Cheap Queens Neighborhoods for Renters

Living in New York depends a lot on many factors. Besides a stable source of income, your neighborhood choice will significantly influence the quality of your life. Although it seems simple, choosing an ideal neighborhood for you takes time. Therefore, take a look at this guide and learn more about cheap Queens neighborhoods for renters. You will get a better idea of how to make the best choice! Also, contact Best Movers NYC to help you out with your move.

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Cheap Queens neighborhoods for renters also promise vibrant and quality life.

Know your preferences before you start searching for affordable Queens neighborhoods

It’s important to know what matters to you personally in a neighborhood before you move to Queens. Also, make sure to think long-term when looking for a perfect neighborhood in Queens. For example, consider a temporary apartment if you plan to buy a house someday. On the other hand,  focus on larger apartments if you plan to expand your family and rent for longer periods. In addition, these factors will influence your choice as well:

  • Proximity to gyms, sports courts, and parks if you’re more of an outdoor person. Plus, it would be nice if a neighborhood is perfect for walks around the block.
  • Local restaurants and coffee shops in case you like spending time there after work, for instance.
  • Museums, movies, and theatres are nearby if you prefer such entertainment.
  • Big shopping centers and grocery stores that aren’t so far away.
  • The excellent public transportation system.
  • If you own a car and need a parking space, consider the neighborhoods with on-site parking.
  • School districts with good reputations.

Hire reliable movers to help you with relocation to the desired neighborhood in Queens

You will need a team of moving professionals to help you move after you pick the best neighborhood for yourself. You only start fresh if your moving day goes as smoothly as possible! Some of the best movers in Queens offer cost-effective services and care about their customers. Most importantly, they are licensed and fully registered. Moving is not a joke and thus make sure to entrust it only to credible movers. Therefore, don’t rush and carefully research each company you consider hiring.

A woman deciding between Cheap Queens Neighborhoods for Renters
Take your time to make the best decision.

Consider additional services when relocating

Packing and storage services come in handy no matter if you’re moving from another city or neighborhood. You will have to store your belongings somewhere until your move is over. Inquire about local movers in Queens that offer affordable storage options. Safety and convenience are one of the benefits of additional moving services. Your belongings will remain in one piece and you won’t have to spend extra money on additional repairs.

Some of the most affordable Queens neighborhoods for renters are much safer than the rest of NYC

Many consider a crime rate when looking for their ideal neighborhood, and for a good reason. However, you should keep in mind that living in big cities such as NYC is chaotic and unpredictable. On the other hand, the recent NYC crime map reports the lowest crime occurrences in Queens. In addition, neighbors in Queens are known as helpful and welcoming. Also, the sense of community is quite strong.

a girl with running shoes
Safety and proximity to parks and running trails are some of the reasons people decide which neighborhood is good for them.

The quality of life is also much better in affordable Queens neighborhoods for renters

You can have the best of both worlds in Queens. At the same time, you can enjoy much more affordable living costs, as well as low crime rate. Moreover, Queens neighborhoods offer so many possibilities to their residents. Currently, these neighborhoods are quite popular among renters:

  • Ridgewood
  • Rego Park
  • Forest Hills
  • Briarwood


Ridgewood’s historic district currently has 40 blocks and includes around 990 buildings. Stone rowhouses with stoops are also present. Many small stores and diverse restaurants are lined up in this neighborhood. They include cuisines from all over the world and add up to the multi-cultural character of Ridgewood. Rental buildings and multi-family homes are popular choices for renters. However, there’s a lack of green spaces. On the other hand, this might change in the future due to the fast developmental process of the neighborhood. Ridgewood is considered fairly new. Estimated in 2016, it attracts many who decide to seek new opportunities in NYC.

Rego Park

This Queens neighborhood is famous for cheap housing and proximity to many shopping centers. At first glance it may seem like the neighborhood is dominated by large shopping buildings. However, Rego Park has so much more to offer to its residents. For instance, Rego Park includes plenty of new apartment buildings for different tastes. Also, there’s  The Crescents – a historic area named for the shape of its streets. Green spaces are not too far away from Rego Park. Its proximity to large parks such as Flushing Meadows and Forest Park is one of the reasons people come to live in Rego Park. Plus, community centers and diverse restaurant chains make this neighborhood desirable. People are also warm and helpful.

Forest Hills

One of the cheap neighborhoods in Queens is also home to many celebrities. From musicians to designers, many artists find something inspiring in Forest Hills. The area is divided by Queens Boulevard. The north side is occupied with apartment complexes, while the south includes multimillion-dollar homes. The neighborhood also has everything you need: stores, pharmacies, restaurant chains, and so on.


Briarwood has a suburban feel most newcomers seek in NYC. It’s one of the most popular cheap Queens neighborhoods for renters. Although bordered by both Grand Central Parkway and Van Wyck Expressway, this neighborhood is fairly quiet. This area is definitely the most affordable you can find in Queens. Large apartment complexes, most of them built in the 1950s occupy Briarwood. In addition, you can also find duplexes and stand-alone houses. For those who like morning jogs and walks, Briarwood features a couple of public parks: Hoover-Manton Playgrounds and Briarwood Playground.

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