The most attractive neighborhoods for homebuyers in Staten Island

Staten Island is a city in New York. It has around 500000 people. Staten Island offers residents an urban-suburban mix vibe. Most residents own their homes. There are a lot of parks, restaurants and coffee shops. Many families and young professionals live here. Political views are liberal. The public schools are pretty awesome. Staten Island has great architecture and a very rich culture.  People tend to like Staten Island since it is just close enough to the city, but also far enough from the city. Therefore, if you are one of those people, feel free to hire Best Movers NYC so that they can help you in your moving process. However, since home-owning is more popular, we will discuss a bit later the most attractive neighborhoods for homebuyers in Staten Island.

Living in the city can bring you a great view

In order to choose the home of your dreams, you need to make a list of the most attractive neighborhoods for homebuyers in Staten Island first

Staten Island is a very appealing place to move to according to statistics. It’s the neighborhood with the second strongest middle-class presence. Roughly around 51 percent of residents are living in middle-class neighborhoods. It is almost the only place where the middle-class percentage has grown from the nineties. Also, Staten Island has been receiving a lot of investments and it is a great place for raising a family. So, do a little bit of research about the best residential movers in Staten Island if you made up your mind about moving. Now, let’s make a list of the top neighborhoods for homebuyers:

  • West New Brighton
  • Todt Hill
  • Huguenot
  • Great Kills
There are a couple of the most attractive neighborhoods for homebuyers in Staten Island

West New Brighton is one of the most attractive neighborhoods for homebuyers in Staten Island

West New Brighton is a relatively small neighborhood. However, its population density is big. Many middle-class families live in the neighborhood’s collection of apartment buildings and houses. The neighborhood has a certain antique charisma. The fun fact is that majority of the buildings were built before 1939. Crime rates have gone down significantly. What gives families the fun times in Staten Island is the Staten Island Zoo. The Zoo is a great place for children and families who want to spend their time in nature, with animals, yet still close to the city. If you need additional services after your move, don’t hesitate to contact some of the best local movers in Staten Island that can help you.

There are a lot of possibilities for homebuyers on Staten Island. Suburbs are awesome!

Todt Hill

Todt Hill is one of the most beautiful places in New York City. There we can see the lush vegetation and elegant mansions. A quiet atmosphere creates a refuge for affluent individuals in search of inner peace. If this description matches your wishes just go online and find some of the best Staten Island movers the most suitable for your needs. Todt Hill’s height enables spectacular views of the ocean. The area is suitable for raising a family. In addition, retirees will love the calmness and the nearby country club. The abundance and beauty of large homes make a really warm and welcoming place for the children in the neighborhood. However, there isn’t any community feeling. Therefore, if you want to be close with your neighbors, Todt Hill residents living in their own little paradises are not the right match for you.


Huguenot is a Staten Island neighborhood famous for modern family homes. It is not a business area and therefore, the traffic is light. It is on Staten Island’s south shore. Thus, gives residents easy access to beaches and the South Shore Country Club. So, if the Huguenot is your borough of choice, make sure to contact some of the best moving companies to help you in your moving process. If you want to feel like you live in a park, you can buy a home right on the golf course. The quiet and safe vibe makes it great for raising a family. As with many areas of New York City, finding a place to park is very difficult. However, public transportation is one of the best in the country.

Great Kills

It is great for families with kids. Besides being a place where your kids can make a lot of friends, Great Kills is also a place with a great public schooling system. Not much has changed since Joseph Plambeck wrote that “Many residents call Great Kills a town, not a neighborhood.” Adding to that cozy town atmosphere is Amboy Road.  Overthere you will find its multitude of restaurants, coffee shops, and common shops. Fitness enthusiasts will absolutely adore Great Kills Park. It has a gigantic park with a beach.  There are big trails and fields for biking and walking.

So, if you think you would fit in after moving to Staten Island there is very little chance you would regret making this decision. Just carefully think about the good sides and bad sides. Hopefully, doing a little bit of research on how to move, and how to make new friends in your neighborhood, will help you make up your mind and start preparing for the big step.


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