Top Reasons To Live On Staten Island

There are many reasons to move to Staten Island. This is a fantastic place with impressive architecture, numerous cultures, beautiful beaches, fantastic restaurants, and a lower cost of living than some other boroughs in New York. These are just some of the many reasons to live on Staten Island. However, the moving process itself can be quite stressful and tiring. From finding good residential movers in Staten Island to packing all your belongings – there are many moving tasks and activities. Read on and find out how to prepare for your move and what are the advantages of living on Staten Island.

The cost of living is one of the reasons to live in Staten Island

Staten Island is one of the five famous boroughs in New York City. Every NYC area has something unique to offer and there are many reasons why people are relocating to the Big Apple. One of the top reasons to live on Staten Island is the cost of living. This borough is much cheaper than some other NYC areas, such as Brooklyn or Manhattan. Living in New York doesn’t mean that you have to rent a tiny place with extremely high rent. You can find a decent-size home on Staten Island at a much lower cost.

There are many attractions in Staten Island

It isn’t hard to find great attractions on Staten Island. One of them is the ferry. Not only does it carry residents to work daily but also offers a unique experience to tourists and the chance to see the sights of New York’s harbor and the world-famous skyline. Visit the Staten Island Museum, the National Lighthouse Museum, Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island Zoo, St. George Theatre, and many other attractions. The Island has many amazing restaurants where you can try diverse dishes, from Sri Lankan to Mexican cuisine.

Great outdoor space is one of the reasons to live in Staten Island

Staten Island’s nickname is Borough of Parks. Based on that, it is clear that its residents enjoy its beautiful outdoor spaces, including about 170 parks. If you love nature and spend a lot of time outdoors, this is your perfect NYC borough. Explore its green spaces and fun activities here. Take a hike along High Rock Park, visit Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden, and New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden. Head to South Beach or explore biking and hiking trails in Conference House Park. Staten Island is, as you can see, a beautiful retreat and the greenest borough.

Two bikers in a park
Great parks, hiking, and biking trails are some of the reasons to live in Staten Island

Family life

The hustle and bustle of Downtown Manhattan may not be the best place for young families but living in Staten Island is another story. This is a calm area with great schools and numerous parks. Lower housing prices enable you to buy a bigger home for less money and Staten Island gorgeous houses and impressive architecture. Crime rates are significantly lower than the New York and US averages. This is truly a great place to raise children.

How to find reliable movers in Staten Island

Now that you are ready to move to Staten Island, you need experienced movers Staten Island to handle your relocation. They will minimize the stress while moving and accelerate the process. There are many full-service moving companies on the Island that can provide different services, from packing to storing your belongings. NYC traffic can be quite a nightmare and experienced movers will know how to navigate NYC streets and choose the best route. However, in order to find the best movers, you need to do some research.

Woman typing on a laptop next to a dog
Research Staten Island movers and choose a company that meets all your needs

Regardless of whether you are looking for residential or commercial movers in Staten Island, they should be licensed. A moving license means that the company meets standards and regulations of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Any company that is moving interstate must have a USDOT number. In some countries, local movers also need to have r registered number with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Visit specialized moving websites and check whether a particular company is licensed. Also, check companies’ reviews and ratings. Read previously submitted comments and complaints in order to get a clear idea about the quality of service that particular movers provide. Finally, request several moving estimates and compare moving costs. Choose the company that fits your predetermined budget.

Start packing in time

Packing is the most time-consuming part of the moving process. It is very important to start packing well in time, several weeks before the moving day. First, you need to declutter your home. Go through all your belongings and organize them in three piles: keep, toss, donate. Get rid of all the things you no longer need and use, such as furniture pieces that won’t fit into your new home or clothes you no longer wear. Once you decide which items your want to keep it is time to start packing. Use quality packing materials to protect each item. Gather them in advance – you will need moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, scissors, etc.

Two movers with moving boxes
Professional movers can help you pack all your things

If you are an inexperienced mover, it is best to hire professionals such as Best Movers NYC to handle every aspect of the move. There are many movers in NYC that offer packing services as well. Professional packers will provide quality packing materials, protect your things, transport them safely, and even unpack them. Also, they have all the necessary equipment such as dollies and tie-downs and will ensure your things arrive safely at your new home.

There are many reasons to live on Staten Island. It is a beautiful place for people of all ages and cultures. It offers a better standard of living, lower costs, more peaceful surroundings, and a great outdoor life.

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