Best NYC neighborhoods for newcomers

A lot of people fantasize about making it inside the Big Apple. However, reaching the goal is not easy. If you’re on the verge of moving to New York City, you should consider yourself lucky. The city has so much to offer. Whatever the reason for your relocation, you’ll find success in New York. On other hand, that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods yet. Firstly, a move to New York City can hardly be done without Best Movers NYC. We can help you find the best moving company for a smooth relocation. Secondly, you should think carefully before you commit to a certain part of the city. New York is called the Big Apple for a reason. You need to be well informed on the best NYC neighborhoods for newcomers. That way, you can be sure you’re deciding to live in a neighborhood that’s perfect for you.

Look for the Best NYC neighborhoods for newcomers in the most popular borough of NYC

One of the most popular parts of New York is Manhattan. Over time the media has popularized it to the point of becoming iconic. This part of the city has a lot to offer both in the way of entertainment and job opportunities. With an area of ​​22.83 square miles, Manhattan is surrounded on the west by the Hudson River and on the east by the East River. The last district of this famous borough is Washington Heights which borders it on the north side.

Best NYC neighborhoods for newcomers
If you are planning to move to New York City, you should first explore all of your options.  Therefore, you should learn about the best NYC neighborhoods for newcomers now.

Districts of Manhattan

The southernmost part of the island, Lower Manhattan stretches from the southern end to 14th Street. Next to it is Midtown Manhattan, from 14th to 59th streets, and covers the southern part of Central Park. The famous Empire State Building is also located in this district. Upper Manhattan starts from Central Park and ends at 96th Street. Among the attractions of the district, Columbia University and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine stand out.

If you’d like to be a part of a diverse and glamorous lifestyle, we recommend Manhattanville. Also known as West Harlem, this neighborhood is the most popular New York City borough and is a great place to live. With low crime rates and rich history, it has a lot to offer. On its 125th street is also the famous Apollo Theater. Washington Heights is the northernmost part of the borough of Manhattan. Also known as the “Little Dominican Republic,” this district is a fun place to live because it faces the rest of New York. It is favorable for newcomers starting life in the Big Apple. It’s not under the pressure of crowds and action like downtown, but it’s a culturally rich area that will offer you a favorable life. Finding joy in your everyday life will be incredibly easy. Therefore, hiring Manhattan movers could be your best choice.

Learn more about Manhattan

With more than 740K households, Manhattan has a population of nearly 1.6 million. Among them, 42% are family households. If you are looking for a job in Manhattan, your best chance is to get hired by a private company. As many as 66.04% of the population of Manhattan work in private companies, while only 8.85% are governmental workers. You can also be self-employed among 12% of others or in a non-profit organization among 14% of like-minded people. The median household income is $117,926 per year, which enabled home ownership for only 24.17% of residents. All others live on rent. If you are a newcomer, you may be interested to know that Manhattan is a part of New York City with an average age of 37 years. Even 48% of the population did not get married. So, this symbol of New York is the embodiment of youth, career, and fun.

Furthermore, it’s well-connected to the rest of the city. You can explore the entirety of New York from the inside out. If you’re looking for a beautiful environment, decorated with parks and historical monuments Manhattan is the best place for you. Check it out now.

You want to experience NYC with style, so choose Brooklyn

However, if you’re hoping for peace with a bit more of a spark, Brooklyn may be the right place to look. This trendy borough is famous for its fast-paced, red-brick aesthetic. Now it’s famous for the development it has undergone, making it an ideal place to experience the authentic NYC lifestyle.

View of Brooklyn and Manhattan in the background
Brooklyn is a more affordable part of New York, and it is connected to Manhattan by as many as 3 bridges

If you’re moving with your family, you can’t go wrong by choosing Brooklyn. Among the 955.862 households, even 61% are family households. This charming neighborhood is an ideal place for people with children. The proximity of top private schools, tree-lined streets, and luxurious townhouses make this part of NYC one of the most attractive. Therefore, if you want to live in New York in style, ask for help from Brooklyn moving companies. Of course, Brooklyn has a great deal more to offer. Cobble Hill, Dumbo, Park Slope, and Caroll Gardens are just as beautiful and just as famous, thanks to their popularization in the media.

What you need to know if you’re moving to Brooklyn

This modern neighborhood with a population of 2,736,074 is the largest community in New York. Since it has a large number of buildings from the period before World War II, it is considered one of the older boroughs. Unlike Manhattan, the median income in Brooklyn is $62,950. Among the ten best neighborhoods in Brooklyn, that amount drops to as low as $38,000. Most of the population works in sales and management, as well as in the office in administrative support. If you are an art lover and business is your preoccupation, Brooklyn is the right borough for it. You will find more artists, designers, and media workers there than in 90% of other American communities. In general, it is a good destination for anyone who is at the beginning of their career.

The average sale price of a home in Brooklyn has increased in the last year by 10% and is currently $950K. Among all residents, only 30% own an apartment, the rest live on rent. In the Flatbush neighborhood, you can find an apartment for rent of $2,500, in Kensington for $2,100, and in Bay Ridge for only $1,700. If you are moving to Brooklyn as a newcomer, these are some of the more affordable neighborhoods to rent apartments.

Staten Island is for those who look for the best of both worlds

There is an alternative to everything. Let’s say you’re not a fan of the infamous New York City crowds that leave you desperate for a bit of fresh air. However, you still want to feel close to the city’s atmosphere and culture. Therefore, you should look for such an environment on Staten Island.

verazzano bridge
You are looking for the best of what New York has to offer. Therefore, you should be familiar with every part of the city.

This borough of New York City is an ideal place for those who seek the best of both worlds. We recommend St. George as an ideal place for single life. It’s densely populated, but nowhere near as crowded as other parts of New York City. Therefore, it will be an ideal place for you to experience the culture of the city without the intolerable crowds. Art galleries and nightclubs dominate the neighborhood. Living here will fulfill your expectations of the New York City lifestyle. Contact reliable Staten Island movers and get started.

Want to know more about Staten Island?

Life in this borough can be very good if you belong to a group of people with high incomes. The median income in Staten Island is $89,821, but you have to keep in mind that some residents have up to $180,000 a year, while others survive on barely $7,000. Although as many as 67% of residents are homeowners, future owners face a constant rise in real estate prices. The median house cost is $661K, while you have to spend an average of $2,500 to live in a rental. Only 495,747 people live in this municipality, and among them, as many as 67,000 children are in school. According to research, schooling is better than the average in New York and the US, so if you are planning this neighborhood to live with children, you will not go wrong. This is also one of the safest neighborhoods in the Big Apple.

Morris Park may be an ideal place for you if you’re looking for the best NYC neighborhood for newcomers

If you want to live in New York and are not ready for the most luxurious neighborhoods, the Bronx makes an excellent choice. Borough near Manhattan is ideal for anyone whose career is connected to this part of the city. This is a borough whose base is music, art, and culture, and life in it is a complete blend of urban and suburban.

Morris Park is one of the best places to live in the Bronx. Not only is it the most convenient, but it is also among the safest parts of the city. It is well connected to all parts of the city, so you won’t feel cut off from all downtown happenings. Among the series of restaurants and bars, there is also Bronx ZOO as one of the attractions. Furthermore, this neighborhood is ideal for families and pet owners. It is home to a large number of first-class educational institutions.

Can it be acceptable to live in the Bronx?

Yes, very acceptable! Although the median income is only $45,219, you have to keep in mind that it ranges from $9,744 to as much as $261,251. The average price of real estate is $460K, and you can pay rent from $800-$2500 per month, depending on the neighborhood. The Bronx, with a population of 1,418,207, ranks fourth among New York’s boroughs. On the streets of this borough, where rap and hip hop originated, 75 different languages are spoken. During the twentieth century, it was a hangout for gangs, and even today it is not on the list of safe neighborhoods.

If you are a fan of outdoor activities, you have the largest park in the Bronx. Central Park? No, although Central Park is most famous due to its popularization by the media, Pelham Bay Park is three times its size. This is where many New Yorkers spend the day picnicking, walking along the riverbank, or on the golf courses. If all of this suits you, contact the best Bronx movers to help you with your relocation to the hometown of the Kennedy family.

the rooftops of the Bronx
Although the Bronx is not one of the safest boroughs in New York, it still has some of the Best NYC neighborhoods for newcomers

Jamaica will be the right choice if you want a neighborhood full of energy

Have you considered moving to Queens? This is a borough where you can feel the spirit of diversity and enjoy the range of activities the neighborhood offers. With Jamaica, the heart of Queens, you will enjoy the diverse cultures among the residents. As one of the best NYC neighborhoods for newcomers, Astoria will enchant you with a taste of Greece. And if you’re a lover of nature and outdoor activities, choose Forest Hills, home to several parks and green spaces. With the largest area in New York, Queens has a population of 2,234,574 and is the most ethnically diverse urban area. It extends over several smaller islands and the Rockaway Peninsula, which is between Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, is known for its most outstanding public beaches. Queens is home to two major New York airports, JFK International and LaGuardia, as well as the US Open tennis tournament.

Queens is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for newcomers

Moving to Queens is great for families, not only because it is the largest borough, but also one of the safest boroughs in NY. You will find much more affordable real estate prices there than in Manhattan or Brooklyn. The median home price is $650,000, but the market with total households of 771.853 is pretty thin on supply. You can rent an apartment for the beginning; the median rent is $1,620. As many as 54.84% of Queens residents live in rent.

With a median household income of $73,262, you can have a solid life. The cost of living is higher than the national average but lower than the state average. Many residents work in private companies. Also, the most common occupation is in healthcare. Among the best-paying jobs are those of doctors. Income can reach almost $390K per year. If this is exactly your concern, look for the finest Queens movers and schedule your move as soon as possible.

US open in one of the best NYC neighborhoods for newcomers
If you move to Queens, you can watch the US open live

Knowing all the best NYC neighborhoods for newcomers, you can now start the relocation process

You now know what the best NYC neighborhoods for newcomers are. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait too long to start your relocation. This involves a lot of planning, and you should get familiar with your future environment. However, be careful about getting overwhelmed by the moving stress. Relocation can be stressful, but you need to remember that every part of NYC has something to offer. No matter which part of the city you end up choosing, you won’t regret it. Furthermore, you’re not alone in this. When you decide to start your move, contact us and we’ll connect you with the right moving company.

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