How To Find No Broker Fee Apartments In Manhattan

Finding an apartment in Manhattan can be a difficult and expensive task, especially with the added cost of broker fees. However, there are ways to find no broker fee apartments in Manhattan if you know where to look. Best Movers NYC will discuss various methods and strategies for finding these apartments, including utilizing online resources, networking with people in the industry, and directly contacting landlords or management companies. We will also provide tips on how to navigate the rental process in Manhattan and avoid common pitfalls.

Look for listings from property management companies

Looking for no broker fee apartments in Manhattan can be challenging, but one effective strategy that local movers in Manhattan recommend is searching for listings from property management companies. These companies manage multiple buildings and units and may be more likely to have no broker fee options available. You can find property management companies by searching online for buildings or complexes in the areas you’re interested in, visiting their website, and checking for available units or contact information for the leasing office.

a broker and their client speaking
Property management companies can help you during this time

Look for apartment buildings or complexes owned by larger real estate companies to find no broker fee options. They may have dedicated leasing offices or property management teams that can assist you in the search process. While this strategy can increase your chances of finding a no broker fee apartment, it’s not a guarantee.

You can search for no broker fee apartments in NYC by utilizing online search tools

By using online search tools, you can find no broker-fee apartments in Manhattan. Websites like StreetEasy or Zillow offer advanced search options that enable you to filter for no fee apartments, making it easier for you to find the right place. You can set up alerts or notifications to be informed when a new no broker fee apartment becomes available in your desired location. These websites also provide a comprehensive list of amenities and features included with each listing, allowing you to easily compare different options and find the best fit for your needs. Residential movers in Manhattan offers say that utilizing these online search tools can help you browse through a variety of no broker fee apartments and find the perfect place for you without the added expense of a broker’s fee.

Find “guarantors” that can help you find no broker fee apartments in Manhattan

Searching for a “guarantor” can be an effective way to secure these apartments in Manhattan. A guarantor acts as a financial backstop and guarantees to pay rent if you are unable to. Many landlords require a guarantor, especially if the renter doesn’t have a high enough income or credit score. Some landlords waive the broker fee if a renter has a willing guarantor. Finding a guarantor can start by asking family or close friends, if unable to find one, commercial guarantor companies can also be considered. It’s important to be honest and have clear communication, and also be aware of any additional fees that may apply.

Being a guarantor is a significant financial responsibility, so be honest with your potential guarantor about your financial situation and ability to pay rent. Have clear and open communication with the guarantor and understand the terms and obligations to avoid future issues. Keep in mind that this strategy is not a guarantee for finding a no broker fee apartment, but it can increase your chances. This is emphasized if you have a lower income or credit score. Remember that commercial guarantor companies come with a fee, so understand the terms and costs before agreeing to use one. If you are close to this person, they can probably help you find reliable residential movers in Manhattan has as well.

two people high-fiving
Ask a close person to be your guarantor when looking for a no broker fee apartments in Manhattan

Consider commercial guarantor companies if needed

If you are unable to find a guarantor through your personal network, consider using commercial guarantor companies to secure a no broker fee apartment in Manhattan. These companies act as third-party guarantors for renters, assessing their income and creditworthiness. They can provide a solution for renters with lower incomes or credit scores, or for international renters. However, keep in mind that these companies charge a fee for their service and have their own qualifications and requirements. Before using their service, make sure to read the terms and fees and understand that it does not guarantee a no broker fee apartment.

Be honest and have clear communication when searching for no-broker fee apartments in Manhattan

Be honest and transparent with your potential guarantor about your finances, credit score, and any past credit issues. Communicate the terms and obligations of the lease and any future changes that may impact your ability to pay rent. Maintain open communication, especially if there are changes to your financial situation. This builds trust, increases the chances of finding a no broker fee apartment, and helps avoid future issues with the landlord.

Be aware of any additional fees

Be aware of all additional fees when searching for no broker fee places in Manhattan. This includes those charged by commercial guarantor companies. Review their terms and fees carefully before making a decision. Look out for any additional costs. Be aware of additional charges like application fees, security deposit, move-in fees, and other costs that may be included in the rent. Review the lease agreement in detail and ask the landlord for clarification on any additional costs before signing the lease. By being aware of all additional costs you can make an informed decision and avoid unexpected expenses during the lease. This whole process can also be easier if you get matched with Manhattan movers. It would give you more time to deal with the search.

a person counting money to pay for one of their no broker fee apartments in Manhattan
Make sure to be aware of additional fees


In conclusion, searching for no broker fee apartments in Manhattan can be challenging. Strategies can help, like looking for a “guarantor” to co-sign your lease. Many landlords require a guarantor, some waive broker fees. Consider commercial guarantor companies if unable to find a personal one. Be honest, have clear communication, and be aware of any additional fees. Following these steps will increase the chances of finding a no broker fee apartment in Manhattan. It will also ensure a smooth process. We wish you good luck!

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