The full digital nomad guide to New York

Living in a city that never sleeps gives your numberless opportunities. Located on the East Coats of the US, New York is a place that has over 20 million residents. It is the most populous city you will find in the US and it is very popular among digital nomads. It is the center of the commercial and economic areas. Living and working here as a digital nomad gives you a chance to live in a world you had no chance to before. In case you are dreaming about this, you should check this full digital nomad guide to New York. Find out the things you can expect and the things o can hope for. And if the opportunity shows up, hire Best Movers NYC and grab your chance to live among the greatest.

Some information about New York you have not heard of

This is a tourist hotspot. And this position makes NYC some of the best places in the world with some of the most amazing activities. There are over 50 million tourists that come to New York every year. And 12 million of them come from abroad. New York has 5 neighborhoods: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island. And all of these so-called boroughs have something special to offer you. They are divided by the Hudson and the East Rivers. Living and moving to any borough with some of the best long distance movers NYC has will benefit you.

Being a popular place, the living costs here are expensive. According to the newest statistics, NYC is the most expensive place in the US. So in case you are a digital nomad you need to know that it will not be so cheap for you also. You will need to calculate the budget carefully and plan every move you want to make. The moment you have everything organized, and planned and it is functional, you might catch a break and relax.

woman reading a full digital nomad guide to New York
Find out whether you can afford to live and work in NYC.

Overview of living costs in New York

As previously said, NYC is an expensive place to live. However, if you know the average prices of everything that you need to get through the month, you will be able to calculate the costs of living and the expenses you need.

  1. One-bedroom apartment in the center of NYC ≈ $3,050
  2. Internet ≈ $70
  3. Basic utilities ≈ $160
  4. Domestic beer ≈ $8
  5. Coffee ≈ $5
  6. Bread ≈ $3.70
  7. A bottle of water≈ $2.30
  8. Local transportation ≈ $2.75
  9. Meal at the restaurant ≈ $20

Going through all of these expenses, you can calculate the monthly budget you need. Of course, there are some solutions to cut expenses. For example, having a roommate will cut your apartment expenses in half. This can be convenient and you might be able to afford it.

Additional costs that will help you get through this digital nomad guide to New York

Be careful when you calculate the costs. You need to have some money aside, so you can get the services and the unplanned expense covered. For instance, if you are planning to relocate here with some of the best local movers NYC has, you will need some savings for the moving services. Or in case your computer is broken, you will need some money to cover the maintenance of it. Digital nomads in most cases earn their salary by working on the computer. Therefore, the money for special instances must be set aside.

man smiling and working
Check the experiences of other digital nomads living in NYC!

Experience of digital nomads in New York

Most of the stereotypes of New York that you heard are true. The city is busy and loud. There is always something that is happening. But do not cross NYC off the list yet. Even though it has some flaws, there are a lot of benefits to working and living here as a digital nomad. The first benefit is that you are not tied to the location. If one borough is not suitable for you, you can always relocate to another one and keep your job.

Manhattan is the most crowded borough. You will be surprised to hear that less than 60 percent of people working there are not living there. So, in case you are working for a company that is located in Manhattan, you can always relocate to a less crowded borough, such as Staten Island.

On Staten Island, you will have the same amount of opportunities, happening, etc. But you will not live in so busy and always awake part of the city. Some of the best movers Staten Island offers have relocated thousands of people who have the exact problem as you do. So finding a home here will not be a losing game. You are still in the center of the occurrences, but you will have fewer crowds, lights and a not-so-busy environment.

Keep this in mind!

If you are an inexperienced digital nomad, the best piece of advice you will get is not to start in Manhattan. Move here with some of the most respected movers in Manhattan once you have a sizable income. Make sure that you are ready to lower your standards to live comfortably. Keep in mind that the most expensive thing here is the rent. Therefore, getting a roommate will be the best solution to cut down the expenses.

If it is necessary, find a roommate.

Working in New York – the most important thing in this digital nomad guide to New York

To start with, you all know that NYC is a place full of coffee shops and aces where you can sit and work. There is a large number of cafes and restaurants that can welcome you any time of the day. One of the problems that might occur is how to choose the best one. All of these countess places are stunning, you can choose the one near your home. Or the one you like the most. Either way, working from your favorite place will make your job more productive. You will also have a stronger will to do your job.

If you are the type of person that likes a quiet environment, but you do not like staying at home, you can always go to New York Public library. You can come here for free. There are tons of desks, and spaces where you can sit and work. The only con here is that if you have some online meetings you will not be able to do it from here. And if you have chosen to live in the neighborhood where this library is located, you can move here with some of the best long distance movers Manhattan has.

Which places you should check if you need fast internet speeds?

In case the library or the restaurants are not suitable for you, there are some coworking spaces that you can choose.

  • Greendesk Coworking
  • The Farm,
  • WeWork Coworking
  • Voyager HQ,
  • NeueHouse Private Workspace

All of these spaces have something in common. And that is the large number of digital nomads who need a place to work.

digital nomad having a meeting
Be productive in the place that suits you the most

Greendesk Coworking is the first place you should check according to this digital nomad guide to New York

Greendesk Coworking has over 10 different locations in New York. Most of them are in the Bronx. So basically, even if you live in a neighborhood where your job is not located as well, you can visit some of these spaces and work from there. There will be no problem for you to work here after you have relocated with some of the trusted movers Bronx provides. You will be able to access some of these spaces and get the job done. Great thing is that this environment is friendly and sustainable. You will find modern furniture and a cafeteria. There is also an outdoor terrace and a high-speed internet connection Wich is important for digital nomads.  It costs $199 per month. But you can get a day pass that is $30.

The Farm

Although the name might not be so appealing, The Farm is the opposite of that name. It is voted to be the best place for digital nomads to work. Most of the people working here have heard about The Farm from some friends and coworkers. It got its name from its rustic ambiance that has been combined with some advanced technology. You will be able to get a membership for $180 per month. This membership card will give you 24/7 access. So no matter in which time you have relocated here with some of the best residential movers NYC, you will be able to access this space and work. There is also free coffee, tea, water, and some snacks. You will also get a locker to store your valuables while you work. Not to mention the high-speed internet. One of the best things about The Farm is that this place is pet friendly. So if you have a dog you are more than welcome to bring it here with you.

man thinking
This space will allow you to bring your dog to work.

WeWork Coworking

This place has over 66 different locations. These locations are all across Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. Most of them are close to the train stations and there are popular shops around them. So the commute is really easy. If you have just relocated to Brooklyn with some of the finest residential movers Brooklyn has, you will be able to find a space for work. By working in WeWork Coworking, you will get a membership card for prices between $300 and $700. The price depends on the location. For this money, you will get 24/7 access, free coffee, water, and food. There are even some mailing services, which also depend on the price you pay for a month using space.

Those who are living in Brooklyn should consider this working space

You should know that even though there are numerous locations, most of them are located in Brooklyn. Some of the biggest ones are in Brooklyn. And since you will get a memberships card and the ability to get there at any time of the day and night, you can take the advantage of that. Digital nomads are people who are working nonstop. Even if they do not seem like they work and like they have a lot of free time, it is not the truth. Therefore, since we know how much you have to work to make the salary you need for living, you can get the card the moment you relocate with movers in Brooklyn. Plus, if you have hired some of the best services this company has, you will not have to deal with the relocation. You can get the membership card the moment you step foot in Brooklyn.

Voyager HQ – space you should check after following this digital nomad guide to New York

There are over 50 dedicated desks and a communal kitchen. You can find some private offices and meeting rooms of various sizes. You can get a membership card here for $250 per month. For this price, you can use meeting rooms for 12 hours a day. You will need to fill in some schedule and check if the meeting room is available at the time you need it. It is not a bad idea to book the meeting room before you have finished with your relocation. The most wanted space of Voyager HQ is located in Queens. In case you need a meeting room the day after the move, you can schedule it and make sure you get there after Queens movers are done relocating you.

NeueHouse Private Workspace

This is one of the smaller but most productive spaces for you to work as a digital nomad. It is close to Madison Square Park. So the commute here is really easy, no matter where in New York you live. There are two or three membership packages. Depending on your choice, you will get the advantages you have paid for. These studios here are also suitable for renting. In case your job as a digital nomad requires you to rent some studios for a day or two, do not hesitate to book NeueHouse Private Workspace and get the job done.

man drinking coffee
Following the digital nomad guide to New York will help you settle down more comfortably.

This full digital nomad guide to New York is here to help you with one thing. And this thing you know already. The most productive and the most quality spend time on work in a good environment. If you find a place that you can afford, you are held way there. And even New York City is not suitable for beginners, there is a chance for you. Stay organized, and plan your future smart and properly. And in the blink of an eye, you’ll be on the top. Good luck!




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