Guide to Setting Up Utilities In New York City

What do you associate NYC with? Fun, nightlife, culture, people, business, traffic, and many other things. Still, when you decide to move to NYC, many more things will come up such as worry, stress, decisions, time, money, etc. Of course, having the right mindset and surrounding yourself with the right people is a complete game changer. You have nothing to worry about with the right professional moving company in NYC. You will be ready for a new adventure in your life. Among so many things to think of don’t forget setting up utilities in New York City. After all, you want to come to your new home with the lights on. Everything being set will enable you to start functioning immediately after the move.

What is essential to do with the utilities when moving to NYC?

Firstly, make a list of the services you are using at your current address. Use your utility bills to find the contact details of your utility company in order to send them an end-of-service notice. You are to notify your providers at least a month prior to the relocation, but 2 weeks is the minimum. Remember, your providers should know the exact date of disconnection. Maybe it would be a good idea to choose a day after the move is completed.

a woman talking to someone on the phone while taking care of setting up utilities in New York City
Contact your current and future providers on time.

The next step is to find out what utility providers you plan to contact in NYC. It all depends on the area of your new home where your local movers NYC will relocate your belongings. Thus, talk to your landlords or realtors and find out what company is most suitable. Hence, contact your new providers and open an account to start the service.

Prepare the necessary information in advance

Prior to contacting your utility company, you need to have certain information for them.

  • Provide them with your name, contact details, phone number, email address, and of course your current address.
  • The address of your new home where the service is needed. Give them the exact unit number, street number, and zip code.
  • Make sure to give the exact date of having your utilities set up in New York City. In case there’s an option, you should require the start of the service the day before you move into your new home.
  • Give your social security number or some other proof of ID. For instance, certain utility providers accept a driver’s license or a passport in case you don’t have your social security number.
  • One of the crucial things is to provide your banking details. Also, check what payment method your company demands. For example, some companies require A Direct Payment method which means the bills are paid by automatic deduction from your account. Also, you will be required to give your bank’s routing number and your check.
  • Make sure to check your postal address. In case it is different from your service address notify your company.
  • Check if you need to provide a security deposit. Sometimes a company requires you to pay a deposit depending on the type of utility and your credit rating.
  • Stay in touch with your company. Talk to them during the week before the move. Confirm your agreement and the exact date of your arrival at your new home in NYC.

Setting up utilities in New York City relates to several things

First comes first, you must set your utilities in order to start living normally in your new home. Thus, one of the most important things you are to set is your electricity, gas, and water. As for others, set phone, cable, and internet.


Most of the electricity in NYC is provided by Con Edison. Hence, open your account by calling them or applying online. People in New York receive their power from numerous energy sources. For instance, there are many sustainable sources such as wind or solar power. Moreover, what matters is to know that Con Edison provides electricity to all 5 boroughs. Hence, if moving to NYC with the help of long distance movers Manhattan you already know who is your provider. Still, if your new home is in the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens then you must search for a new provider. In this case, this is Public Service Enterprise Group that provides power to roughly 34,000 customers.


When relocating with the assistance of residential movers Brooklyn you know that most residents rely on natural gas for heating and cooking. In the case of natural gas service, you can choose between two providers – Con Edison (Manhattan, the Bronx, Northern Parts of Queens) and Natural Grid (Brooklyn, Staten Island, Rest of Queens).

on-gas burner
Setting up utilities in New York City is crucial for the very beginning of your life in NYC.


When thinking about how to set up utilities in NYC, be sure water is maybe the easy part. With this in mind, most rental units include water in NYC. However, check your lease agreement to be sure. On the other hand, if you become a property owner then you must open your account. Be that as it may, contact the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and get the necessary information to set up the water service.

water leaking on the sponge in someone's hands
When setting up utilities in New York City check if water is included in your rent.

Phone, cable, and internet

These utilities are usually grouped together because many providers offer discounts if you purchase the whole package. There’s a variety of companies in New York City to choose from. Hence, search for the best price and service. Remember, you need to be home when the technician comes to install everything.

Make sure your new life in NYC start without complications

All in all, setting up utilities in New York City is one of the prime aspects of the relocation. Thus, in a variety of tasks you are obliged to do, don’t forget to cancel the services at your current address and contact new providers in NYC. Choose your providers according to your lifestyle, costs, and needs. Furthermore, make sure to provide adequate information to your company. Being precise, fast, and expedient, you will arrange to set your utilities on time.

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