Top Things to Do in January in New York State

New York is one of the top destinations to visit throughout the year for many people around the globe. This is the world’s financial and cultural center; therefore, visiting this city is once in a lifetime experience. During the winter season, this is still a fast-paced city with so many exciting events. In addition, if you consider moving to New York during winter, you should know that it is a great time of the year for such an action. Hire Best Movers NYC and dive into the month of events, activities, and festivals that take place in NYC in January. To take both tourists and locals out of their cozy homes and hotels, NYC observes events such as hotel and restaurant week. You can also enjoy winter jams and flea markets. Discover in this guide some of the best things to do in January in New York State.

a street city view of the buildings while snowing
Winter in New York is magnificent

What is winter like in NYC in January

New York is a city that has all four seasons. That means that New York has a real winter. When coming here in January, you can expect temperatures below freezing. The average low temperature is around 27F, and the daily highest usually goes around 38F. On some days if you are lucky there are days below 50F.  When hiring local movers NYC, you need to know that the coldest that you can expect is below 20F. If you are moving with a family, your kids can look forward to snow on the streets and parks of NYC. On average, New Yorkers have around 10 days of snow in January. Finally, you can expect a lot of rain this month. Therefore, make sure to have your raincoats and umbrellas with you.

Why is NYC so special in January?

This happens to be a real winter wonderland since during January there is still a lot of Christmas decoration throughout the whole city. You can still feel the festive spirit on every corner. There are lesser tourists around the city. So if you do not mind the cold weather, you will experience less crowding on the streets. Adventure lovers can expect a call of winter fun in numerous ice rinks. If you love ice skating, you can enjoy it in the parks of New York. In addition, you can ski or sled or just enjoy being outside in the snow. This is one of the best times for saving. You can expect discounts in the shops and hotels, including air flights as well.

a man sitting on the floor and reading on a laptop about things to do in January in New York State
In January there is still a festive spirit in New York

One of the best things to do in January in New York State is visit Central Park

If you wish to visit Midtown Manhattan, one of the greatest attractions of the area is certainly Central Park. The locals call it the lungs of the city. Apart from fresh air, you can enjoy here different activities. The park occupies about 6% of Manhattan. On 823 acres you can find many hiking and bicycle trails. Book your Manhattan movers, and come to see many sculptures, little ponds, and numerous zoos in this area. The park looks even more beautiful with snow all around. There are both self-guided strolls and guided tours for visitors. This is the perfect time to enjoy skating rinks together with skiing or sledding on numerous hills around the park. Some of the best attractions to visit are:

  • Belvedere Castle
  • Central Park Zoo
  •  Wollman Rink
  • Delacorte Theater

Ice skating is one of the most popular activities

Among the most popular things to do in January in New York State is certainly ice skating. Just below the Rockefeller Center’s Christmas Tree is The Rockefeller Rink. It opens in October and closes in April, so make sure to contact your residential movers Manhattan in this time range. Since this is one of the most popular ice skating destinations, you will need to book a ticket in advance to avoid standing in long lines. The price of the tickets for ice skating depends on the borough that you choose. For example, admission to the Wollman Rink in Central Park is $20. You can also visit some other popular rinks such as the one in  Bryant Park, the ice rink at The Seaport, or Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers.

Visit one of the most popular winter markets in New York in January

Starting at the end of October, there are numerous winter markets that run throughout the whole winter until the end of March. One of the largest winter markets takes place in The Winter Village at Bryant Park. It also offers one of the best Christmas festivals. You can take a stroll through the Village, and try some seasonal bites at numerous stands. Book your Midtown movers, and come here to taste different beverages, and buy some local crafts, clothes, and jewelry. You can spend here a whole day with your family grabbing some food at some of the popular restaurants. In addition, there are plenty of holiday shops that have discounts in this period. Finally, the park offers free admission to the ice skating rink.

Christmas decoration market
Winter markets are among the most popular things to do in January in New York State


NYC Broadway Week is starting on January 17, 2023

Although it is called Broadway Week, it lasts more than 7 days. New Yorkers celebrate it twice a year, during summer and during winter. One of the best offers that you can get during the winter season is that you can buy one ticket and get another one for free. But remember that you need to book the tickets in advance as they sell out very quickly. This is an unforgettable experience on many levels. It is no wonder that more than 13 million people see a show on Broadway. There is a semi-formal dress code for visiting Broadway theatres. Some of the most popular shows that you can see here are Hadestown, A Beautiful Noise, Moulin Rouge, Take Me Out on Broadway, etc.

Visit the Bronx for Holiday Train Show as one of the best things to do in January in New York State

For more than 30 years this holiday show has been making memories and is certainly one of the best things to do in January in NY State. If you like to build train and railroad models, then this is a must-visit event for you. The Holiday Train show takes place in the New York Botanical Garden. Call up Bronx movers to relocate here and be a part of this great show. This year the exhibit showcases more than 175 landmarks of New York. All of the replicas will be created with natural materials such as twigs, bark, cinnamon sticks, and lotus pods. 0,5 mile-long track with works of art will pass through the Midtown skyscrapers.

Winter Wonderland at the Bronx Zoo is one of the things to do in New York State in January

If you wish to experience one of the largest metropolitan zoos in the US then go and visit the Bronx Zoo. It is particularly interesting for families with children. In addition, this is one of the best zoos in the country as it offers so many different species from all over the world. The locals call it the wild treasure of the Bronx. There is a range of exhibits in the zoo. Some of the most popular ones are the Congo Gorilla Forest, JungleWorld, the Butterfly Garden, and a petting zoo for children. The admission tickets start from $33.95.

a zoo that is one of the things to do in January in New York State
Enjoy the Bronx Zoo in January

Take a walking tour and check out the craft of breweries in Brooklyn

Among the things that you should not miss in New York in January is a tour of the breweries in New York. Although there are many small breweries in NYC, you will start this tour at Circa Brewing at 141 Lawrence St which Brooklyn movers deem one of the most popular streets here. While going through some of the most popular neighborhoods of the city, you will have the option to visit 3 world-famous breweries. An expert beer guide will take you through this tour and you will also get VIP access. In addition, you will learn a lot about the brewing process and also have the opportunity to taste various samples of craft beer.

Take a sip among the ice sculptures at Polar Lounge

If you dreamed about drinking a cocktail in the presence of ice sculptures, then 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is a perfect place for you. The Polar Lounge will also open its rooftop for those that like this kind of lounging. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the impressive skyline of Manhattan. Among the ice sculptures, you will have the option for seating. But do not worry about the cold, since visitors get warm parkas while enjoying the view. For those who wish to grab a bite after a bit of a cold, they can visit Harriet’s Lodge. In the cozy atmosphere with candles and blankets, you can have a nice dinner with friends and family. This ice installation takes place until February 26.

MoMA PS1 offers one of the best art exhibitions in the world

Originally this was the Institute for Art and Urban Resources founded in 1971 by the curator Alanna Heiss. What is so inspiring about MoMA PS1 is that it involves artists directly in their exhibitions. It promotes art and creative exploration giving its artists the opportunity to express themselves freely. Contact your Long Island City movers and relocate here to see some of the best works of contemporary art pieces. The MoMA PS1 artists got a lot of foreign influence from Egypt, Iran, Argentina, and Mexico and you can see it through their works. This art institution also helps young and new artists get recognition in the world of contemporary art.

a museum that you can visit as one of the things to do in January in New York State
MoMA PS1 is a contemporary art gem

Taking a cruise tour is among the best things to do in January in New York State

One of the best ways to explore a city is to see it from the river. For this reason, you can book a cruise tour even though it can be chilly outside. There are several ways to explore New York City this way. For example, you can take the New York City Water Taxi. Or get on a Circle Line or Harbor Line Cruise. One of the most popular tours is  Champagne City Lights Cruise. Your Chelsea movers can get you here so you can start a tour at Chelsea Piers – W. 22nd and Hudson River. Take this 90-minute tour and enjoy seeing the beautiful skyline of Manhattan. You will get a complimentary drink to enjoy the romantic evening and there is also a cash bar where you can buy additional drinks.

Do not miss the Chinese New Year Celebration

This is one of the greatest events in the city of New York. The Lunar New Year falls every year on a different date. In 2023, it will start on January 22 and it will be the year of the rabbit. Chinese New Year Firecracker Ceremony & Cultural Festival takes place in Sara D. Roosevelt Park on Grand Street. Call up Chinatown movers to move here and be part of some of the most spectacular events of this festival. Chinese New Year Parade is a huge parade that will take place from Canal Street way down East Broadway to Manhattan Bridge. In addition, the Shops at Hudson Yards offer great deals during the Lunar Year celebration.

Chinese New Year decoration
Lunar New Year is one of the most popular events in New York

Met Museum- the largest museum in the US

If you happen to move to New York, one of the best things to do in January in New York State is to visit the Metropolitan Museum. This museum on the Upper East side is among the most popular in the world. With more than 2 million pieces of art, the Met is the largest museum in the US. It spreads over 2,000,000 square feet. The pieces of art span around 5,000 years. This is a must-see institution and it is particularly interesting for children. The Met’s collection is so large that only 25% of it is available for visitors to see. Over 6 million people visit the museum throughout the year.

Final words

If you happen to visit or move during winter, you need to know that there are many things to do in January in New York State. Whether you like to enjoy jazz music, Broadway shows, or gauge at art pieces or you are a fan of outdoor activities, New York really has to offer something to everybody.

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