NYC’s Top New Restaurants of 2022

After the pandemic, life is finally getting back to normal. People are starting to enjoy the finer side of life, such as going out to excellent restaurants again. The culinary business in NYC is getting back on its feet. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to the Big Apple, visiting, or already living in the city, the NYC cuisine and dining culture is something special. Because of the cultural diversity, food lovers can enjoy delicious specialties from all around the world. Due to business getting normal again, many new prestigious restaurants are opening all over NYC. Each of the five boroughs has seen an increase in high-quality new restaurants, and to help you choose which ones to visit after moving with Best Movers NYC, here is a list of NYC’s top new restaurants of 2022, divided by boroughs.

The Bronx holds some of NYC’s top new restaurants of 2022

Although dining is more popular in Manhattan and Brooklyn, there are some gems in the Bronx that are underrated. The Bronx has many amazing restaurants to offer, with both traditional American cuisine as well international dishes from all around the globe. Additionally, it is a lot more affordable, while still having great quality food.

NYC's Top New Restaurants of 2022
While fine dining is less popular in The Bronx than in other NYC boroughs, there are still high-quality restaurants to visit.


If you move to the Bronx, you will quickly realize how important hip-hop culture is to this NYC borough. Beatstro is mixing hip-hop and food to create a restaurant that is a must-visit at least once while you are in NYC. The food is inspired by traditional African American and Puerto Rican dishes, creating a delicious blend of diverse cuisine. A unique dining experience is Beatstro, which comes from an interior that resembles an 80’s record store, with graffiti and pieces of vinyl everywhere. So, if you hire movers in the Bronx to relocate you to the Bronx, don’t forget to pay a visit to Beatstro.


While a lot of luxurious restaurants are popping up all over Big Apple, Manhattan is still the center of attention. Most of the Michelin Star level of dining is happening in the upper-class neighborhoods in Manhattan. So for lovers of fine dining, who don’t mind spending a little bit more money on international specialties and waiting longer for a table. Manhattan is the place to be.

Potluck Club

Potluck Club is a Cantonese-American restaurant that is located in Chinatown. As soon as you enter the restaurant you’ll be amazed by the fun interior design. It is a mix of a bar, cafe, and restaurant all in one. This makes Potluck Club a perfect place for all sorts of occasions, from casual dinners to fancy dates. It is inspired by old cinemas, and you can see faux movie theater displays all over this unique restaurant. The food is diverse and delicious. Additionally, there is an area that is always reserved for walk-ins, so after moving with Chinatown movers, you can get to dining right away.

Sky rise buildings in Manhattan at night that hold some of NYC's Top New Restaurants of 2022
If you want to visit one of NYC’s top new restaurants in 2022, you should book a table for Potluck Club in Manhattan.


Joji is a perfect restaurant for people looking for amazing sushi in NYC. It is in the middle of Midtown, and with experienced Midtown movers, you safely relocate to Manhattan and visit today. This luxury sushi place is hidden below the street level for a unique dining experience. Joji is one of NYC’s top new restaurants in 2022 and one of the few places in NYC with an omakase menu. Chef George Ruan is an experienced culinarian, especially talented in Japanese cuisine. With Michelin-Starred Chef Daniel Boulud who is on operations, Joji is nothing short of prestige. The famous omakase menu is 375$ per person, and you can easily book your table online.


KYU is the perfect new addition to the SoHo neighborhood in Manhattan and NYC’s top new restaurants of 2022. The KYU was previously a fancy Miami restaurant, but now you can experience their well-known bites and cocktails inspired by Asia, in the heart of Manhattan.  The interior is a mixture of modern and traditional decor, but the overall feel of the restaurant is upper-class. If you hire SoHo movers and relocate to SoHo, you have to pay a visit to KYU. If you try their Soft Shell Crab Steamed Buns and Spice Duck Fat Mixed Nuts you won’t be disappointed.


Spes is a new restaurant in East Village. It is a warm and cozy place, for anyone looking to spend their dinner in a romantic setting. Spes is a perfect place to relax and escape the busy NYC life for a night. They have live Jazz music on Thursdays to go along with the delicious food and wine. Also, this fun new place has a unique twist. Your waiter will offer you to spin a wine board that resembles a Twister board, and you can have fun while choosing the perfect wine to sip for the evening. This definitely adds to the overall atmosphere and it can be a great idea for undecisive wine lovers.


If you decide to hire Gramercy movers and relocate to this Manhattan neighborhood, you should visit one of NYC’s top new restaurants of 2022, Claud.  This beautiful restaurant has many delicious dishes and a variety of amazing wines to try. If you decide to visit it, make sure to order the mille-feuille with confit tomatoes and the tart agnolotti pasta stuffed with chicken liver, as this specialty is one of the best things on the menu.


In recent years, more and more amazing restaurants have been opening in Brooklyn. Although Manhattan is still the most popular borough for fine dining, Brooklyn is home to some of the best new restaurants and bars in NYC.

Clover Hill

Clover Hill was first opened in 2019, but an unlucky start led to its closing soon after. However, it is now reopened and it has been one of the best new restaurants in NYC. It is located in Brooklyn Heights. Clover Hill is a highly rated restaurant, both for the tasty food, and the contemporary interior design. It even earned Michelin recondition. Their executive chef, Charlie Mitchell, has been awarded the guide’s young chef of the year. The tasting menu changes seasonally, so no matter when you relocate with Brooklyn Heights movers, Clover Hill’s delicious specialties are waiting for you to try them.

A restaurant with dimmed lights and wine glasses on the table
Clover Hill is one of NYC’s top new restaurants of 2022 that’s newly opened in Brooklyn and has both tasty meals and a pleasant atmosphere.

Masalawala & Sons

For the longest time, Park Slope didn’t have a well-known busy restaurant. However, that has now changed since the opening of Masalawala & Sons. This is a place that gained huge popularity since its opening, and it is considered of NYC’s top new restaurants in 2022. And with the amazing menu, it is no wonder Masalawala & Sons is so recognized. The award-winning chef Chintan Pandya is creating new dishes, inspired by different regions in India. The downside is that this is currently the restaurant with the longest waiting list in NYC, so booking a table won’t be easy.

Chino Grande

If you’re moving with Williamsburg movers to Brooklyn, you should definitely pay a visit to Chino Grande. This fun restaurant doesn’t have a big menu, but there are enough options for tasty bites to keep anyone satisfied. However, this is not why Chino Grande is special. The co-owner describes this place as a “karaoke saloon”. And even if you don’t like singing, listening to karaoke while eating the well-known french fries with lobster is guaranteed fun.


If you want to try ethnic Iranian specialties, Eyval is the ideal restaurant for you. This Persian restaurant from Ali Saboor got a lot of approval from critics since opening. You can try small plates and wood fire cooking. Eyval is known for various kebab options. Also, the chef is serving barbari bread with borani, a delicious dish you have to try. Some of the options from the menu are:

  • Octopus Kabob,
  • Chicken Kabob,
  • Scallop Kabob,
  • Lamb Ribs, etc.


Lately, especially during 2022, some neighborhoods in Queens have become hot spots for upper-class restaurants. Fine dining is slowly but surely expanding from Manhattan to the rest of NYC boroughs. This means that the residents of Queens have gotten some new options for amazing meals without having to travel outside their borough.

People sitting at the bar of one of the NYC's Top New Restaurants of 2022
Many new upper-class and luxurious restaurants are opening in Queens this year.

Little Flower Cafe

Little Flower Cafe is a new place located in Astoria, Queens. The modern industrial design with light wood makes this a perfect place to be. Good quality coffee and drinks, paired with a friendly atmosphere are what make Little Flower Cafe stand out. It doesn’t matter if you’re catching up with a friend or going on a first date, this wonderful cafe is a great place to relax. However, don’t let the name distract you from the tasty food Little Flower Cafe offers. Their fried-chicken sandwich is a must-try after relocating with Astoria NY movers to Queens.

Dar Yemma

Dar Yemma directly translated means “Mom’s house” and that describes the energy of this Morrocan restaurant perfectly. If you’re visiting Astoria and find yourself in need of delicious African food and a comforting home-like atmosphere, Dar Yemma is the place to be. This wonderful restaurant wants to bring Moroccan hospitality to each guest who visits. Take a bite of their kebabs or any other traditional food, and you’re surely going to return to Dar Yemma again.

Zaab Zaab

Zaab Zaab is a restaurant in Elmhurst, that offers northeast Thai Isaan dishes. The chef Aniwat Khopsopa is bringing rare, but delicious Thai ingredients such as Sadao, Siamese neem, and phe kaa, or blue tongue to NYC. Aside from tasteful food, Zaab Zaab is working until 4 am, which is what makes this one of NYC’s top new restaurants of 2022. The colorful interior and the welcoming, yet intimate feel of the restaurant make late nights at Zaab Zaab even more memorable.

Staten Island

There have been multiple new restaurants this year in Staten Island. Business is slowly but surely getting back to normal, so chefs and other restaurant enthusiasts have been given a green light when it comes to starting a new business. The new restaurants in Staten Island range from incredibly fancy and expensive to casual bars and diners.

The bridge that connects Staten Island with Manhattan where there are some of the NYC's Top New Restaurants of 2022
Staten Island has been getting more new restaurants in 2022.

DeLuca’s Trattoria

This prestigious Italian restaurant opened on Forest Avenue. It has an Italian menu, with all the tastiest traditional Italian food, such as numerous pizza and pasta options. This is a second property for the experienced owner Rob DeLuca, who is bringing the best Italian food to Staten Island. The interior is sleek and modern and has a romantic atmosphere that is perfect for dinner dates. One of the best things about DeLuca’s Trattoria is that getting a table isn’t hard, as there isn’t a long waiting list.  If you’re moving to Staten Island with reputable residential movers Staten Island, you can grab a bite right after you move, and enjoy the taste of Italy.

Sandwich and Pickle

Living in Staten Island doesn’t have to stop you from experiencing Eastern European cuisine, and this new interesting restaurant is making sure of that. Sandwich and Pickle is a fun new diner that offers traditional Eastern European specialties to its guests. You can sit and enjoy this charming little restaurant, or get your food to go. The Sandwich and Pickle menu is carefully curated to fit the tastes of each guest, and you’re guaranteed to be satisfied.

NYC’s top new restaurants of 2022

For fine-dining lovers, this year has been a pleasant improvement when it comes to new restaurants. While there are numerous amazing options, it all depends on your budget and preferences. Also, if you are new to NYC, you will for sure enjoy the diverse cuisine and luxurious restaurants. If you have enough time in NYC you can try and visit them all, but in case you’re options are limited, this list has offered you some of NYC’s top new restaurants of 2022 as a place to start.

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