Who’s Moving Into and Out of NYC

Ah, the Big Apple! Dream city for many people in the world. The only thing that never changes there is a flow. Many people are coming to New York, and at the same time, many others are leaving it. If you are one of those who are fluctuating around New York, we suggest you find your movers as soon as possible. They will help you with your relocation. Maybe you don’t know where to find them. We could easily match you with the best moving companies NY has to offer. If you would like to know who’s moving into and out of NYC, you are at the right place. We will try to cover all your questions. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and continue reading.

Moving services

New York City has already a fast lifestyle. Combine that with moving and you will get a perfect blend of confusion and mess. So do not hesitate to ask for professional help. Choose a reliable moving company that works locally. Why is this important? Local moving companies already know all the species of the area where they operate. Almost nothing can happen unexpectedly for them. And even if something occurs, they will solve it with ease. Local movers in NYC are specialized for the town, so search and hire companies like that to experience smooth moving.

moving company van - who’s moving into and out of NYC
There are many moving services to choose from.

Go specific

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Who’s moving into and out of NYC?

We guess that you’ve already understood the principle of searching and hiring the moving company of your dreams. The thing that is not so rare is that people fluctuate in the city of New York, from one part of the city to another. Those people will hire residential movers in NYC. It maybe seems that moving from one part of the city to another is easy. But when it comes to New York, that is never the case. So skip the idea of relocating by yourself, and ask for professional help. And now, we can get to start answering the question: who’s moving into and out of NYC?

cityscape with clouds - who's moving into and out of NYC
Let’s see who’s moving into and out of NYC

People who are moving into and out of NYC

In the spring of 2020. many people decided to leave NYC. It even seemed that everyone who cold, deserted from the Big Apple. But by the end of the same year, some parts of the city noted that the number of people who come to New York is even larger than the year before. So, who’s moving into and out of NYC? It seems that wealthy people were leaving and in the March of 2020. The number of households who change their address from Manhatten to something else was 21,547. And that is such a huge jump from the only 2,000 that are noted the month before. And many of them used the services of long-distance movers Manhattan was offering and change their life tremendously.

Even though Manhattan suffered the loss of the number of people who could for a small town by themselves only, some other areas haven’t felt it. Some neighborhoods remained unshaken or even got some more people. Those are for example Bronx, Queens, and some parts of Brooklyn. Bronx movers also had what to do during that time.

Does moving have to be expensive?

For those wealthy people no one asks will they have enough money to hire movers. But when it comes to the other end of the stick, there are many people who think that they can’t afford professional movers. You have to know that moving doesn’t have to be expensive. You can choose from the many services they offer ones that you’ll benefit from the most. But you can choose the services of commercial movers in NYC.

We were talking that many modest neighborhoods couldn’t afford to leave New York during the pandemic. People who live there are workers who need to go to work every day and couldn’t just leave it all in a minute. And many people realized that the massive shake that the pandemic provided is giving them a chance to find a job, so they come to New York. They for sure should hire movers to help them with relocating all their stuff and they could search for commercial movers the Bronx is offering.

Who’s moving into and out of NYC in 2021?

And let’s see what’s happening this year when it comes to who’s moving into and out of NYC. At the beginning of the summer, many office workers started to move back to their desks. Many moving trucks were happy to join traffic on residential Manhattan streets. From July to September 2021, even 14 parts of New York noticed growth that was higher than at the same time of 2019. Commercial movers in Manhattan were so busy since so many people joined Chelsea, Murray Hill, and Greenwich Village.

Rental market

The rental market in Manhattan has benefited from that shot back up. It was an opportunity for more competition because more new people came to the city in 2021 than in 2019. New York noted the growth of 6,332 new residents that made pressure on the rental market. And even though it’s been said that NYC is at the brink of death, this proved just exactly the opposite. The city is not at its end, it is more alive than it ever was. And maybe even more so.

Neighborhood suburbs

We were talking about who’s moving into and out of NYC but the question is where all those people are leaving the city are going to. From March to August of 2020, migration in Westchester County rose 9% and even double when it comes to Long Island. Almost 60 percent of the gain in Long Island was from just temporary moves to Suffolk County, which is a home of the Hamptons. Among New York State, in 2020 the most people went to East Hampton which grows in temporary and residential movers increased.

Who’s moving into and out of NYC after the pandemic exodus

After the huge leap of people from New York that happened in 2020, this year brought a change. Who’s moving into and out of NYC after the pandemic exodus? Many young people are rushing back to the Big Apple. They have between 24 and 32 years and are coming back to find a job. There are also those who were working remotely and now decided to move back and give another chance to the city. They’ve realized that the rent prices went down because of the Covid, so this is a perfect opportunity to use this advantage.

young people
Youth is looking for a job in NYC.

Since youth love to live in Manhattan, and especially in the Murray Hill and East Village, those areas had a great rise in the number of residents. If you are a person who loves to see some numbers, watch this. It has been a 192 percent jump in moving in during 2021 in the East Village. That is followed by a 122 percents increase in Murray Hill.

Let’s talk about percentages

So be transparent and do some statistics. In the month of June 2021, it is seen that 14% more people were moving to NYC than in June 2019. This is also 39% more than the same month in the year 2020. Now let’s look at the numbers of those who were moving out. In June 2021, even 25% fewer people were moving out of NYC than in the same month of 2019. That was also 33% less than it is noted in June of 2020. It is very obvious by this data that the migration into NYC this summer was higher than in the pre-pandemic period. Even more, the number of people who are fluctuated in the city is even higher than ever before.

We also learned that the average moving job to NYC was the size of a studio apartment. Meanwhile, the average move out of NYC was the size of a one-bedroom. This finding corresponds to the WSJ’s suggestion that young couples are looking to move elsewhere. However, it seems that young singles are flocking back to NYC.

Moving companies in 2021

The business changed for the moving companies, too. In 2020, they’ve mostly been doing moving out people from New York. Many of them wanted to use storage spaces, and this was their main job. But 2021 brought the difference. Nowadays, movers are busy moving people back to NYC. Many young people who graduated from New York University now want to come back and try to find a job.

young girl moving - who’s moving into and out of NYC
Young people who graduated from NYC University are back in the city.

The average moving job to NYC was the size of the studio apartment. At the same time, the average moving-out job was the size of a one-bedroom. That shows that people with young families want to move to the suburbs and get more space for themselves. But at the same time, many single people and young couples are ready to come back to the city and give it a chance.

Who is moving out of NYC?

Before the pandemic, Bloomberg published the news that 2,600 residents of New York are leaving each week. That indicated that its population’s shrinking wasn’t really something new. Even then, many people wanted to find a more affordable way of life. But the statistics showed that since March 2020, the majority of people who were leaving NYC were high earners. It is even noted that 58% of them who were heading out of the state were older than 55 years. That was suggesting that older people were maybe looking for a place to retire outside of the city.

family moving - who’s moving into and out of NYC
Family is the one who’s moving into and out of NYC.

Singles or families

We have another interesting insight. Movers actually realized the demographic breakdown was made between single people and those with families. During the last summer, many young couples and young families decided to move from New York to the suburbs. They were looking for more greenery and a better school system for their kids.

New York is alive again

Since New York City is reopening and people are coming to the city they love so much, it has the sense that the Government invests in the values of the city. The idea is to have people stay there and find good places to live, work and raise their families. That will mean investing in teachers and schools, so the kids get a great education. Child care must be affordable and accessible. That way parents could return to work. Streets should be greener so that neighborhoods feel more walkable and breathable. That is the way for New Yorkers to want to stay and grow with the city itself.

new york park
New York is alive again.

Did you learn who’s moving into and out of NYC?

We really wanted to answer the question of who’s moving into and out of NYC. We gave you statistics and experience of the movers, we found what happened when the pandemic started and which neighborhoods stay stable and which have halved. And we even covered what happened after, during the year 2021. The truth is that New York is still as loved and popular as it ever was and there is enough space for all of you who want to experience how it feels to live there. It seems that its charm will even be bigger as time goes by and if the Government fulfills its plans. So this will be an even better place to live in. You can wait some more for that, but our advice is to go and grow with the city if you really have a dream of being a New York City resident.

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