Top Shopping Streets in NYC

There are a lot of NYC streets with great potential for shopping. New York is famous for being a big city and a fashionable one at that. What further supports this is the fact that there is a lot of TV series themed around fashion and NYC. You might be overwhelmed by the abundance of choices of where to go shopping. We have decided to list the top shopping streets in NYC. This way, as soon as your movers NYC offers drop your stuff in your new home, you can grab your bags and get shopping! With us by your side, you will know exactly where to go!

Picking out the best shopping spots was pretty hard. If you have recently moved to NYC or are visiting it, you definitely want to experience its charm to the fullest. So, we decided to show you the most popular shopping spots. Some people might use the term ‘touristic’ to describe them. We don’t think that’s a negative thing at all! After all, there is a reason these are very popular tourist and shopping destinations.

going shopping
Going out and shopping is a fun activity you can do on your own, with your friends or family. Here are the most visited and best shopping streets in NYC!

The best shopping streets in NYC: Manhattan

When looking at NYC as a whole it can be hard to pinpoint exactly the best shopping locations, as NYC is pretty huge. That is why it is most logical to separate the whole list into different parts. If your Manhattan movers moved you to your new place in Manhattan, it’s only normal to want to go shopping in places that are near you.

Manhattan is considered the heart of NYC. When you think of New York, you will probably think of Manhattan as it has some of the most historically and culturally important places. Manhattan is also known for being a fashion center in some ways, so most of the destinations we mention will be situated in Manhattan.

The median household income in Manhattan is around $115.000, and the median value of a home with a mortgage is around $1.000.000. Living in Manhattan does come with its expenses, but Manhattan gives you opportunities you wouldn’t get anywhere else in the world. Manhattan is the most diverse, energetic, and dynamic place in the U.S. If you know how to use this to your advantage, you can do anything you set your mind to.

1. South of Houston Street

South of Houston Street, or SoHo, is one of the most famous shopping districts in the world.  SoHo is very well-known for being the home of artistic expression. The district of SoHo has been through many changes. In the 1970s it was in ruins and completely abandoned. That is when artists moved here and revived it. SoHo movers can guarantee that this is one of the most unique and diverse shopping districts you must visit!

There are a lot of different types of stores, from outlets to high-end international stores. It is definitely a commercial shopping district, but you can still find artistic gems and unique fashion and furniture pieces. If you are tired from all the hopping, you can grab a bite or visit interesting museums. The most shocking fact is that SoHo’s nickname is “Hell’s Hundred Acres” because it was a land of factories and industries. However, nowadays, you can find upscale boutiques and artists, and enjoy yourself.

Manhattan has a lot of opportunities and an abundance of choices when it comes to basically everything, even shopping. There are a few destinations in Manhattan we would like to focus on, starting from one of the most well-known: SoHo.

2. Fifth Avenue

One of the most expensive and well-known streets in the world. You can find all the luxury brands your heart desires, and enjoy eye-catching expensive service. This is the place you go to when you want to live your ‘rich Upper East Side’ fantasy. You can also find more casual brands here. However, if you are looking for unique artistic or vintage pieces, this might not be the best option for you.

If you are planning on moving near Fifth Avenue, then hiring Midtown movers is for you. However, you have to keep in mind that the real estate here is some of the most expensive in the world. The average annual rent is around $3.000 per square foot. Not to mention the utilities and taxes. So, be mindful of that!

3. Chinatown

A little piece of China inside such a big city. Chinatown is home to the highest population of Chinese people outside of Asia. Walking down the streets of Chinatown will make you feel like you have left NYC completely. This is an amazing tourist attraction as well as a great place to spend your free time. If you are feeling like going for some spring rolls when your Chinatown movers help you relocate, then this is the place to be.

The economy in Chinatown is self-sustainable. It’s kind of like a closed circle. There are a lot of imported goods and mini-malls. You can find anything you need here as there are a lot of different types of shops. From perfumes, clothes, and everyday stuff to gifts, merchandise, and even homemade items. There are also great places to go and experience authentic cuisine. So, if you are hungry, hop on over to Chinatown!

Feeling like going on a trip to Asia? Then, visiting Chinatown is a must! You will feel like you have left NYC and are on a trip to discover China! Enjoy the cuisine and Chinese goods.

4. Greenwich Village

A historically diverse place, Greenwich Village is home to many different cultures, backgrounds, artists, and, foremost, people. This part of NYC is a little bit different from the rest shopping streets we have mentioned. Some people might categorize Greenwich Village as the bohemian capital. We are not sure whether this is true, but what we can say for sure is that a lot of civil rights movements started in Greenwich Village.

Greenwich Village is the home to LGBTQ youths, artists, and unique people who want to express themselves. Greenwich Village movers can guarantee that shopping here is more like an adventure, than shopping. You can find mostly smaller sellers trying to start their own brands and high-quality one-of-a-kind items that will blow your mind.

Bleeker Street

We wanted to specifically mention this part of Greenwich Village as one of the shopping streets in NYC since it is a pretty known part of the neighborhood. Bleeker Street is known for being a boutique alley. Bleeker Street is filled with designer brands, from Gucci to Marc Jacobs. This makes Bleeker Street feel like an haute couture street with only the latest fashion trends. Moreover, there are a lot of historical spots you can visit and learn something new.

Christopher Street

Another very interesting and famous part of Greenwich Village, Christopher Street is most notable for Stonewall Inn. This is the heart of the LGBTQ community. Your shopping here will be a little bit unconventional because you will mostly be visiting antique stores. However, you will be able to find unique pieces from all over the world.

5. Harlem

Another pretty diverse neighborhood with many interesting people, Harlem is home to different unique pieces you won’t be able to find anywhere else. What most people visit Harlem for is music. R’n’B, Soul, and HipHop were the most prominent genres that came from Harlem. If you need musical equipment, producers, or advice, Harlem movers recommend you visit Harlem. The most popular shopping street in Harlem is 125th Street, but here are the most popular destinations:

  • Harlem Center (125th Street)
  • East River Plaza (125th Street)
  • Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market (116th Street)

You can also grab a bite in many family-owned restaurants and diners, as well as go to the theatre. Enjoying the soul and life of Harlem while shopping is what is best.

Harlem is not as known for being a place to go shopping as it is for being the heart of soul, R’n’B, and hip-hop! The greatest hits originated from Harlem!

The best shopping streets in NYC: Brooklyn

Brooklyn is quite different from Manhattan. For starters, they say that people in Brooklyn are friendlier and warmer than those in Manhattan. Additionally, when describing life in Brooklyn, it’s not as fast-paced as it is in Manhattan.

Moving companies in Brooklyn often recommend Brooklyn to families. That might sound unusual as Brooklyn was once full of criminal activity. Nowadays, that is not the case. When compared to Manhattan, the crime rates in Brooklyn are lower. Combining that with friendlier people, if you have kids, moving to Brooklyn is the answer. The median household income is pretty similar to one in Manhattan, with the median household income in Brooklyn being around $117.000. Additionally, taxes and rent are on the lower side, especially if you live on the outskirts. The commute time isn’t so bad and you can bike anywhere you need to go.

When it comes to shopping in Brooklyn, it isn’t as popular as it is in Manhattan. The prices in Brooklyn are lower generally, so, shopping in Brooklyn is less expensive. However, there aren’t many shopping streets or districts that are well-known. We will mention the most popular one.

1. Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a pretty large area in Brooklyn, while some people call it the center of Brooklyn. It is definitely the center of the contemporary art scene and hipster culture of Brooklyn. Nowadays, it is a popular fashion neighborhood for alternative styles, as well as a popular going-out place. There are shops located everywhere throughout Williamsburg and they are mostly small sellers. You can find unique pieces and be yourself here. Moving companies in Williamsburg have witnessed people blooming after moving to Williamsburg, and that is due to the charm of this place.

Bedford Avenue

Bedford Avenue is definitely the best shopping street in Brooklyn and one of the best shopping streets in NYC. This street is pretty well-known, so it can get pretty crowded with tourists. You can enjoy the beautiful architecture with some of the oldest buildings in Williamsburg.

The most interesting parts of Bedford Avenue are the artistic ones. Bedford Avenue holds everyday brands, as well as luxury brands. But, the most important thing you will find on Bedford Avenue is the privately owned small sellers. The sights you can see in Bedford Avenue you won’t see anywhere else in the Brooklyn area. They put a piece of themselves and their culture into their art. The best part is that a lot of items are reasonably priced, as artists are trying to make their art come alive by showing it to people, and not just make money.

You can find interesting pieces that will be the focal point of your outfits, as well as some antique pieces. If you need furniture, home decoration, clothes, and accessories, visiting Bedford Avenue is a must.

the Bedford Avenue, one of the most eccentric shopping streets in NYC
Bedford Avenue is definitely a must-visit place when it comes to Brooklyn. With the fashion industry being centered more in Manhattan, Bedford Avenue is a gem that you must discover!

Final thoughts on the best shopping streets in NYC

Although NYC is divided into 5 boroughs we only focused on Brooklyn and Manhattan. That is because these are the fashion points of NYC. Of course, you can go shopping in for example Queens, but Queens movers will tell you that is not the most prominent benefit of living in Queens. On the other hand, shopping is a big part of living in Brooklyn or Manhattan. As we mentioned in the beginning, even popular media will showcase shopping in these places as their distinct characteristic trait.

a girl carrying bags after buying clothes in on of the best shopping streets in NYC
Going shopping is a fun activity, especially if you visit interesting places. These are some of the most interesting shopping streets in NYC you can visit and we recommend you check them out.

If you visit these places, going shopping in the streets we have mentioned is a must. All of the shopping spots provide unique experiences. These are definitely a must-visit when it comes to the best shopping streets in NYC!

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