Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan

It’s a known fact that New York can be difficult to commute to. For many people, living in New York City is a reality, especially after securing employment in Manhattan. Due to this, you want to think about selecting one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan. Traffic jams during rush hours occur every single day. This is why many residents are looking for neighborhoods that are easier for commuting to. The average New Yorker commutes more than 45 minutes every day, especially when going to work. Most of them live and work in different neighborhoods. For this reason, it’s smart to look for a home that will save you time during the day.

An introduction for future commuters

In case you live in Brooklyn and need to commute to Manhattan, this is the article for you. Brooklyn, one of the most populated neighborhoods in our city, can provide you with a wealth of fantastic experiences. Many writers and filmmakers created works about it. Learn for yourself what it’s like to commute between two fantastic neighborhoods each day while living in New York City. We made a list of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan. Before looking for the best movers Brooklyn provides, take a look at our list of neighborhoods that are best connected with Manhattan.

Brooklyn Heights

One of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan is Brooklyn Heights. Originally named Brookly Village this area has been important since its beginning in 1834. The majority of the neighborhood’s brownstone rowhouses were constructed before the Civil War, and it is known for its low-rise architecture. A very beautiful neighborhood where you can have a walk and feel like you are in walking in the past tine. This one is known for its convenient location. Consider hiring residential movers NYC, which residents wholeheartedly recommend for an easier relocation to Brooklyn neighborhoods. It is a part of Brooklyn Community District 2 and is it is located south of the Brooklyn Bridge, which makes it easier to get to Manhattan.

If you are planning to travel to Manhattan daily, Brooklyn Heights could be the best neighborhood to choose. Brooklyn Heights is conveniently located just across the East River from Manhattan and is connected to it by both frequent ferry service and subway lines.

Brooklyn Bridge in NYC
Brooklyn Heights is one of the best neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan because it is closely located to the Brooklyn Bridge

Commuting to Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights

If you decide to travel in your own car you can take the FDR Dr road. Even though it is only 9,5 miles you will have a lot of stops and traffic jams along the way. When it comes to public transport you have several options. You can take direct metro lines and be in Manthant for approximately 30 minutes or transfer by bus. Calculate 30-50 minutes of traveling for getting to Manthan from Brooklyn Heights. People like to opt for healthier activities and somewhat avoid crowds on subways and buses by cycling. You will have the best time driving across the Manhattan Bridge Bicycle Path and 8th Ave. It will be a perfect 1-hour ride as exercise. It is not unusual for New Yorkers to move from more expensive neighborhoods to more affordable ones. If you decide upon this move Manhattan residential movers will assist you in your relocation to a near, but more affordable area.

Average renting prices in Brooklyn Heights

For many years, the district has been ranked among the most expensive parts of Brooklyn.  If you plan to move here with a family, you will find plenty of 3-bedroom apartments for rent. However, make sure to start looking for a new home on time. Rentals in Brooklyn Heights can be difficult to find last minute. A $139,000 annual wage can afford the typical one-bedroom apartment in the area. The average rental price for a studio in Brooklyn Heights is  $2.700, and the price for a 3-bed apartment is $10,108. When it comes to inflation, this neighborhood had a rise in rent in the May of 2022 but the prices have been stable since then.If you already decided to buy a home in this area, consider looking for the best movers in Brooklyn Heights. Your relocation can be much more efficient and stress-free with the right movers by your side.

Brooklyn building
The best way to find a home in Brooklyn is to look for online listings or hire a real estate agent.

Red Hook

This Brooklyn neighborhood is another one on our list. As one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan, it’s a favorite place for young professionals. Red Hook is located in the South Brooklyn neighborhood, which is actually in western Brooklyn despite its name. One of the fun activities but also convenient ways of commuting Red Hook offers is Water Taxi. The New York Water Taxi runs daily trips from Pier 11 in Lower Manhattan to the Ikea dock, providing access to the southern Brooklyn neighborhood. The Statue of Liberty can only be seen from the front in Red Hook in New York City. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the NYC waterfront while being near Manhattan. It s a win-win situation.

Commuting to Manhattan from Red Hook

Depending on the part of Red Hook you choose for your new home, you could save time and commute to Manhattan in less than 34 minutes. Same as for Brookly Heights if you decide to travel by own car you can drive across the road FDR Dr or West St. It is somewhat a little bit longer drive of 11 miles. Families love this Brooklyn neighborhood since it’s in a great location and it has good connections to the rest of NYC. For getting to the Mnahnatan using public transport you will need to change buses and metros. You have the option of taking the B61 and then changing to A train line at J street- MetroTech station. This would be the fastest way of getting to Manhattan, but it all depends on the specified location you want to get to. For moving to this neighborhood, make sure to look for the most reliable Red Hook movers and simplify your relocation process.

Statue of Librety, NYC
This beautiful neighborhood, Red Hook, is one of the rare places having a direct view of the Statue of Liberty.

Average renting prices in Red Hook

Red Hook’s studio unit average rent climbed by 6% over the previous month to $2,750. The median rent price for a 3-bed apartment is $3,300. The largest public housing complex in Brooklyn, the NYCHA Red Hook Houses, is located in Red Hook and has room for around 6,000 residents. This neighborhood is very lively and it is often a challenge to find spare rental units. Even though in Red Hook 95% of the apartments are occupied by the tenants and only 5% by the owners. Start searching on time to get your apartment.

NYC Brooklyn apartment
Start searching for your next home on time, 1-bed apartments are not staying for too long on the real estate market here.


If you ask local New Yorkers for advice, they will recommend this neighborhood for sure. Bushwick is home to many young professionals, artists, and young business owners. Bushwick is a working-class area in the northern section of the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City. A fun fact about Bushwich is that on the block between Wyckoff and St. Nicholas Avenues, is where New York City’s geographic center is positioned. This neighborhood offers everything you can look for in the NYC neighborhood. Great restaurants and nightlife, plenty of cultures, and a great location for commuting to Manhattan. Find out more about this part of the city and moving to Bushwick and we promise, you will fall in love with it.

Commuting to Manhattan from Bushwick

For traveling to Manhattan by car you can use several ways. You can go directly across 3rd Avenue. If it is too crowded choose the alternative of riding across the NY-25 W and Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge Lower Roadway. If you are lucky you will get to Manhattan in something more than 30 minutes. Optioning for public transportation is less stressful. During the 1 hour ride to Manhattan from Bushwick, you can read some books or daily reports, listen to some music, and just relax instead of driving. You can use several public transport vehicles such as B52 and B60 buses, or the L trail line to change into A train line that will take you to your Manhattan destination.

Average renting prices in Bushwick

Currently, $2,675 per month is the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Bushwick, New York, NY. This represents a 2% decline over the previous year. It is a very similar price for renting a studio. When it comes to  3-bed apartments median rent is $3,500 which is an increase of 25% over one year. Studios and 1-bed apartments are somewhat more difficult to be found for rent in this area than multiple-bed apartments. Once you find a new home in this neighborhood, all you need to do is look for the movers Bushwick locals recommend and start planning your move. Professional movers can help you handle your relocation planning, handle the packing and transportation of your belongings.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Heights is located south of the Brooklyn Bridge, which makes it easier to get to Manhattan.


Among all the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan, this one is definitely worth the mention. If you plan to move to Brooklyn as a family with kids, Williamsburg could be a perfect choice. Besides having great transportation connections to Manhattan, this neighborhood is also very family-friendly. Plenty of green parks and walking trails make this part of Brooklyn pretty walkable. If you found a new job in Manhattan, Williamsburg could be a perfect location for your new home. Research different and fun things to do in Williamsburg after the move!

Woman with a bicycle looking at waterfront
Some Brooklyn neighborhoods are convenient for commuting to Manhattan by bicycle.

Commuting to Manhattan from Williamsburg

Using your own vehicle you can travel across the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge Upper Roadway and get to your location in 30 minutes. This time will vary depending on your destination. As you could already conclude from previous neighborhoods. A train line is the one that will get you to Manhattan. In Williamsburg, starting from the Marcy Av station you can ride with J metro to get to the A train line. Or choose somewhat longer travel by using bus line B44 to get to the A line. Based on your needs and destination make an optimal route for getting around the NYC neighborhoods! Having one of the moving companies Brooklyn trusts at your service when relocating from Brooklyn neighborhoods is one of the best things you can to do ease the difficult moving experience.

Average renting prices in Williamsburg

Currently, $4,487 per month is the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg, New York, NY. Comparing this to the prior year, there has been a 34% increase. The median rent price for a 3-bed apartment is $5,200 which is more expensive than Bushwick and Red Hook rent prices. Some neighborhoods of New York have been affected by the rise of rent a little more than others. Williamsburg is one of those areas. In Williamsburg, a one-bedroom apartment requires an average income of $130,280. After finding a new home in Williamsburg hire the best local moving companies NYC, who will ensure your new home is safely and quickly transferred to Williamsburg.

How to choose a good home in Brooklyn?

If you never lived in New York City before, Brooklyn can be the best location for your new home. Affordable homes, plenty of cultural diversity, and amazing restaurants are just some of the things Brooklyn is known for. It is best to research based on your personal taste and preferences. However, finding an affordable apartment anywhere in NYC can be trouble. As one of the most expensive cities to live in, the Big Apple is known for its high housing prices.

In order to find the best apartment in Brooklyn, you will have to start looking for it ahead of time. If you are a college student or a young professional, the best option would be to look for roommates. There are plenty of great apartments you can choose from, but they are not all affordable. The best way to find a home in Brooklyn is to look for online listings or hire a real estate agent. Once you find your new apartment, all you need to do is contact the finest local movers Brooklyn has to offer and start planning your move.

Brooklyn NYC skyline
Choose your next neighborhood carefully according to your needs, wants, and budget.

Getting around New York City neighborhoods

In a hectic city, it can be easy to get lost. When you know your everyday it is easy to get around NYC. However, newcomers might have an overwhelmingly stressful experience. If you are moving to NYC for the first time, long distance moving companies New York will be a great help during your relocation process. Even if have been living for some time here and you simply changed neighborhoods your everyday route is not the same and often it is handy having some help. At the subway, you can get free Maps and customized routes with MTA’s Trip Planner. Be careful to check for the most recent MTA service information at or by dialing 511 or 718-330-1234. Subway routes might occasionally alter and trains can briefly stop running, particularly on weekends and late evenings throughout the week. Great apps that are very useful for getting around NYC neighborhoods, and to Manhattan are:

  • NYC Transit: MTA Subway & Bus which shows live bus and rail times,
  • Google maps for finding the optimal route and alternatives,
  • City Mapper,
  • Exit Strategy which will move you through the subway system as efficiently as possible.
Friends hanging out in Brooklyn NYC
Brooklyn waterfront offer a variety of fun places for hanging out with friends while enjoying the view!

Cost of public transportation

You probably know that public transport is not free in New York. But here is a reminder of its costs in case you haven’t used its services in some time. With these best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan, you won’t have a lot of trouble getting around. The first step in using buses and subways is purchasing a MetroCard, which must have a minimum value of $5.50. At subway stations, you can do this from either an automated machine or a booth operator. One subway or local bus travel costs $2.75 when using a pay-per-ride MetroCard. A trip on the Express Bus costs $6.75.

Users of an unlimited MetroCard are permitted unlimited rides during a predetermined time period; possibilities include cards with durations of seven or thirty days ($33 and $127, correspondingly). Children, seniors, and the disabled have the right to discounted tickets. Riders who are 65 years of age or older or who are disabled are eligible for a 50% discount.

Fun content in Brooklyn

These neighborhoods of NYC are packed with fun activities, museums, art galleries, and rich nightlife. Search on websites like Trip Advisor and NYC Go for specific activities, museums, and bars. Brooklyn Heights is a neighborhood popular for live theaters and history. You can learn more about it at the Brooklyn Historical Society and the New York Transit Museum. Red Hook as previously stated is loved for its beautiful views of New York Harbor. It also offers amazing seafood and the industrial aesthetic of the city, a little different from the rest of NYC.

Bushwick really is an artist’s residence. Former warehouses host galleries, rock clubs, and the best nightlife in the area. As well as that, many of these spaces also act as outdoor legal canvases for artists. While Red Hook holds an industrial vibe from the previous years and Bushwick is home to the art, the Williamsburg neighborhood, could be said it is a hipster district. It is shown by local craft stores, gallery exhibits, and indie music jams.

Choosing one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan

After moving to Brooklyn, there will be plenty of factors that will affect your commute time. First of all, you should forget about driving your car in NYC, especially during workdays. Luckily, some of the neighborhoods we listed are very convenient for traveling to Manhattan. In more or less than 40 minutes, you can reach any part of Manhattan from one of these neighborhoods. You can choose the subway, and busses, or give your bicycle a ride if you feel like it. In this beautiful, but chaotic city it is best to hire experts for your relocation. Research movers New York has to offer for its local or international future residents! Professional movers will deal with the stressful part of your relocation, choosing the best route and transporting your belongings through the busy New York traffic.

Brooklyn in winter
The average New Yorker commutes more than 45 minutes every day, especially when going to work.

The most adored district in the City has a lot to offer visitors and residents. Brooklyn has a reputation for having world-class nightlife and cutting-edge food, but there is entertainment for people of all ages. Enjoy the best New York-style pizzas a lot of restaurants in Brooklyn are proud of. Tourists can sightsee and residents can occasionally visit Coney Island, Prospect Park, and the Brooklyn Museum. Additionally, everyone enjoys the stunning views from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. If you decided to move to the Big Apple, finding a home in one of many great neighborhoods will not be hard. All you need is some time to look for rental apartments so you can start planning the move.


Living in NYC is a dream come true for many, especially after landing a job in Manhattan. This is why you might want to consider choosing one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan. Brooklyn will offer you so much wonderful things, as one of the most popular areas in this city. Many artists wrote about it and many movies were filmed. Find out by yourself how it is living in NYC and commuting every day between two amazing neighborhoods.

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