What to Expect as a Newcomer Moving to Post-COVID NYC

If you are wondering what to expect as a newcomer moving to post-COVID NYC, the answer to that question might be more nuanced than you might like. On the one hand, the city is still there in all of its splendor, bustling streets, and numerous attractions to gaze upon. But you may not be able to view and experience all that the city has to offer, either. Once one of the long distance movers NYC has on offer brings your belongings into your new home, you might find yourself “stuck” in that very home for a considerable period of time. NYC is still struggling with the pandemic, even though things are looking up. The latest Omicron variant might be blowing over faster than the previous ones, but it poses a large danger to the city’s inhabitants.

What to expect as a newcomer moving to post-COVID NYC?

In reality, you are going to experience these three things once you relocate to post-COVID NYC:

  • Not all places will be open to public
  • Less crowded streets
  • As many opinions as there are people
two people elbow bumping each other
Social interaction will also be somewhat different.

Furthermore, not all of the city’s inhabitants are concerned with safeguarding others. Some might outright refuse to wear masks, while others might even ignore all the social distancing protocols entirely. Due to this fact, you may want to limit your outgoing activities to a minimum. A city as large as NYC has all sorts of people, after all, and it might be best not to take any chances. While your residential movers Manhattan will abide by the protocols, your neighbors and other people on the streets are another story altogether. You are responsible for your own wellbeing, after all, and need to proceed accordingly. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what you might expect once you do go out to explore your new city.

You might need to wait to visit some of the most famous places

While some of the famous locations in the city are still open to the public (mostly those that involve large, open, spaces), most of the attractions are closed in the wake of the pandemic. This means that you will most likely not be able to experience everything that the city has to offer from the get-go. Places are opening daily but there are more than a few that still have their doors closed to the public. As for what to expect as a newcomer moving to post-COVID NYC, you can expect that everything is closed. While that, of course, is not the case, it is best not to get your hopes up. That way, if you do figure out that the place you want to visit is open, it will be a pleasant surprise. Much better than shattered hopes, in the other scenario, after all.

You have a few venues of information when it comes to working hours of attractions and locations. You can simply ask one of the local movers NYC has, or you can utilize the internet. While you may simply walk, drive, take a bus or subway to the location, that may leave you with quite a few “wasted” hours. The best option you have is to simply watch the “feeds” and figure out the situation that way. If a place is closed today, it may not be certain that it will be closed tomorrow, after all.

closed-down builing, showcasing what to expect as a newcomer moving to post-COVID NYC
You might need to wait to visit some of the famous locations in NYC.

Streets are not going to be as crowded as you might think

Normally, when you think about NYC, you think about streets chock-full of people. While that might still be the case in some of the more popular locations, the streets of NYC have never been more empty. Don’t get us wrong, the city is still absolutely bustling but it is a far cry from the “normal” state of affairs. This might present you with a unique opportunity to explore the city at your own pace. If you are willing to brave the dangers of the pandemic, that is. If you do decide to start exploring, you will want to take the necessary precautions.

You might want to invest in a suitable mask first. Best Movers NYC found out that the cloth masks are not really that effective. They do provide a degree of protection, but you might want to invest in a disposable N95 or N94 respirator for example, or at least a surgical mask to be as safe as possible. Secondly, you may want to go out of your way to avoid being in close proximity to other people. Which, inevitably, means that you need to stay clear from some of the more popular locations. While the streets might feature fewer people, you need to realize that every person has the potential to transmit COVID-19.

Therefore, you may want to apply your “survival instinct“. This might sound scary but it is better to be safe than sorry. Do your part, be as safe as you possibly can be, and we will go through all of this together.

a famous NYC landmark
While there will still be a lot of people around, huge crowds are mostly gone.

Be prepared for everyone to have their own opinion

If we discount the obvious danger that COVID-19 presents, the largest problem that NYC has on a whole is that everyone has their own opinion about the virus. Some people flat out refuse to believe that it is real, while others may barricade themselves inside their homes until it is completely safe to go out. Everyone has their own, often polarizing, opinion. Most people, luckily, do observe the state’s COVID guidelines, making life just a bit safer overall. But wherever you go, you will hear people arguing about and explaining their point of view. In a city that is as diverse as NYC, you will have no shortage of opinions to listen to. You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion and actions, as well. But if you choose to share them with others, be prepared for lengthy, sometimes heated, conversations.

So, the answer to what to expect as a newcomer moving to post-COVID NYC lies in observing basic human nature. People are afraid, uncertain, and are doing the best they can for themselves. Always have that in mind before you pass any judgments.

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