Things to do in Williamsburg after the move

We’ve all experienced how difficult and frustrating relocating can be. It might be exhausting and full of emotions at times. This is especially true if you are leaving your own country. There are challenges everywhere, starting with packing, labeling, sorting, and everything else that comes with a move. People are frequently terrified or disappointed when they relocate to a new state or city. Challenges may be overcome, though, provided you have genuine support. Williamsburg is a beautiful neighborhood, and there are so many things to do in Williamsburg, that you can’t even imagine. If you need any professional help we can always recommend the best movers in Williamsburg. With their professional help, you will be amazed at how easy relocating can be.

Williamsburg is urban neighborhood so there is a lot of things to do
Because Williamsburg is an urban area, take advantage of any opportunities that appear.

Now we are gonna talk about things to do in Williamsburg after the relocation. We assume that you’ve already done some research about this neighborhood. If you didn’t, hereinafter you can read everything important about this beautiful neighborhood. Let’s start!


This neighborhood is well known for its hipster atmosphere, great gallery displays, music performances, and local artists. Distilleries and vineyards exhibit the neighborhood’s flair for locally created spirits on summer Saturdays, while Smorgasburg brings creative food sellers to the riverside. However, Williamsburg is home to some of the city’s most popular restaurants and nightclubs, making it one of the city’s most exciting nightlife neighborhoods. This is Brooklyn’s most popular neighborhood. Also, this neighborhood has a great history, so don’t hesitate to explore a little bit.

And what you can do in Williamsburg after the relocation? Well, there is plenty of options and here you can find a list of interesting activities for all ages:

  • Take a walk at Domino Park
  • Visit Brooklyn Bowl
  • Barcade – For those who love arcade games and drink
  • The City Reliquary Museum – If you love history
  • Be sure to visit Brooklyn Art Galery
  • Brooklyn Brewery for beer lovers 

Famous Domino Park

Domino Park is located on the East River, close to Williamsburg bridge at the Domino Sugar Refinery site. Here you can find children’s playgrounds, volleyball court, dog run, and playing field. This park was recently opened and the designer of this beautiful park is James Corner. The park attracted over 2 million visitors as of 2020.

Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl is a cool place. It’s made for fun. Here you can experience something you never did. So, what you can find in Brooklyn Bowl? There is 16 lane, restaurants, bars, and a music venue. Even Rolling Stone magazine has written about it, and gave this bowling space a title of  “one of the most incredible places on earth.” It is located at 61 Wythe Avenue, in the legendary Hecla Iron Works Building.

Bowling alley as one of many things to do in Williamsburg
This is your chance to experience something new if you have never been to a bowling alley.

Barcade – Just one of the many things you can do in Williamsburg

Another great thing you can find in Williamsburg is Barcade. If you are an arcade lover, and you also love to go out with friends and have some fun, you should check out this place. In Barcade you can find super-old vintage video games such as Pac-Man, Super Mario, Shinobi, and many other cool games. They also have a great collection of pinballs. Barcade also exists in a few other locations, and Williamsburg residents are happy to have one in their neighborhood.

arcade games as one of activities in Williamsburg
Barcade is a great place for people who grew up in the eighties. Go and have some fun.

City Reliquary Museum – of historical significance for Williamsburg

Do you love history? Or maybe you want to learn something about your new neighborhood? City Reliquary Museum is a wonderful place for an experience like that. Firstly, this museum was founded in 2002, and secondly, this is a non-for-profit civil organization, so you are gonna love it. Here you can check their working hours as well as guidelines related to visits during the pandemic.

Brooklyn Art Library

As we all know, Brooklyn is a home of art and artist, however, you could have expected most art-related things to do in Williamsburg. We assume that you are an art lover, so we suggest you visit Brooklyn Art Library. This library is famous. It has what may be the world’s biggest sketchbook collection, which includes sketchbooks from over 130 countries. Other amazing activities include the Pen Pal Painting Exchange, which allows you to connect with individuals from all around the world by mailing a stranger a painting created by you.

Brooklyn Brewery

We know that many people are beer lovers, so if you are one of them you definitely need to check in Brooklyn Brewery. This amazing place is in heart of nightlife here, and all beers are craft, actually, this is one of the most popular places in the town. Beginning in 1988, Brooklyn Brewery was one of the first and one of New York’s first post-prohibition craft brewers. In Brooklyn, this is also where the craft brew boom began.

Let’s summarize

Like you see,  here in Williamsburg, there are actually a lot of possibilities. It doesn’t matter if you are single, or you are moving here as a couple or family. There is definitely a lot of activities for the whole family. You will be enjoying yourself here. But a really important aspect of moving is your moving service company, so you should hire only the best. Moving should be easy and stress-free, so we always recommend checking in local movers in Brooklyn if you need any help with boxes and stuff.

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