Reasons to move to Queens

When thinking about moving to New York City, many people picture the glamorous life in Manhattan. However, New York is not just about Manhattan. There are many boroughs that are equally good to live in. One such borough is Queens. If you want to live near Manhattan but be far off its haste, then Queens is a great choice for you. Living in Queens gives you the same opportunities Manhattan has to offer, but at a lower price. So, if you decide to move to New York, you should definitely consider moving to Queens. There are numerous reasons why you should move to Queens. Read on to find out why Queens is the best choice for you and if you decide to move there, Best Movers NYC can help you make your relocation easier and stress-free.

Facts about Queens

Queens is the largest borough of New York City with a population of 2.5 million people. If Queens were to be a city, it would be the fourth biggest city in the U.S. alongside Los Angeles and Chicago. Queens is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse boroughs with almost 48 percent of the foreign residents. It was named after the English queen Catherine of Braganza. In Queens, two of New York City’s airports are located – LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport. Also, Queens is the home to beautiful landmarks. Its most famous symbol is Unisphere, a symbol located in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, representing every continent.

Five reasons to move to Queens

The reasons to move to Queens are endless. However, we singled out five main reasons why you should move here:

  1. Queens is Ideal for family life
  2. Queens offers affordable housing
  3. Wonderful neighborhoods
  4. Queens offers diversity in culture
  5. Many job opportunities
Family with a dog
Queens is perfect for family life

Queens is ideal for family life

Not only the largest borough, but Queens is one of the safest boroughs in New York City. This makes it a perfect place to settle down and lead a quiet life with your family. Compared to other boroughs such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, or the Bronx, Queens offers a lower living cost and more affordable housing with many residential options in different neighborhoods such as Astoria, Jamaica, Jackson Heights, and more. Thanks to the diverse population, high-quality public schools, Queens is the perfect place to raise children. Also, Queens is an excellent place for running your own business while raising your family, so it gives you the opportunity for a life-work balance. Queens is definitely a family-friendly and culturally diverse borough. If you want to move to Queens, hire the local movers in Queens, to help you with your relocation.

Affordable housing

You should know that living in Queens is more affordable than living in Manhattan or Brooklyn. The average apartment rent is about $2000 according to U.S. Census Bureau, while household income is about $65,000. This makes Queens a top choice for New Yorkers. Living in Queens, you don’t have to worry about rent and you can focus on family life instead. This is one of the main reasons to move to Queens.

Wonderful neighborhoods

Another reason to move to Queens is the choice of neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is famous for its unique style, architecture, and personality. Whichever neighborhood you choose, you will feel at home. Here are some neighborhoods you can choose for your home:

  • Astoria – this northern Queens neighborhood is famous for excellent restaurants and waterfront properties. It is perfect for both families and businessmen.
  • Jamaica – represents a safe and quiet neighborhood perfect for families.
  • Flushing – famous for a botanical garden and New York’s largest parks.
  • Jackson Heights – perfect for food lovers since it is the home to international cuisines
  • Corona – the neighborhood of multicultural heritage where you can try Cuban and Mexican cuisine.
Beautiful choice of neighborhoods is one of the reasons to move to Queens
Queens is the home to beautiful neighborhoods

Culture diversity

As we already mentioned, Queens is one of the largest boroughs in New York with a diverse population. It is considered to be the most ethnically diverse urban area around the world. Diversity is the word that best describes Queens. If you want to live in a place where you can experience diversity in culture, tradition, and language, then Queens is the perfect place for you and your family. In Queens, you can be what you truly are.

Queens offers many job opportunities

Being one of the biggest boroughs in NYC, Queens offers a variety of business opportunities. According to U.S. Census Bureau, employment in Queens increased in the past few years. There are many job opportunities in many different fields such as manufacturing, retail, transportation, education, management, administration, and many more. The most common occupations are in the fields of healthcare and retail. However, most of the Queens residents don’t work in Queens itself since Manhattan and Westchester are very accessible and offer a lot of job opportunities. Also, the subway system is very good which makes it easier for the residents to commute to work.

Fun reasons to move to Queens

If you want to experience nightlife or outdoor activities, then Queens is a perfect place for you. Also, if you are a food lover, you’ll find a lot of amazing restaurants where you can try New York’s best food. When it comes to outdoor activities, you can try surfing at Rockaway Beach. You can also make a barbecue in the BBQ areas as well as take your kids to playgrounds. You can visit Queens Museum, Queens Zoo, Queens Botanical Garden, and many other beautiful sites.

Professional movers
Hire a professional moving company to help you move to Queens

Do you have enough reasons to move to Queens? Contact us today and relocate with us

Reasons to move to Queens are endless from affordable housing to many job opportunities. So if you want to have a balance in your life, then Queens is the perfect place for you to settle down with your family. Enjoy the beautiful neighborhoods and cultural diversity. Contact us today and let us be a part of your relocation to this beautiful neighborhood. It would be our pleasure to assist you.


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