Living in Gramercy: Things to know

A great thing about living in Gramercy is that Gramercy Park is both a park and a neighborhood. Gramercy Park is an exclusive area for many of New York’s richest residents for more than one century. Access to the park is limited so not everyone can enter it. It is limited to people living in the surrounding buildings, as well as hotel guests, most members of nearby clubs, and certain religious institutions. The park opens its doors to the rest of the world only once a year and it’s on Christmas Eve.

There is a certain small-town charm to the Gramercy Park neighborhood; There are unique shops everywhere and you will easily find cozy restaurants. They can be found throughout the entire enclave. Gramercy Park is a peaceful oasis. Writers, celebrities, businessmen, artists, and those looking to escape the hustle and crowd of Midtown love to visit this place.

Learn where in NYC is it located before living in Gramercy

So, before you move with Best Movers NYC and start living in Gramercy you should know its precise location. It will help you develop a sense of where you are and you will be able to successfully commute without any disruptions. This neighborhood is located in Downtown Manhattan, somewhere between Flatiron, the famous Kips Bay, and the East Village.

  • Here are the boundaries from East to West: It’s from the East River all the way to Park Avenue
  • Here are the boundaries from North to South: It starts with East 23rd Street and goes all the way to East 14th Street
  • If you opt for the subway, you can get there with 4, 5, 6, N, Q
  • Ticket Out of the City: The FDR Drive; Grand Central Station
New York from a view from Hudson river.
Living in Gramercy is totally different than the rest of New York and it’s much more exclusive.

What interesting stuff is there to do in Gramercy park?

Gramercy Park is often referred to as New York City’s most low-key neighborhood. That’s because living in Gramercy offers no tourist attractions. There are no noisy nightclubs, big crowds, or tour buses you often see in other parts of New York City. If you are a person who likes living at a faster pace, Chelsea, Flatiron, and Midtown are all either really close or easily accessible by subway. Gramercy Park East is famous for its architecture which is unique in its historical value. It includes some of the city’s oldest apartment buildings. Not to mention the first elevator-accessed building, which is a special attraction to tourists who want to learn more about American history. So basically, once your movers in Gramercy relocate you, you will get a chance to really taste the history of the place. It’s something unique for this place.

There is always something interesting to see when you are living in Gramercy park

Homes in the famous streets around Gramercy Park don’t become available often. The most coveted addresses where you can be relocated to with local movers in Manhattan are all next to the green area of the park itself. There are some luxury real estate options in the neighborhood as well and they include the famous Irving Place which consists of 6 blocks, the sophisticated white-glove buildings along Park Avenue, and some other, new buildings around Third Avenue.

Beautiful old building
Gramercy is known for its old and very interesting architecture.

Some of the more important facts about living in Gramercy

Gramercy Park is a well-known neighborhood in New York City with a population of around 22,000. Gramercy is inside New York County and is considered to be one of the best places to live in New York. Living in Gramercy offers a dense urban feel to those who live there and most of its residents rent homes instead of owning them. What’s interesting about the value of the homes is that it’s more than double the median home value and it’s somewhere around $950,000. So, it’s also a great investment.
You will find a lot of fancy bars in Gramercy, as well as restaurants, a big number of coffee shops, and an abundance of very well-kept parks. Many young entrepreneurs and professionals found an ideal place to further develop their careers and businesses in Gramercy. Residents are mostly liberal or apolitical so you will have no problem if you are in some way more diverse than average. All people are accepted as equal.
The public schools in Gramercy are also considered above average. That is really important if you wish to move there with a family or intend to start a new one. The education is really well organized in Gramercy.

Living in Gramercy means living in a safe environment

When you want to live a life in a nice neighborhood it means you want to live a safe life. So, before people move to a new place they want to make sure they are moving into a safe area. For example, you don’t want to move somewhere with a lot of robberies.

Over the last three months, this neighborhood averaged 3.6 violent crimes. It also scored below 5.1 property crimes in a week. This week’s rate of 1.8 crimes per 10,000 people is lower than in surrounding neighborhoods. Gramercy Park is a really safe neighborhood that provides a really nice atmosphere to people living in it.
A lot of people in a park in front of One World Trade Center.
There are many nice parks in NY, but the one in Gramercy is especially beautiful.

The cost of living is a downside

It’s a neighborhood that doesn’t allow people who don’t have enough to pay for its perks. Gramercy Park is famous for its stylish townhouses and the big and elite privately owned park. This tranquil, cute neighborhood’s cost of rent is definitely far from cheap. For a studio, you would have to prepare to pay at least $2,500 a month. A one-bedroom apartment will cost you at least $3,700 and if you want a 2 bedroom apartment you should prepare to pay a minimum of $5,200. You will see a lot of celebrities on the streets of Gramercy Park and that’s another of its interesting perks.
You should really take everything into consideration before you opt for moving with some of the best residential movers NYC has to offer and start living in Gramercy Park. If you are willing to pay the hefty price of living in an elite neighborhood you will definitely enjoy the perks. However, if you find it to be too expensive, you can always opt for another place. It is up to you.

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