10 Must-Visit Chinatown Places

You have probably visited Chinatown if you have recently moved to NYC or live anywhere near it. It is one of the most popular tourist places and there is a good reason why. You can find a lot of interesting restaurants and cool places. Moreover, there are shops for whatever you may need. If you’re interested to explore it further, let some of the best movers in Chinatown take you through this journey. We will mention various fun and unique must-visit Chinatown places and try to bring them closer to you, so you know what to expect when visiting them. Although we do recommend you explore them on your own, it wouldn’t hurt to know a little bit of information before you visit these places.

Before we get to places you must visit when coming to Chinatown, we would like to talk about the origin and history of the place. For starters, Chinatown is located in Lower Manhattan and is a place with the highest concentration of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere. Chinatown’s first resident was a Chinese businessman who had a business selling cigars. During the California Gold Rush period, a lot of Chinese people immigrated to America in search of gold. For a brief period of time, this area was dominated by gangs and clans. However, since then, everything has calmed down and settled into an area of culture and homeliness. Experiencing Chinatown is like experiencing a completely new side of NYC!

must-visit Chinatown places
You’ll love visiting some of the must-visit Chinatown places from our list!

Since a huge part of Chinatown’s history and heritage consists of its vibrant culture and amazing food, our list contains a bit of both.

Must-visit Chinatown places for culture buffs

Now that we have talked about some amazing food places you must visit, we want to mention some places that are definite attractions when visiting Chinatown. You must not visit these places when visiting this neighborhood for the first time. They are either very intriguing and unique or very culturally significant. That is what makes them special. This list is in no particular order, so, don’t let the numbers distract you!

1. The streets

This might sound a little bit weird to mention as it is not one particular place, but the number one thing we recommend you do is to take a walk down the streets. What better way to get to know a place than to discover it on your own? There are also guided tours that will teach you the history and culture of Chinatown, as well as explain all of the attractions. This should be your number one on the “what to do after the best local movers in Manhattan help me move here” list.

There are a few things we would like to put an emphasis on such as Foyer Street, also known as The Bloody Angle. You might recognize this street, or this part of the street, as it has been featured in many TV shows and movies. During summer, this street is crowded with tourists and usually decorated in some type of way. A few of the restaurants we have mentioned are located on this street, so you are bound to come across them.

One more reason we have mentioned exploring the streets is because of graffiti. If you are a fan of street art then visiting Chinatown is a must for you. Additionally, we recommend you explore the alleyways. One of the most popular pieces is done by China Buff Monster, which is located on the corner of Chrystie and Broome Street. It is a colorful piece that will bring you happiness. There are a few more murals to be discovered in Chinatown, but we won’t give away too much.

a couple eating in one of the must-visit Chinatown places
Besides indulging in food, you can learn a lot about a place by exploring its streets!

2. Museum of Chinese in America

What better way to learn about the history of Chinatown than by exploring museums? This is a small museum that focuses on the hardships Chinese Americans had to go through when they first moved to America. This museum was founded in the 1980s and has only grown since then. The exhibitions change often as they try to keep everything fresh. Unfortunately, much of the museum’s collection was damaged or destroyed in a fire in 2020, but the museum reopened its doors to the public in 2021. It is non-profit and serves educational purposes. They are doing their best to preserve the living history, heritage, and culture of Chinese Americans. You can learn more about their current exhibitions on the official site of the Museum of Chinese in America. Adult tickets are $12, and there is a discount for students.

3.  Pearl River Mart

You might be wondering: what is so special about a department store? Well, this is no ordinary department store, it’s huge! Moreover, it has anything you may need as well as some items that might be unusual for you. If you are a tourist and like everyday cultural items as souvenirs, then, this is the place for you. The shop is massive and can feel like a labyrinth. Additionally, there is everything your heart desires, and more! You can buy sake cups, or tea sets, whichever you prefer. However, we do recommend setting aside a few hours for this store, as you can lose track of time while shopping. A fair warning: you might be spending a lot of money here!

street in Chinatown
Learn more about Chinatown by browsing through stores! Pearl River Mart is surely one of the must-visit Chinatown places.

4. MMuseumm

This is a very special museum that isn’t really a museum. It is more of an art piece. The museum has a signature curatorial style of “object journalism” and is a commentary on modern-day life. The museum changes its content and location depending on the season and is currently closed for the winter. It is set up in small storage units. Usually on a few different locations. And every storage tends to have a little window which you can look through 24/7. This is a neat little gem you won’t find near where Blairwood movers drop your things off or anywhere else in the world for that matter. That is why it is a must-visit.

5. The Canal Street Market

Last, but not least, we have an iconic place everyone has seen at least once. This is what people usually think of when mentioning Chinatown. The Canal Street Market is located on the street. There are stands set up, and sellers are selling all kinds of things. This place is most famous for its cheap merchandise, mostly because it is a knockoff. But you can find so many more interesting things here. Additionally, if you are a fan of haggling, then this is the place to do it.  You might know this place from movies, especially action movies. This is what attracts tourists to Chinatown. However, what you might not expect is that this market can get a little crowded. So, if you are not a fan of crowds, try to avoid the busiest hours.

These were all of the places we wanted to highlight. There are a lot more things to see when visiting Chinatown, but these are definitely the most important!

street market
The Canal Street Market is one of the most prominent streets and definitely one of the must-visit Chinatown places!

Must-visit Chinatown places for foodies

Something you must try when coming to Chinatown is food. Chinese food and Asian food is very unique: it is sour, yet sweet, spicy, and delicious! Almost everybody loves the unique taste of Asian food from time to time. Moreover, what better place to enjoy traditional Chinese and Asian food than Chinatown?

6. 99 Favor Taste

One of the most popular Chinese dishes is hot pot. If you have never tried it we highly recommend it. Whether you had your movers Upper East Side drop you off there, or you moved to Lower Manhattan, this is a restaurant you must visit. They serve Chinese hot pots as well as Korean BBQ. What might be a unique and interesting thing you have never seen before, if you are not from East Asia, is that they have the main dining areas, as well as private rooms for groups of ten to thirty people. This makes 99 Favor Taste the perfect place for any type of small gathering.

The prices are very affordable, and the variety of choices is amazing. Moreover, the staff is super friendly and the whole place has an amazing atmosphere. The only downside is that their working hours can change, so you better check online for that.

7. Golden Unicorn

When compared to the previous one, this place is definitely a lot fancier. It is a beautifully decorated restaurant with gold touches everywhere. You can eat barbeque, dumplings, dim sum, spring rolls, and more! The place has the 1950s/60s feel to it, and the food is amazing. The food is pricier but you get good value for your money. However, we recommend booking in advance, especially if your Castle Hill movers just dropped you off, as it is a big walking distance. Overall, for visiting this place, we recommend you have a bit of a plan in mind. But it is definitely something you will enjoy!

Food is the heart of every culture. So, by trying their food you are getting to know the culture.

8. Mei Lai Wah

If you are looking for a traditional Chinese experience then look no further. Mei Lai Wah is definitely the place you go experience authentic Chinese food. They offer a great variety, from buns to dim sum, even noodle rolls. Unfortunately, there is no place to sit, so, you have to get your food to go. Additionally, this place is cash only. So, be mindful of that. The food is amazing and quite affordable, so you can get your baked buns here and explore the rest of Chinatown!

9. Taiyaki NYC

Taiyaki is a famous Japanese dessert, often called a fish-shaped cake. It is filled with something on the inside, typically sweet red beans, and crusty on the outside. It is one of the most delicious and famous Japanese snacks you must try! You can get it with a variety of different toppings as well as ice cream! There was even an option to get it with maple syrup for a short period of time, which is especially fun if your movers in Mapleton drop you off there. Get it? So, after enjoying some delicious Chinese food, you can have a sweet Japanese snack.

10. Taiwan Pork Chop House

Finishing this foodie list, we want to mention some amazing Taiwanese food. If you are in the mood for Asian food, but not Chinese, why not try Taiwanese food? You can get Taiwanese BBQs, soups, noodles, and more! The prices are very affordable compared to what you are getting and the stuff is very nice. It usually gets busy during lunchtime, so, plan your visit accordingly. Now, if you have just moved with Longwood movers, and don’t feel like going all the way to Chinatown, you can order delivery! However, we do recommend you visit this place in person and enjoy dining out as a whole.

These are the places you must visit in Chinatown when you get hungry or if you just want to enjoy some authentic Asian kitchen. They definitely vary in the type of meals they provide and their popularity. We tried to list them like a gradient and group similar places together. Trying all of them is something we urge you to do, but if you don’t have the time, pick the one you like the most. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!

If you are feeling like trying some Taiwanese food, definitely visit this place!

Final thoughts on all must-visit Chinatown places

When looking at everything overall, there is definitely a sense of cohesion in these places. We wanted to highlight the most important aspects of Chinatown, which are definitely related to culture and food. These places are a lot of fun and very intriguing, so set aside enough time to experience them. However, before you even visit Chinatown, make sure your move goes smoothly. You can rush and visit Chinatown as soon as you move, or after you unwind from the whole move. Get matched with Manhattan movers you can trust and ensure your move goes well! Have a nice trip and enjoy all the must-visit Chinatown places!

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