What to Do in the Bronx in One Day

Are you visiting the city before moving and don’t know exactly what to do in the Bronx in one day? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to enjoy and learn about this part of the Big Apple. Here at Best Movers NYC, we have created a list of some must-see places in the Bronx where you can spend quality time and experience a day full of activities and things to remember. In this guide, you’ll find out how to spend your day in the Bronx and also find out how to ensure that your neighborhood is a perfect match for starting a new life chapter. If so, we’ll help you find some of the best local moving companies in the Bronx so that you have a seamless moving experience.

A woman on the street holding a tablet an searching for what to do in Bronx in one day
Get to know the Bronx before making a decision to move.

Things to do in the Bronx in a day as a tourist

Being a tourist in New York is an unforgettable experience. The Big Apple has a lot to offer, and it’s impossible to explore it in a day. However, you can explore its neighborhoods, including the Bronx. The reasons for visiting the Bronx are many. It is rich in attractions, with the most notable being the Yankee Stadium, the New York Botanical Garden, the Bronx Zoo (America’s largest zoo), Orchard Beach, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, and many others. It is indeed hard to single out what to do in the Bronx in one day since it has a lot to offer. However, we’ve managed to narrow down the choice to the following.

Visit the Bronx Zoo and Botanical Garden

These two are must-see locations if you are spending just one day in the Bronx. Stretching on 265 acres, the Zoo is home to more than 4,000 animals of different species (more than 650). The best way to get here is from the E. 180th St. subway station since the Zoo is just a short walk away. This is not an ordinary zoo. Namely, it features exhibitions, such as Wild Asia, Congo Gorilla Forest, and Tiger Mountains, and includes interactive programs for both children and adults. The Madagascar exhibition is also very popular. However, it’s impossible to see all in a day. So, our recommendation would spend a couple of hours here, and then move to New York Botanical Garden, which is located across the road from the Bronx Zoo.

New York Botanical Garden stretches over a 250-acre area and it is home to numerous gardens. Here, you’ll get to enjoy the fresh air and astonishing beauty and listen to the birds singing – a perfect way to escape the city’s bustle. And if you are a botany lover, you’ll enjoy the largest collection of books on botany.

New York's Botanical Garden which you should visit if you're thinking about what to do in the Bronx in one day
New York’s Botanical garden is a must-visit location in the Bronx.

Experience Italy in the middle of the Bronx

If you want to experience the Italian vibe, then head to Arthur Avenue, south of the Botanical Garden. Here, you can try delicious Italian-American cuisine and enjoy well-known Italian coffee at gourmet coffeehouses, such as O’Cafe, Bato Coffee & Wine, Hurts Cafe, and many more. The area has a small-town vibe perfectly mixed with the urban setting. Visiting Arthur Avenue is a perfect break after long walks in the Zoo and Botanical Garden.

Yankee Stadium

Visiting the Bronx is not a complete experience without visiting its must-see location – Yankee Stadium. You can book a guided tour, where you’ll get to enjoy the ballpark from Monument Park. And visiting Yankee Stadium is not only being a fan – it is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Other places you should visit

As previously said, the Bronx has a lot to offer when it comes to attractions. However, it’s impossible to list them all. Besides visiting the places mentioned above, you shouldn’t miss the following:

  1. Orchard Beach: There’s no better place to refresh than on the beach. Orchard Beach is open to the public and is considered the Riviera of New York, 1.1 miles long.
  2. Bronx Museum of the Arts: Perfect for African, Latin, American, and Asian art lovers. It is home to more than 2000 artworks, and admission is free.
  3. Edgar Allan Poe Cottage: Travel back to Poe’s time and experience the magnificent world of some of the most prominent authors of all time.

Visiting all these places may result in making a decision to move to this lovely borough. If so, check out some of the best moving companies in the Bronx and schedule a fast and safe move.

What to do in the Bronx in one day when exploring the area for your upcoming move?

Visiting the Bronx as a tourist is one thing while visiting it for the purpose of exploring the area before deciding to move is a completely different thing. The two types of visits are incomparable. The first is an easy endeavor without much hurry and concentration involved. The second is a more challenging venture. But don’t worry, we’ll guide you. Following are the things you should visit before you hire reliable long distance movers in the Bronx for your upcoming move:

  1. Explore the Bronx’s neighborhoods: Before you get there, browse for the best neighborhoods according to your preferences. This way, you’ll save a lot of time and be able to visit everything in a day.
  2. Check the proximity to different places: The location of your home is a crucial factor in the overall quality of your life.
  3. Check the neighborhood’s job opportunities: Explore the neighborhoods where you can find or start a suitable job. After finding the right neighborhood, check out some of the best commercial movers in the Bronx and schedule a perfect move.
  4. Check schools: Visit only the neighborhoods, which are home to the schools you want to enroll your children to.
A family unpacking after the move
There are a lot of things to do in the Bronx in one day after the move.

Enjoy the Bronx for more than a day – move here

There are many options for what to do in the Bronx in one day. However, wouldn’t it be better to enjoy it more? So, why not move here? If you are thinking about this, get matched with residential movers in the Bronx and schedule a relocation to remember.

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