Top Tips For NYC Renters In 2023

Congratulations! You have found yourself in one of the best places in the world, and living there surely pays off. NYC is on the bucket list of countless people, and everyone, at least once in their life, wanted to either visit or call this place home. And those who did it, usually chose a renting option, especially young professionals and people who are not ready to settle in permanently. Renting in NYC is way more affordable than actually buying an apartment or house, and the number of people doing it keeps on growing bigger. If you are one of them and or wish to become one, useful information is always welcome! Take a look at some of the best tips for NYC renters in 2023!

Reasons for renting a place in NYC

First, let’s take a look at what makes so many people decide to rent an apartment in NYC. Sure, there are a couple of obvious reasons considering the location, but not everyone thinks in that direction. One of the most common reasons is related to a huge amount singles who work a lot. These could be freelancers or people who’ve recently moved because of a new job. They usually don’t need big apartments and houses and are trying to save as much as possible, especially in the first month after arriving. By the time they turn to moving companies NYC has for help, they usually have a specific place in mind.

Manhattan Bridge
These tips for NYC renters in 2023 will help you find a good and affordable place in any neighborhood

Of course, some find long commuting extremely difficult. NYC is one of the busiest places not only in the USA but in the entire world, and sometimes people have to commute for an hour or even longer. While some find it enjoyable, others prefer to rent a place closer to their work and be there in a couple of minutes. 

Finding a good agent is one of the best tips for NYC renters in 2023

Just like pretty much any other place, NYC is full of agencies whose main focus is on your money. This immediately means you will not get the service you wanted but will end up spending huge amounts of money for nothing. Choosing a good agency to help you find a place to rent is essential. They can help you stay within your budget, find a nice home, and be in a suitable area. But usually, people don’t have enough time to research thoroughly and that is when they make mistakes.

Try to avoid looking for a good real estate agency on your own. The much better option is to get a reference from a friend, co-worker, or family member. You surely know someone who is renting a place in NYC and a good experience matters a lot.

You must set your priorities correctly

Keep in mind that renting a place in NYC without a plan will cause countless other issues. You will have to spend more money, will become anxious, and moving to NYC can turn out to be a bad decision. To avoid this focus on what exactly you need. If you are a freelancer, chances are high that you will end up in Brooklyn. This borough offers nice apartments and the average rent is between $2,700 and $4,421. Young professionals usually wish to live alone and this place offers a lot of:

  • Smaller apartments close to important locations
  • Diverse residential complexes
  • Apartments close to fancy restaurants and bars
roommates in the living room
Consider sharing your apartment with a roommate as your expenses will be smaller

The best movers in Brooklyn will help you get your items there and you will begin to settle in soon enough. However, if you chose to move to a place just because it is beautiful and popular, you’re bound to start feeling the consequences of it soon. Carefully make a plan of things you need, including essential locations, work, and attractions suitable for your lifestyle. 

Don’t experiment too much

Those who had a chance to visit NYC before will know that city indeed never sleeps. Back in 2022, NYC welcomed around 56.4 million tourists which is way more than back in 2019. You may think that getting closer to the crowd will have huge benefits for you as well. However, you must be extremely careful not to make a mistake and rent a home in an urban place if you can’t handle the crowd. Young professionals who have their eyes on Brooklyn should hire best movers in Bushwick instead. This neighborhood has a perfect balance of urban and modest and it is home to a lot of newcomers and people of the same profession.

Tips for NYC renters in 2023 regarding paperwork

If you are moving from another state, you must think about preparing all the paperwork prior to your relocation. And while you will need essential personal documents like your ID, passport, and medical records, that is not all. Manhattan may be the fanciest place in NYC, but that doesn’t mean that your agent will not demand a lot of documents before you rent an apartment there. Before you start negotiating with the best movers in Manhattan make sure you have:

  • Most recent tax returns
  • At least two recent pay stubs
  • Signed agency
  • Fair Housing disclosures
small and neat apartment as one of the tips for NYC renters in 2023 is not too look for big homes
In NYC a lot of apartments are small but that shouldn’t bother you if you plan on living alone

And while you are making sure you have everything sorted, keep in mind that you are, after all, moving to NYC. According to many renters in Manhattan, your new landlord may ask for a recommendation letter from the previous one. The good news is that Gramercy is home to a lot of people from all around the world and in other states. If you plan on moving there, you can ask around for more details before you hire best movers in Gramercy. Some of your future neighborhoods will surely be happy to help you out.

Noise and pets rules

Queens is the biggest borough in NYC and a lot of neighborhoods there are packed with residents. The cheaper the place is, the more neighbors you will have. But that is not as big of an issue as your new landlord may be. Noise complaints can cause a lot of issues in NYC as not every landlord will deal with them. Before best movers in Queens take over your items, you have to make sure that your pet can move in with you, and that your landlord is aware if you play an instrument, or are pursuing an acting career. If you take some time to check out the reviews, you will see that landlords can refuse you quickly if they don’t agree with your conditions, and that will mean you must keep on looking.

When the Global Pandemic started, a lot of landlords in NYC changed their policies a little bit. This is mostly regarding pets, and it is reported that more than 1.6% of landlords removed the no-pets policy. Avoid hiding these important details from your landlord as this can cause conflicts and you have to look for a new place sooner than you planned. So far, landlords in NYC still allow pets most of the time so maybe you should use the opportunity to move now.

couple speaking with the real estate agent which is recommended according to the tips for NYC renters in 2023
Your landlord or agency should know all the details if you wish to maintain a good relationship with them

One of the best tips for NYC renters in 2023 is to inspect the building beforehand

If everything seems perfect but you are still not sure if that place is the right for you, feel free to expand your research. A lot of neighborhoods in the Bronx for example are pretty family-friendly during the day and they can remind you of a classic American suburb. However, while you are enjoying the streets and people, you may not notice a lot of rooftop bars that will come to life at night.

If you prefer working late at night or are a light sleeper this will be everything but suitable for you. Take some time to visit the neighborhood and the building in question at night so that you can see how active is it. You will know right away if the atmosphere outside is too much for you, or if the neighbors are too loud. But if you like what you see, you can proceed to set the moving-out date with best movers in Bronx.

It is not so difficult to find a short-term rental in NYC

Not everyone needs a place to stay for a long time. Those who already plan to settle but need some extra time to get things in order can easily find a temporary place to rent and be there. And even these places are everywhere across NYC, it may take some time to reach a good one. This is where you can rely on the Internet and online reviews as people and tourists usually love sharing their experiences. Once you find a suitable one, make sure to check it out, and proceed to make the rest of the arrangements. Almost every neighborhood in New York City has hostels and apartments you can get for $500.

Try to avoid using your vehicle

If you have a car and plan on taking it with you, maybe you should reconsider that one. NYC can be extremely busy, especially Manhattan and Queens. During the working days, traffic jams are everywhere and if you take your vehicle to work, you will not only be late but extremely stressed as well. No matter where you currently live, leave your car behind at least until you get to know the area. Keep in mind that with the apartment you will usually not get a parking place and even if you do it will be expensive. Take some time to get to know the public transportation in the city, as it works pretty well. Later if you think that you can handle the streets of NYC, feel free to pick up your beloved car.

street in Manhattan
One of the most useful tips for NYC renters in 2023 is not to leave your vehicle behind and explore your new neighborhood on foot or using the public transportation

Finding a roommate is one of the tips for NYC renters in 2023 as well

Sharing expenses has always been a great way to deal with high living costs and expensive rent. Since NYC living costs rate 168.6/100 you may need a backup on utilities and rent. Finding a roommate is not for everyone but if you have some experience and you don’t mind sharing your living space, then why not? This is even more important for those who wish to save some money or are still looking for a good job. You can find yourself a roommate online or in your neighborhood. Make sure to have good communication with them and set the rules on both sides right away. Respecting the private space is essential, especially if the apartment is small.

It is interesting to mention that a lot of students and freelancers in the Staten Islands use this method. Homes are somewhat cheaper and there are more permanent residents who are looking for roommates. While best movers in Staten Islands deal with your items, you and your new roommate can make a plan of how exactly will things work. Make sure to share all of your dilemmas and experiences and encourage them to do the same. Together you will find the best solution for living together and will make things work.

Other things NYC renters should know

Those who come from smaller places should know that NYC can sometimes be too much. With that many people, busy streets, and happenings at every corner, it is easy to become overwhelmed. On the other hand, NYC is the place that can give you everything you have been looking for. It can skyrocket your career overnight, help you meet new people, and start living your life like never before. Just try to stay focused on your priorities all the time and always keep on moving towards the goal.

person giving another person house key
And if you manage to follow all the tips you will end up in your new apartment in NYC sooner than you thought

In case you have a lot of items, find a good moving company that will help you with everything. Before you give them the inventory list, inspect your new home and make sure everything will fit in there. It is much better to make one extra trip than to end up with a pile of items and no place to sit. Tips for NYC renters in 2023 will work to your benefit, so just stay on track.

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