, and apartments currently range from 350k to even above 3 million dollars. The one that costs around $350,000 has two bedrooms, and its size is around 1000 sqft. That’s not too bad!
  • Eltingville. People’s average household income is around $118k. That’s even higher than Huguenot, so keep that in mind. Regarding housing options, the median sale price is about $650,000. That’s an excellent offer, and what’s interesting is that there wasn’t a spike in house prices. Usually, prices jump constantly in NYC – but Eltingville prices have stayed at similar levels in the last three years.
  • Great Kills‘ average household income is a staggering $121,000! That’s over fifty thousand over the US average! Pretty neat, and the RedFin has Great Kill’s median sale price for housing market trends at around $668,000. You will notice that property prices in these three neighborhoods are similar, while this one has the highest household incomes on average. That’s what makes them all some of the best neighborhoods to live in Staten Island.

The best Staten Island has to offer to individuals looking for a busy life and business opportunities

Many people move to New York for an exciting life and opportunities. For those people, quiet, family-oriented areas might not be the best choice. Luckily, Staten Island also offers neighborhoods that have that all-too-well-known New York-y feel. On the other hand, there are also plenty of Staten Island neighborhoods here that can fit any category you imagine. Because of such immense diversity and opportunities, it’s best to do lots of research before settling on anything. Even if you think that, for example, Great Kills is your dream-come-true option, you should still research further! There is probably something better around the corner, and you never really know with NYC. The most unsurprising places might surprise you and win your heart. You can also consider what neighborhood qualities are must-haves and which ones you are happy to have, but not necessarily. That should help you make the final choice.

A streetview of a busy New York street.
Busy neighborhoods are the perfect choice for people looking for excitement and opportunities!

New Dorp is for those of you who want to live a crazy, fast life in Staten Island

Busy people rushing? Check! European neighbors? Check! Oriental fusion restaurant just around the corner, pedestrian zone, and exciting nightlife? Check, check, and check! And these are just some of the attractive qualities a hip person looking for excitement and opportunities might enjoy that New Dorp offers. Being situated in the heart of Staten Island, it’s naturally filled with people. This is great for all those looking to meet people and network. Because of that, New Dorp is the place to be if you wish to work or socialize. You’re going to meet a bunch of new people, explore different cultures and have a great time all together. This will feel like heaven on Earth for you if you’re an extrovert.

That said, no matter how dope New Dorp is, it might not be the best fit for those looking to settle down and lead a laid-back, quiet life. Another thing that might be problematic is traffic. Same as the rest of New York, traffic can get pretty crowded. Not only that, but parking too can be a problem for all those without driveways or garages. That said, this neighborhood is well connected to the rest of the city, making it well-suitable for other means of transportation. That means you can get to live in New Dorp while working elsewhere. Many people will choose neighborhoods with more affordable housing options while working elsewhere.

If a crazy life is not something you’re looking for, try St. George

If you’re looking for a diverse area with great-looking architecture, look no further. The site has bakeries, restaurants, and convenience stores that cater to various ethnic groups, from Thai to Italian – making it one of the best neighborhoods to live in Staten Island. You’ll have lots of businesses and lots of opportunities for walking. If you’re not a fan of NYC’s traffic jams (like anyone is, duh!), you’ll love it here. This place is known for its easy access to public transportation, and your daily commute will feel like a breeze.

Moreover, if you’re planning to work in Manhattan, the free ferry is next to St. George. Want to live in Staten Island but work in Manhattan? This is probably your best bet and a chance you shouldn’t miss!

On the wrong side, the crime rate in St. George is a bit higher than usual. You’ll want to keep that in mind when considering whether or not to move to this particular place. According to data from the Furman Center, in 2019, most households in St. George earned around $100,000 – $250,000. That should give you a general idea of what kind of people live in this neighborhood and what money they make. If you’re looking for commercial movers Staten Island, this is a good option. Be aware, however, that you will likely make a lot of money in NYC, too. Even though the Big Apple is expensive, their salaries also reflect that reality. So, don’t worry too much if you think those are big numbers.

Want some nature and good scenery while living in NYC? Choose Todt Hill

Okay, you’re seriously going to love this one. It’s on the highest natural point in all five of NYC’s boroughs. The scenery of the city and the ocean from up there is fantastic; everyone needs to see it. Even if you don’t choose this neighborhood to live in, you should consider visiting it. It has many parks and nature, thanks to Staten Island Greenbelt. Don’t worry, though! Plenty of the neighborhood is also commercialized, with a good local economy and plenty of work opportunities. This one could be the best option for families looking for a quiet area in NYC! On the other side, it’s almost one of the most expensive places to buy property in NYC.

A group of friends spending time together in Todt Hill, one of the best neighborhoods Staten Island offers.
If you love nature, Todt Hill will be heaven on Earth for you and your family.

The average household income is around $101,000, which is in line with much of the other neighborhoods this list covers. When talking about average housing prices, RedFin lists it at about a million dollars. That’s also quite a jump from other areas we’ve covered on this list, so keep that in mind. While it is a lot of money, you’ll also get your money’s worth. There are not a lot of places in NYC that have the qualities of Todt Hill, and the prices reflect that. That’s why it’s considered one of the best residential neighborhoods in Staten Island. There are around 11,000 residents living in the neighborhood, and its demographics are made of primarily non-Hispanic whites. That can be a downside, especially if you’re looking for a diverse and culturally rich place for your family. Nevertheless, it’s usually considered one of the most affluent parts of New York City.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, check out West New Brighton

This is a neighborhood that’s very popular with the middle class. It’s so popular that its population density is twice as much as Staten Island’s average. You can imagine how many people that is! Precisely 33,551 people live there, according to the US Census from 2010. You will also find a lot of older architecture, with many of the apartment buildings dating back to the 1900s. If a touch of history and affordability attracts you – seek no further than West New Brighton. The place is also popular with its local zoo and two large parks for those who want to explore nature while being in a multi-million city. That’s quite something!

The median income for the neighborhood’s residents stands at around $74,000. Be aware that most other money-related numbers in this guide were regarding the average household incomes. In any case, that’s a pretty good offer considering the housing options in this part of the city. RedFin lists West’s new Brighton at around $666,000, similar to other options in this list. The median rent stands at about $2,400. When talking about NYC, that can be a great option, especially if more than one person is working in your family. Thanks to its dense population, you will have easy access to plenty of local businesses you can use.

Choose with your head but ask your heart too when looking for the best neighborhoods to live in Staten Island

When choosing the best neighborhoods to live in Staten Island, it’s all about personal preferences. Staten Island movers might be able to do the moving tasks for you, but no one else can decide the perfect neighborhood for you. Your best bet is to do thorough research beforehand or visit if possible. That said, choosing where to move is a very personal thing that will determine your next turn. And for that reason, choose your Staten Island neighborhood with care. It’d be great if you could spend some time developing a table with a set of criteria. If a particular area fits a specific category, tick that off. This way, you will end up with a place that best fits your needs.

A girl seen doing some online research regarding best neighborhoods in Staten Island to relocate to.
Research, research, and research – it can’t be stressed enough how important this is when looking to relocate to NYC.

Speaking of which, don’t let all the data and numbers force you into a decision. You need to think and listen to your heart, as well. That means you shouldn’t choose a specific neighborhood just because the numbers support your decision. Instead, go check it out yourself! Does it feel nice? Are the people friendly? Does it seem like a place you want to spend ten years in? Sometimes we make the best choices when we listen to our hearts, and that’s our advice! NYC is all about dreams, the American dream – working hard and succeeding. You won’t thrive in Staten Island unless you’re one of those dreamers – so become one!

Conclusion – finding the best neighborhood to live in Staten Island

The list above has many great options, from those affordable to those where you need a couple of million to afford a place. Indeed, Staten Island has something to offer for all kinds of people, regardless of ethnicity or background. That’s why many people find their homes right there, in one of its great neighborhoods. Of course, choosing one will be challenging, and the process will take some time. But that’s completely normal. Residential movers Staten Island offers are one of the busiest in the country – and for good reasons. It’s the fastest-growing borough in the entire city, and that makes you think, why is that? It’s because of the great, diverse options it offers all people seeking to continue their life in the Big Apple.

And you’re already well on your way to experiencing how life in Staten Island is. So the last piece of advice is to find a neighborhood that will make you want to stay for a decade. See how your life will be there and what kind of school your kid will attend. Check the numbers, but also check if it personally suits you. Some parts of the city are known to be louder than others, for example. Keeping all of this in mind will allow you to explore the best neighborhoods to live in Staten Island and find the best one for yourself.


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