Brooklyn landmarks you should explore

As one of the most famous New York City neighborhoods, Brooklyn has a lot to offer. No one comes to visit NYC without stopping at Brooklyn and exploring some of the many Brooklyn landmarks. The rich culture and diversity of this borough are some of the reasons why it’s so special. Best Movers NYC recommends going to Brooklyn and exploring as much as possible for every NYC newcomer. So let’s talk about the fantastic Brooklyn landmarks you should explore.

Deno’s Wonder Wheel

This famous theme park ride was first introduced on Memorial Day, 1920. As the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, Deno’s Wonder Wheel was announced as an official NYC landmark in 1989. It has been featured in many movies, commercials, and music videos. It’s a great spot to take photos as well. This 150 feet tall ride can hold 160 people with eight stationary cars and 16 cars sliding along the winding tracks. Local movers Brooklyn say that many families are moving locally like to take their kids to this theme park while preparing them for the move.

Center for Brooklyn History

This fantastic history museum is located in the magnificent building that was designed by George Post. It was opened in 1881. Today, the Center for Brooklyn History is a cultural hub where many civic dialogues are hosted. There are often exhibits and events held in this venue, and it’s a great place to remember why Brooklyn is so excellent. The mix of old permanent collections and all the legacy and the dialogues related to the modern day make this place unique to this day.

Brooklyn subway
Take a trip to Brooklyn and see all the significant landmarks this neighborhood can offer.

Kings Theatre is one of the most popular Brooklyn landmarks

Famous theatre and performing arts venue located in Flatbush that opened in 1929. Carefully restored and maintaining the old aesthetics, this 3,200-seat theatre has hosted many amazing artists in the past and is still doing so. Kings Theatre is the largest indoor theater in Brooklyn and one of the best-looking ones in the whole nation. Many residential movers Brooklyn say that one of the first things many families do once they settle in Brooklyn sees a show at this theatre. This French Baroque venue was once a place where only plays were available, but it has now become a music venue, and people love the mix of architecture and new sounds. So going to a show at the King’s Theatre is a unique experience.

Boathouse & Audubon Center

Located in the landmark of 1904 called Boathouse, the Audubon Center was opened in 2002. Based on the design of a 16th-century Venetian Library, this is considered an architectural masterpiece. This place is excellent if you want to see fabulous architecture, have tea, a coffee, or a snack, and take breathtaking photos. The Boathouse is located on the Lullwater of the Lake in Prospect Park. The venue is often used to host weddings and special events.

The Boathouse is one of the amazing Brooklyn landmarks
Boathouse & Audubon Center is a great place to have your fairytale moment.

Grand Army Plaza

This National Historic Landmark is located in the heart of Brooklyn. The good thing about this location is that it’s close to other Brooklyn landmarks (such as the Brooklyn Public Library, Prospect Park, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, and Brooklyn Museum). Therefore, you can take a day to walk around these few blocks and see all the incredible landmarks. Grand Army Plaza is a magnificent European-style structure that reminds many of the French Arc de Triomphe (Triumphal Arch). Long distance movers Brooklyn say that many newcomers who have moved to Brooklyn from Europe love spending time by the fountain in the summer and curing homesickness. Recently, a safety redesign by DOT happened at the Grand Army Plaza. Therefore, the location is much safer and more attractive than before.

Monsignor McGolrick Park

This classical Shelter Pavilion became a landmark in 1966. The park is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s a great place to enjoy a nice day, have coffee and talk to people walking their dogs or strolling around. This place always feels refreshing, with beautiful nature and colored trees all year round. This place is known for being “low-key” and where those who love enjoying a good shade like to spend time when the weather is nice. One of Brooklyn’s hidden gems, this park is a great place to have a date or enjoy a good picnic with family and friends.

Green-Wood Cemetery is one of the critical Brooklyn landmarks

This cemetery was opened in 1838. and declared a landmark in 2006. Spread out on over 478 acres; there are 600,000 graves at the Green-Wood Cemetery. Although this is a cemetery, the story it shares today is very positive and exciting. The goal of this place is to remember the dead by bringing to life the art, history, and beauty of New York City. Green-Wood Cemetery is one of the first rural cemeteries in the U.S. Many well-known and respected people have been berried at this cemetery. Among them are Civil War generals, inventors, baseball legends, politicians, entertainers, and artists. Also, this place is a historic Revolutionary War siteIt’s a must-see for those who love history.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

If you want to walk around to relax while enjoying a view of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge, this is the place. The second name for this beautiful location is Esplanade. This is a 1,826-foot-long platform and walkway suitable for many activities. You can walk along the East River in Brooklyn’s oldest neighborhood, enjoying the fresh air and lovely views. Lower Manhattan and Governors Island are just some of the places you can see from here. All the local movers NYC offers recommend this place when you need to clear your head, think about your move, or take a break from packing. Aside from being a walkway, this area has many excellent hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade is one of the best Brooklyn landmarks
Brooklyn Heights Promenade is perfect for enjoying a nice view with a cup of coffee.

DUMBO is one of the unique Brooklyn landmarks

DUMBO is short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. One of many fun facts about DUMBO is that The Cardboard Box was invented here! However, much more exciting details about this place make it worth visiting. Many tourists love visiting this area because it can be done for free, and there is so much to see. Even though it’s not a museum, DUMBO has a lot of history. Namely, The Battle Of Brooklyn took place in this neighborhood. The iconic view of DUMBO was featured in many famous movies. Some of them are:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • American Gangster
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • The Naked City
  • Serpico
Bridge and pretty buildings at night
Dumbo is one of the most aesthetical areas of Brooklyn and one of the Brooklyn landmarks you should visit.

Many locals and foreigners come to check out the famous movie locations. This is why DUMBO is among the must-see places for newcomers and those who live in NYC. So go visit DUMBO and have the best pizza you can find in the U.S.

Brooklyn Tabernacle

This evangelical non-denominational megachurch is a religious sight that people visit regardless of their faith. It was established in 1847. This megachurches’ choir of  240 individuals has sold three million albums. In addition to that, they have won Grammy and Dove Awards. Brooklyn Tabernacle is a gospel church located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn. The location is also very convenient if you’re planning to visit other landmarks and sights around the downtown area. However, make sure you take some time to visit this beautiful place and see why 10,000 people decided to become its members. Some residential movers NYC say many religious families moving to Brooklyn have found their home here.

Barclays Center

This multi-purpose indoor arena is a special place for many Brooklyn sports fans and fun-loving visitors. It is home to the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA and the New York Liberty of the WNBA. The arena was opened in 2012. Since then, some of the most important games have been played here, and famous artists have had their concerts at Barclays Center. There is plenty of space in the venue.

View of Barclays Center and cars on the street
Barclays Center is a must-see place if you love sports and concerts.

The arena offers 17,732 seats for basketball, 15,795 for hockey, and 19,000 seats for concerts. In addition to that, there are 101 luxury suites in the hall. You can also find plenty of bars, lounges, and even clubs. One is the 40/40 CLUB & Restaurant by American Express, but there are a few more. Commercial movers Brooklyn has assisted many customers in moving their business closer to the arena since the area is trendy.

The Cyclone is another one of the fun Brooklyn landmarks

This 85ft tall theme park ride is a city landmark and a National Historic Landmark. Vernon Keenan designed the ride. It was opened to the public on June 26, 1927. Located in Coney Island, this coaster was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991. Many people went to Luna Park in Coney Island to ride this coaster. Most say it was one of the most fun and scary experiences. You can’t miss this ride while in Brooklyn if you love adventure and adrenaline.

Vanderbilt Playground

This is a landmark located along the route of the Prospect Park Walk-a-Thon. A great place for kids of all ages. Adults enjoy it as well. With a two-story webbed structure for climbing, playing here is a blast. It’s located near a lake, so having a family picnic before or after playtime is worth considering. A small tip: going to Vanderbilt Playground during or after the rain is probably not the best idea. Instead, try to go on a sunny day. The playground is featured at Prospect Park. Therefore, you can visit other landmarks and fun places while you’re at it.

Cobble Hill

Dating back to the 19th century, the architecture of Cobble Hill includes row houses and brownstones. However, this neighborhood has a vibrant atmosphere. Part of this is due to the Italian and French populations living here for a long time. Besides dining and drinking at one of Cobble Hill’s many restaurants, just walking around this neighborhood feels like a movie.

Black and colorful row houses
Row houses are one of the reasons why many people visit and move to Cobble Hill.

The row houses of all different colors give this area a unique look and feel. So many people will travel to see the famous brownstones and take a photo of those “houses from the movies.”

Brooklyn Heights

This historic district was declared a landmark in 1965. This location is essential because it represents an early commuter suburb. It is an exceptionally well-preserved 19th-century design. The area is deemed posh and is known for its elegant brownstones. Close to the waterfront Brooklyn Bridge Park, this location attracts many visitors and locals who want to enjoy the lovely walkways or playgrounds. The tree-lined streets are full of restaurants with delicious food: many hip cafes to relax, and shops with unique clothes and other items. Commercial movers NYC has been helping many businesses move to this area because of its good quality of life.

Go and visit the Brooklyn landmarks

Now you have a better idea about the Brooklyn landmarks and where to go. There are many more that you can visit, but the ones Best Movers NYC recommends and the most famous and beautiful ones. Take enough time to wander around and enjoy every corner of Brooklyn. It’s a special place that you should take advantage of. Have a good time in this unique borough.

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